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  1. Cheers for the love n support guys, like I always say I find 99% of our community is absolutely fabulous and it's for them I do Events etc. Sadly that 1% has been wearing me thin and I don't like what I'm becoming. I will try to be more patient and kind but it goes both ways :)
  2. Ok I honestly didn't want to have to write this, but sadly I feel that 'stating the obvious' needs to be done. So like many of you know I am not always the easiest person to get along with, however I like to think I treat people with the same respect and attention as they treat me, like I say 'Do onto others' doesn't have to be just a 'biblical' thing. And like many of you know I'm probably the only Admin that actually enjoys doing Events (EGC Event Record Holder lol jk), even when I haven't received donations in a while I am willing to part with my own items just to have a bit of fun. But today something happened that has honestly been happening for way too long and something needed to be said. I had just completed doing 2 Events on our US server today and had stated I had a few tasks to deal with and was going afk for a few minutes whilst I completed these tasks away from my pc, immediately Bread Jesus posted in chat 'Is she gone yet?' (of course this made me concerned over what his intentions were as it would anyone else). He then made the statement he did which I have included a screenshot of what he said in chat (this comment was made several times before I spoke privately to him). Now as you can see it is an extremely sexist comment made by Bread Jesus, I feel that would have never been made towards a male admin in the same situation at the time (not because men don't get periods). Is it the first time my old arse has had to endure some small minded, sexist troll. .. of course not. But I'm sure I'm not alone here when I say the shit that some people say SIMPLY because some of have vaginas is absolutely ridiculous and shouldn't have to be tolerated. Now I'm old enough to know that trolls and the internet go hand in hand and I can usually tell a troll from someone who is intentionally going out of their way to simply make someone else feels as sad and alone as they themselves are in real life. But I had just done an Event for the server and feel this was ABSOLUTELY disgusting treatment of ANY Admin who has taken time from their day to host an Event for the server, regardless of gender, and people wonder why we don't host more events. . .. . I accept there are some people that will insult me and that's fine, I just ask you don't go for the 'easy' target which is my gender and something I cannot change, nor should I feel I have to. It's 2017 and females and gaming exist. And for some reason there are a few sad little virgins out there who haven't the social skills to speak to one of us like a normal person, so they either insult us or they make us feel incredibly uncomfortable with creepy comments attempting to hit on us. . .. why? Like you we just want to enjoy the game, it's a game I have invested not only a large amount of money in but time. I care deeply about not only the EGC Community but all of TF2, but I'm getting to the stage where enough is enough. To be asked the questions CONSTANTLY 'Are you a boy or a girl?' 'How old are you? or people screaming on mic' 'Shut the ♥♥♥♥ up u stupid british bitch' and the list goes on. I've honestly just had enough, and I know I'm not alone. I don't want this to be a 'gender' issue and I certainly don't want this to be a 'freakshow's a feminist' thing, because it's not. I am simply stating my great disappointment in certain members of our community that feel it's ok to treat anyone this way and it's fine. As a female though I'm sorry facts are facts, yes we on occasions get some free items from hopeful fellas but as stated I know I'd trade it all just to get respect. .. ..Respect is free and doesn't cost you a thing. It's easy, if me being on the server at the same time 'triggers' you, please don't let me force you to stay, feel free to leave rather than stay and be rude, disrespectful, and sexist. If you CHOOSE to continue being the opposite of what we expect ALL our community to be then understand why I won't tolerate it and why you may not be allowed to stay. All I ask is for just a little back people, put yourself in my shoes for a day and see how it feels, have some compassion for not only me but ALL the Admins who do contribute so much to the server and get treated like absolute garbage anyway for all their efforts. We might be tough as nails but we still have feelings and going out of your way to hurt someones feelings doesn't make you 'cool' or 'popular' it makes you a coward. P.S I am in no way claiming to represent ALL female gamers and their opinions, this is simply my 2 cents.
  3. Only added his victim after speaking to Akira who informed him the 1st step would be owing what he did. He shouldn't be crabbing if he is limited on time or without sounding like a mother here wait until his chores were done before crabbing. I spoke to Juan after he left the server and Juan although didn't care so much about not getting his 1 refined from Cold he was disappointed he ran. This was confirmed by Juan when I asked 'was that crab serious or were u guys just messing around?' after Cold left. Either way I was following EGC Server Rules and nothing more. Although I admit I personally dislike Cold after receiving nothing but abuse and a bad attitude all over his mic (bad mic/muted due to this constantly and spoken to Munt3d about it) I wouldn't put my personal opinion of someone over my role as an admin and can keep the 2 seperated. I know Cold would like to believe this is 'personal' but I'd do the same to anyone else in the same position who did the same thing and I have done. This situation is no different, he left without completing the transaction and he made that choice, now he should live by the choices he made.
  4. Shifty then, shifty now and doesn't appear much has changed. I wouldn't entertain it personally, but the choice is yours.
  5. Misleading Others is against the rules, so is ignoring very reasonable requests by an Admin to stop.
  6. Oh I love how you manipulate the truth to cover your lies, but sure I'll play. Firstly I had announced I was doing Events on the US Server via an Event Notice and then sent out an Event Vote to which people voted for Mass Spycrab. Another player had asked if there was a 'fee' to enter and I stated there wasn't it's just a bit of fun etc. Logan stated that he had to pay for previous Events EGC held and I asked him several times when that was as I had never seen an Admin on EGC Servers EVER charge to enter an Event. Logan refused/couldn't produce any evidence and I stated he was 'misleading' others as it's not something EGC has ever practiced doing in my time as Admin and seeing he had no evidence of this would appreciate he stop saying this was the case and confusing others. He continued to argue with me and was being rather rude about it all, as we were in the middle of starting an Event and I didn't have time to deal with his horrible attitude and ridiculous argument I kicked him from the server believing someone else would deserve his place more and possibly a prize. I wasn't being rude I didn't name call other than stating he was straight up a liar about the whole situation which I stand by until he can prove otherwise to me. And even if EGC DID charge for a previous Event I have never done this and I wasn't asking a fee this time to enter, it was an irrelevant point to keep arguing about and he was given several chances to stop. Here is a screenshot of the chat logs, he was stating it was OUR Server that he had to pay and I simply asked him when he had to pay for an Event before because I'd never seen it done, as stated he couldn't/wouldn't.
  7. From my understanding I believe it's just conga, but I'll be honest I didn't test it with the other dancing taunts. Like anything any donators abusing this bug will be punished, or should be.
  8. When a donator is max size and is using the Conga Taunt in opposition spawn, a player who isn't a donator can conga behind and 'phase' through the donators to get into enemy spawn. This was shown to me by IMadeYouReadThis earlier today. Wish to say thanks for pointing it out to me.
  9. Whilst I acknowledge your wisdom is beyond your years and you know more about being an Admin than I LiMaaa my reason for muting him for 24hrs was simply because he wasted my time explaining that we'd really appreciate he NOT spam mic when on EGC Servers and I believed he understood. The fact he continued and that I had to be called into AU from one of our lifetime donators to stop him continuing was the reason I felt that 24hrs was a reasonable punishment. As I remind people 'I'm old and my time is precious', I don't like wasting it on trolls and feel some what justified in the punishment they receive. I also find when u take their mic away they may carry on in chat but for the most part they know they aren't getting away with anymore shit and they leave the server, which is what I want them to do as they're toxic to the server and community. However as I stated you know better than me LiMaaa and I will start to follow your suggestions in 30 min etc and will continue to report anymore unwanted behaviour.
  10. DJ only comes to EGC Servers to spam music and make it impossible for others to use the mic to advertise. I have caught him twice doing this now and have spoken to him personally about the matter so 'not knowing' is no excuse. He doesn't advertise/trade and is only on the server to be a pest/troll/annoyance. I was called into AU by Derpy Dino from the US server today after Real DJ was again spamming the mic with 'music' (let it be noted the music contains several offensive remarks/statements etc). I have muted him for 24hours with the request that we consider making his mute perm as he appears to snub his nose @ the server rules and at DIRECT admin requests for this mic spamming to stop. With the limited amount of time Admins can be present, I don't think it's wise to allow him to continue with no way for regulars/donators/players to stop him (this has also begun encouraging other players to think it's ok, having an overflow effect to deal with). As u can see from the pic provided this is the behaviour I'm met with when he is inevitably muted for spamming the mic and I don't believe as an Admin I should have to tolerate it. He forgets having a mic isn't an entitlement and cannot use his without abusing it. My motto: You abuse your mic, you will lose your mic. If he can prove he is on our servers to trade and not be a pest then I am happy letting this matter go, however should it continue I will be making his mute perm and he can appeal if he believes it 'too harsh'.
  11. Love u all long time and thank u for support. I'm hoping there won't be a next time but only time will tell. Thank u for the support, will report any further activity should any arise.
  12. Kidding or Not was told by an Admin to stop and continued to beg. Ignored both Server Rules and a direct request by an Admin to stop. Because he wanted me to 'gag' him he continued and not only that began spamming the bind begging for free taunts. Intentionally ignored any reason or logic or common sense when he was asked several times to stop, leading others on the server to beg for free items (Nope asked for free items and was immediately asked not to and stopped, Butter continued and got worse). He is extremely rude, offensive and disruptive to the server and to me as an Admin and I personally believe needs a serious kick up the arse or time away from EGC Servers to understand that as Admins we know when people are kidding or not and regardless of intent it is still against server rules to beg for anything free. He is simply giving me more to deal with on the server and that is something I definitely don't need, I also don't need the disrespect he clearly displayed whilst not only being on the server but afterwards when I attempted to appeal to his good sense. Was given an hour ban from EGC Servers but as u can see from my post has clearly no remorse or regrets about doing or saying what he did. Would like to see a more significant ban imposed or a Head Admin/Founder to request he pull his head in and show some damn respect to the server rules and staff.
  13. I think it's simple, he takes no responsibility for any of this mess and has clearly 'shopped evidence' to try to prove his allegations. Fabricating evidence is not only illegal in most democratic judicial systems, it is a crime. I believe the rules on 'running from a crab without paying up' are pretty black n white, as the others have pointed out if you created this 'rule' and it was agreed upon there should be a legit screenshot you could supply Tomeh, however you have fabricated one instead leading anyone with 2 braincells to believe that this 'agreement' never took place. Expecting Roo to do something about other trolls intentionally interfering with spycrabs is ridiculous, and as Munt3d pointed out the obvious 'Stop the crab'. It's my opinion that Tomeh has been nothing but shady about this whole thing which leads me to believe he will just do it again should his ban be reduced/removed, regardless of him 'paying up' in this situation. Fabricating 'evidence' and lying is enough of a reason for me. Just adding my 2 cents