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    I am reporting Anamu7amed for breaking EGC rules once again. This user is advertising the selling of game CD keys on the servers after being warned not to, which is against EGC rules. You can see this via the attached screenshot of chat logs. I am recommending a permanent ban from the server due to constant rule breaking and issues as listed below.

    • Previous spycrab fraud which was appealed after user finally paid the items back.
    • Constant breaking of EGC policy or rules, spamming, selling items no allowed to, etc
    • Admins constantly warning user about their rule breaking and user never learns, breaks same rules repeatedly
    • Selling cd keys on the servers which violates EGC rule set.
    • User has severe language barrier which does not allow them to understand or follow rules correctly which means the constant rule breaking will continue.


    If another admin can review this report so Anamu can be permanently removed from the servers.

    - Roosef.


    Edit by Jeby: Added Screenshots


    Edited by Minidove

      Reported Player Details
    Name: Anamu7amed
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:152015307
    Offence: Other
    Location: Servers

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