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  • AsianSensation

    • Dismissed

    So I was on one of your trade servers

    Barely got on 

    Didnt say anything

    This guy randomly trades me 

    Says i have a low craft hat the weather master 

    I bought it for 34 keys

    And i am interested in your unusuals

    I declined the trade and he added me 

    says your a cool guy

    Then a random player trades me again 

    AsianSensation leaves the server ( this is key )

    Says hey im looking to buy low craft numbers 

    I said i think i know a guy whos selling 

    He offers 34 keys

    so then being the good trader i am 

    I tell this Asian Sensation 

    Hey theres a guy offering you 34 keys for your weather master

    Then he trades me telling me to help me get it for him since he left the server

    i traded him 

    he puts up the weather master

    but the thing is he is only lvl 2 on steam 

    i checked if they were friends but they werent but still

    He tells me arent you gonna add anything 

    Then i immediately close the trade and blocked him 

    Then when i close the trade 

    A few minutes later his partner left the server

    I didnt get his profile but his IGN was  {YEET}

    So please ban him and thank you 

    I do not have any screenshots but he has a weather master #74 he is using to scam people

      Reported Player Details
    Name: AsianSensation
    SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198369946639
    Offence: Scamming
    Location: Servers

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    Hey @Aznchkn.

    Unfortunately, there is not enough evidence here to do anything.

    Right now, this is just your word against his. There's nothing here to convict him of scamming.



    I will leave this open for another admin to respond, otherwise there's not much I can do.

    - Roosef.

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