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  1. CampingxSnake

    Music Covers?

    Hey All!! I'm not sure where the appropriate place would be to talk about and share music creations. For example, I covered One Final Effort from Halo!! And I would love to see your input or creations. Or even just some masterpieces that you've seen!! Let's go
  2. CampingxSnake

    Favourite games to play?

    I haven't been on here in a while but im back. So as the title says, whats your favorite games to play? Mine right now are Halo 2, CS:GO, LoL and some good old skyrim
  3. CampingxSnake

    My New Website

    https://www.campingxsnake.com/ Hey guys, I made a new website, you guys know it best so could you review it and tell me what I should work on etc Im still working on it, Kind of having trouble with the Members section haha
  4. CampingxSnake

    Fan Made Star Wars Game Trailer

    Cheers and Yeah Ive noticed Sadly I would but all the models would be a pain to transfer if I used a different game engine, I guess the way it is going to be recorded will be diverse then other fan made projects
  5. CampingxSnake

    Fan Made Star Wars Game Trailer

    Hey guys My friends and I are making a Star Wars series using a game engine tell me how you think of it?
  6. CampingxSnake

    YouTube Usernames?

    Nice guys!! I myself am doing some star wars content
  7. CampingxSnake

    YouTube Usernames?

    Hey guys Im wanting to know if anyone is interested into subbing one another I'd like to see the materials that you guys post and what not :)
  8. CampingxSnake

    Hey guys

    Cheers mate, I shall be awaiting for your uploads
  9. CampingxSnake

    Hey guys

    whats your channel name?
  10. CampingxSnake

    Hey guys

    Hey mate haha Damn that sucks, Mind If I subscribe to you?
  11. CampingxSnake

    Star Wars??

    Just want to know if anyones a star wars fan and is into the games?? Personally I've been reliving my childhood by collecting the 2000's Star Wars games and all i can say is.... nostalgia Especially with mods, it makes them so much fun, Currently Im getting into Star Wars Republic Commando and its so great, the memories are coming back to me thats for sure!
  12. CampingxSnake

    Hey guys

    Thanks mate!!! Im just doing something that I find entertaining, i do hope others find the same pleasure as i do!! Thanks again for being welcoming Appreciate it
  13. CampingxSnake

    Hey guys

    Hello guys My name is Snake and I'm just your average Aussie Gamer, Anyway, Im grateful to be here and Im excited to meet some of the people on this website About me, Well I just finished school and enjoying my holidays with recording videos on youtube and other stuff Im interested to see what goes on this website so ill be sticking here for a while Cheers guys Welcome to my channel youtube video;