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  1. You are unbanned.

  2. Anamu7amed

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  3. Anamu7amed

    Wasn't aware LiMaaa unbanned, removed his ban immediately once I found out.
  4. ssbruar

    My recommendation is a perm ban for this person. They have no intentions of actually trading and has done this on more than one occasion too many for my liking also. Literal intention is to troll and make life shit for everyone else. Screenshot of his current name. I don't want to play on a server with scum like this.
  5. Amaterasu

    If I can add to this situation, Amaterasu failed to pay up before he left the server, was later confronted by Lego who asked several times for what was owed to which I witnessed Amaterasu acknowledge he owed from a previous crab. However Amaterasu was also making it Lego's responsibility to add him to friends rather than the other way around, I also witnessed Lego attempt to add Amaterasu several times with no success. As I stated to LiMaaa, it was only when told he would face a perm ban from EGC Servers did he make any attempt at paying what he owed and searching actively for Lego. I feel cannot be trusted to spy crab again should his appeal be successful, making his appeal concerning enough to add my 2 cents. Anyway I leave it to you.
  6. Ms Freakshow

    Was answering question for someone else on the server already, he joins the server and talks over me. Was asked twice nicely to stop and didn't earning a mute. He is correct I should have put the reason 'talking over others' but I was dealing with other issues and people on the server at the time and it was easy. His mute was 30 min, however after approx 10-15 I removed his mute. The server began to discuss csgo teams and I occasionally joined in (never once over anyone trying to advertise because I have manners and respect for others of course). It got a little rowdy and I asked the whole server nicely to 'chill on mic'. Pope took this as an opportunity to tell me I broke rules discussing other topics to trading, I tried explaining it was never over others etc but he constantly kept talking over me so I stopped. He asked if he could give me some criticism, a person who not only earned a mute within 10 seconds of joining the server but that never been on the server before wanted to criticize ME? lol I told him straight up I didn't care about his opinion and to get on with trading several times, eventually he called me enough bad names for TRAVIE to mute him for 'Admin Disrespect'. I didn't want to waste my time/energy trying to reason with Pope. He had a chip on his shoulder from his initial mute and was looking for any reason to be combative with me specifically.
  7. Wayne

    Wayne and Bonk were spamming mic relentlessly, asked 3 times to 'chill on mic' as others were trying to advertise and couldn't. Ignored and continued. Was muted and made the childish and clearly personal attack in chat as seen in logs about the 'autism jokes'. I never made this a personal issue and have no personal feelings for or against Wayne being part of EGC, however I do feel Wayne doesn't know how to moderate his mic use which is all I wish he would do. Wayne then, instead of talking to me or another Admin went to Discord as captured. This wasn't the forum for such complaints and it's HIGHLY disrespectful towards me personally. Travie was on the server at the time and can support my very very reasonable attempts at just getting Wayne and Bonk to chill out on the mic a little, before I had to eventually mute so others could advertise. As a donator and long time player on EGC Servers as well as having 4 previous mutes, I would just expect and hope Wayne would learn from past mistakes instead of making this a personal attack on me as Admin. I don't appreciate the treatment here and am making a report because clearly Wayne feels like there is a personal interest here from my end, so for fairness I'm asking another Admin take a look at the evidence I have provided and decide on what punishment if any Wayne deserves because I won't and shouldn't have to tolerate this treatment because he can't control his mouth and how often it is used. P.S I even recommended they go to Discord to chat instead of doing it on the server, neither did until it came to backstabbing me like the immature child he is.
  8. Wayne

    While I agree with what has been said and will follow if needed in the future, in my defense the only reason I gave such an excessive mute is because this has been Wayne's 5th mute and that's only times I've muted him. It's because I'm so patient and understanding that I don't issue him with more. However I do agree that perhaps in this situation as you pointed out that I feel disrespected by Wayne and of course like any human being reacted as such. I do believe people who has a history of excessive mutes should be given longer mutes as 30 min mutes each time they do it clearly doesn't seem to work, however I will make every effort to make sure my mutes from now on 'fit the crime' so to speak and make sure they're not excessive as was the case here. I thank everyone for their time and input, I appreciate any constructive criticism and ways of improving as Admin where I need to and hope over time I can handle situations as calmly and cooly as you guys. I'm glad you understand that there are sadly too many situations where I feel my gender is considered a weakness and people will use it to target and abuse. After a while this wears one thin understandably and I'm glad I have so many awesome Admin Bros to help and support me through it. I love and appreciate all the help and advice and will strive to be a better Admin. Thanks so much EGC Admins
  9. Wayne

    I didn't issue any punishment due to the fact that because Wayne feels there is a 'personal issue' between us, I felt this would be better handled/decided by @KeRRR @LiMaaa or @Allanon. I just wanted to issue the report because I feel when I handle certain situations alone, whether it's gender related or simple fact of clashing personalities, it just gives those who are 'wrongdoers' another reason to add to the long list of hating Freakshow or supports their belief they were right about that 'bitch freakshow' the whole time. In the end I want the same outcome we should all want which is Wayne to not spam the mic. If Wayne had any integrity he would know what he did was wrong and show some remorse, maybe even do the right thing and apologize. But as you can see Wayne doesn't feel he has done anything wrong and I feel will continue to abuse his mic until he is again muted and again retaliates by abusing an admin like myself unfairly for it. So I leave the 'solution' up to u guys, because honestly I do waaaaaay too much for EGC to have to tolerate this behaviour from Wayne or anyone. Freakshow is the world's biggest ♥♥♥♥, but not when u have a problem right? not when u need someone to vent you rl issues to? not when u want prizes and events? P.S For someone who claims to have autism, it's disgusting you believe that using it as an insult is fine. We wouldn't accept it if what Wayne were changing the word from 'autisic' to 'black', discrimination of ANY kind shouldn't be tolerated as clearly stated in the Server Rules.
  10. ULU420

    Changed Status to Accepted
  11. ULU420

    Has been perm banned under another account for 'Running from a spycrab' after he lost. Witnessed by Chaos and myself. http://steamcommunity.com/id/castorlundqvist/
  12. olofmijster

    I also had a report about him misleading a young reg by the name of Scorpion out of his 3 unusuals for his 1 low tier crap halloween effect. I did state that it's up to Scorpion to make sure he is price checking shit and making sure his items are what he is after etc. However this player has MANY red flags against him at any rate.
  13. Ms. Freakshow (In-game Admin)

    So glad you proved my point for me m8. Thanks.
  14. Ms. Freakshow (In-game Admin)

    Have had several run ins with u 2dolla, and today you showed me you aren't willing to change to remain part of the EGC community no matter how nice I am. You know I'm an Admin because I have had to punish you in the past as shown in previous history. You are rude and disrespectful, not just to me but others in our community. As he has stated he muted me as well as other players, this means he is constantly talking over others who are advertising and then earns himself a mute. When he does this then he uses chat to continue his rants of abuse or leaves the server to return to doing it again as is the case today. I was having a great day, had Events planned for my 10,000hours and was advertising my new unusual on mic. He interupted me and continued to do so, I DID write in chat and said on mic for him to stop but he continued. Eventually leading me to having to mute him so that I could complete my advertising. At this stage he could have told me that he had me muted and that he was sorry, which he started to do, however I felt that muting an Admin or anyone and then blaming them for YOU interrupting THEM is completely unreasonable and out of line. I rarely use my mic and only use it when I need to as Admin or when I'm being a social butterfly doing Events, he had no valid reason to mute me, Admin or not. I then explained once he unmuted me that this is the risk u take in muting an Admin, u miss vital information that may result in you being punished for a misunderstanding. He then began to argue with me, trying to justify why he muted me to begin with. I stated there's no excuse, our MOTD screen says I'm admin, he has personally attacked me in the past based on my gender as seen in sourcebans and as stated I've had to 'deal' with him previously for unwanted behaviour. He was muted then I gagged him for continuing to argue with me in chat, rather than saying sorry he felt he needed to make his point which I felt was irrelevant and contradictory to EGC's server rules and general social norms. He was then kicked for being silenced as the server was full at the time. He rejoined and after realizing it was pointless, left and came back once they ended. He then continued to argue with me once he came back, to which I asked him several times NOT to do. I stated I simply wanted to him get back to trading and understand when he mutes people then talks over them there may be consequences to doing this. He then got loud and angry and said things like 'alright for ♥♥♥♥sake I get it' which he clearly didn't as it was I that was trying to get him to stop arguing with me, not the other way around. Anyway because of previous issues with him, him ignoring server rules, him having absolutely no respect for me as a person let alone an Admin, I felt 24hrs would give him time to grow up and realize his attitude isn't getting him anywhere and if he continues he will not be welcome on EGC Servers. If he is willing to show respect to others, he will get it in return. However because he by his own admission mutes half the server, he is talking over others constantly and doesn't care. I'm just making sure EVERYONE has an opportunity equally.
  15. This is not a goodbye, only a step back.

    Words cannot express the gratitude I have for you Munt3d for all these years of me annoying the living shit out of you, so I will simply say no one could ever love or appreciate you as much as I do and always will. You are the Sun of my Suns and the Moon of my Moons, The Beard of All Beards.
  16. ZIPPO

    Was on the server at the time of this incident, player knew exactly what he was doing was wrong hence apologizing for it then running from the server before I could speak directly to him for answers. Because of his dishonesty and clearly violating server rules I am going to issue a ban for 'attempted scamming'. Player is welcome to appeal his ban if he wishes.
  17. HANZOmyLOver

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  18. HANZOmyLOver

    Have perm banned this player after having a 1 on 1 chat to him. He was offering crates for keys and crates for unusuals earlier today. Explained how to price and check backpacks etc. The fact he states he wasn't aware of the wager until after the crab is irrelevant, he agreed to crab for earbuds according to the opponent and didn't have them in his bp or any items equal to the value. Cannot be trusted on the server and makes no apologies for his behaviour or actions. Informed he can appeal if he doesn't agree.
  19. Bugs

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  20. Bugs

    I spoke to Bugs and he claims as a new donator he wasn't aware he wasn't allowed to do this and destroyed teles as soon as he was aware he wasn't allowed to, this however was too late to stop red team being in race and donators not being all too happy about it. Anyway spoke to Bugs and explained, feel a warning this time is enough. I also took the time to explain all that is expected of donators and using their perks so any further abuse of donator by bugs will be followed up with consequences to those actions.
  21. On Notice

    I've been watching Wazowski .. ..ALWAAAAYS Watchin. . .. the server that is. And it has come to my attention that we have a few players both regulars to EGC and Donators who have been, how shall I put this .. .. pushing the line a little in the ways of respecting EGC Server rules, I am referring to spamming mic or chat. I have gone through the lists of mutes and gags of a few people I regularly have had to recently 'punish' a bit and I'm not liking what I am seeing, we have donators with 30+ mutes/gags and I think it's time we change that. From now on I am appointing myself Chubby Checker as I'll be checking daily (when I can) the lists of people being muted/gagged etc, those who have had multiple chances to stop and choose to continue will be punished harshly with longer mutes/gags (no longer 30 min I am talking week/month/longer case by case of course) If 3 mutes doesn't teach you not to spam the mic and you choose to continue to do so then you will understand why you may be muted for a month after that for example, because 30+ is just ridiculous. We as Admins need to start being more consistent with the enforcing the rules and make sure that just because they're donators doesn't mean the rules no longer apply, there are far too many 'milking' our kindness for far too long and I can't manage a server this way when I'm having to remind donators of the rules they should already be aware of. All on notice, be warned, be smart, be friendly.
  22. crepcheck

    Stated he wanted to trade his Unusual to the Server for Events, was asked 3 times in the trade if he was sure to which he replied 'Yes I love this server, and just want to give back'. However after 6 requests failed to confirm the trade. He was simply doing this so I would 'make him a winner'. It has also been reported to me by several regulars that Phatcow/Callum has tried impersonating staff several times, threatening to ban players etc. Personally I find him to be rude, offensive, spams constantly, talks out his arse when it comes to server rules and knowing what they are, constantly backseat admins and when asked to kindly stop is an absolute smartarse with replies like 'it's ok I got this'. I know this may have little to no relevance with regards to the spycrab situation but it certainly does support my request and I'm sure others to have Phatcow/Callum looked at more closely and possibly facing consequences for his actions.
  23. IMPORTANT Notice!!!

    Ok I honestly didn't want to have to write this, but sadly I feel that 'stating the obvious' needs to be done. So like many of you know I am not always the easiest person to get along with, however I like to think I treat people with the same respect and attention as they treat me, like I say 'Do onto others' doesn't have to be just a 'biblical' thing. And like many of you know I'm probably the only Admin that actually enjoys doing Events (EGC Event Record Holder lol jk), even when I haven't received donations in a while I am willing to part with my own items just to have a bit of fun. But today something happened that has honestly been happening for way too long and something needed to be said. I had just completed doing 2 Events on our US server today and had stated I had a few tasks to deal with and was going afk for a few minutes whilst I completed these tasks away from my pc, immediately Bread Jesus posted in chat 'Is she gone yet?' (of course this made me concerned over what his intentions were as it would anyone else). He then made the statement he did which I have included a screenshot of what he said in chat (this comment was made several times before I spoke privately to him). Now as you can see it is an extremely sexist comment made by Bread Jesus, I feel that would have never been made towards a male admin in the same situation at the time (not because men don't get periods). Is it the first time my old arse has had to endure some small minded, sexist troll. .. of course not. But I'm sure I'm not alone here when I say the shit that some people say SIMPLY because some of have vaginas is absolutely ridiculous and shouldn't have to be tolerated. Now I'm old enough to know that trolls and the internet go hand in hand and I can usually tell a troll from someone who is intentionally going out of their way to simply make someone else feels as sad and alone as they themselves are in real life. But I had just done an Event for the server and feel this was ABSOLUTELY disgusting treatment of ANY Admin who has taken time from their day to host an Event for the server, regardless of gender, and people wonder why we don't host more events. . .. . I accept there are some people that will insult me and that's fine, I just ask you don't go for the 'easy' target which is my gender and something I cannot change, nor should I feel I have to. It's 2017 and females and gaming exist. And for some reason there are a few sad little virgins out there who haven't the social skills to speak to one of us like a normal person, so they either insult us or they make us feel incredibly uncomfortable with creepy comments attempting to hit on us. . .. why? Like you we just want to enjoy the game, it's a game I have invested not only a large amount of money in but time. I care deeply about not only the EGC Community but all of TF2, but I'm getting to the stage where enough is enough. To be asked the questions CONSTANTLY 'Are you a boy or a girl?' 'How old are you? or people screaming on mic' 'Shut the ♥♥♥♥ up u stupid british bitch' and the list goes on. I've honestly just had enough, and I know I'm not alone. I don't want this to be a 'gender' issue and I certainly don't want this to be a 'freakshow's a feminist' thing, because it's not. I am simply stating my great disappointment in certain members of our community that feel it's ok to treat anyone this way and it's fine. As a female though I'm sorry facts are facts, yes we on occasions get some free items from hopeful fellas but as stated I know I'd trade it all just to get respect. .. ..Respect is free and doesn't cost you a thing. It's easy, if me being on the server at the same time 'triggers' you, please don't let me force you to stay, feel free to leave rather than stay and be rude, disrespectful, and sexist. If you CHOOSE to continue being the opposite of what we expect ALL our community to be then understand why I won't tolerate it and why you may not be allowed to stay. All I ask is for just a little back people, put yourself in my shoes for a day and see how it feels, have some compassion for not only me but ALL the Admins who do contribute so much to the server and get treated like absolute garbage anyway for all their efforts. We might be tough as nails but we still have feelings and going out of your way to hurt someones feelings doesn't make you 'cool' or 'popular' it makes you a coward. P.S I am in no way claiming to represent ALL female gamers and their opinions, this is simply my 2 cents.
  24. IMPORTANT Notice!!!

    Cheers for the love n support guys, like I always say I find 99% of our community is absolutely fabulous and it's for them I do Events etc. Sadly that 1% has been wearing me thin and I don't like what I'm becoming. I will try to be more patient and kind but it goes both ways :)
  25. Non Donator Bug

    When a donator is max size and is using the Conga Taunt in opposition spawn, a player who isn't a donator can conga behind and 'phase' through the donators to get into enemy spawn. This was shown to me by IMadeYouReadThis earlier today. Wish to say thanks for pointing it out to me.