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    Bread Santa

    • Dismissed

    Straight up chat spam

    Happens at tick: 11000

    Around the beginning, he announces and tries to mic spam the song, but his mic doesn't seem to work.

    Other ticks, beside one provided, aren't worth anything.


      Reported Player Details
    Name: Bread Santa
    SteamID: [U:1:89479952]
    Offence: Spamming
    Location: Servers

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    Hey @r3d thanks for the report


    Firstly, when making reports, using that steam id makes it difficult for us to cross reference easily. In the future please use this format- SteamID- STEAM_0:0:44739976


    Ive reviewed this users chat logs, and whilst they are a bit spammy, they aren't particularly offensive, and we usually prefer to deal with spam based offences live on server where possible. Exceptions to this would be extreme racism, external advertising of other communities, hacks etc.


    Thanks again



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