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  1. iamniknak


    This is exactly what I mean, sure EGC needs more admins but for the time being it's an issue that's easily fixed I'm sure there's plenty of people who all the admins trust with the commands
  2. iamniknak


    I didn't mention vote mute purposely because of the shitstorm it was, and that wasn't what I was suggesting anyway. I was suggesting they only have the powers of gag and mute. There's people that "play" on the servers who ARE trusted as admins but don't have the time and or knowledge to be a full admin Which is why I'm solely suggesting they have these powers, nothing else. I know you need more admins which I'm not denying, but this is an issue that's an easy fix Honestly guys this shouldn't be a fuss to decide about, you're making a big deal out of something that takes probably 5 minutes and it'll save the servers from spamming.
  3. iamniknak


    I'll get straight to the point, I was talking to a couple other users about this so thought I'd actually suggest it I feel like there needs to be be a rank lower than admin, "mod/trusted" who can only gag and/or mute, no kick, no ban, nothing There's a few times I've been on since resigning and it's just chaos and none of the admins are available Now you're probably going to say "There's always an admin online, even if we're busy we'll jump on as soon as possible" Why not just "remove" the middleman? I'm not saying give this to anyone, I titled this as Trusted for a reason. Give it to ex-admins, or lifetimers who know what they're doing. No this isn't me asking for power again after I've resigned, it's an issue that's needs attending to and is easily fixed.
  4. iamniknak

    The New TF2 Update

    Update? Update? Where's the new EGC map? I was expecting there to be a new EGC map before another tf2 update
  5. iamniknak

    Ruin a Wish

    The new admin isn't abusive and is a good role model for the other players. I wish I had more time to play games.
  6. iamniknak

    Open admin apps

    Trying to replace me already Hazz?
  7. iamniknak


    Did someone say, giveaway? ( ͡ก ‿ ͡ก) I do plan on doing something with a majority of my items, but I'm on trade hold atm though so they're literally stuck there. I thought about telling you and KeRRR but I felt like you'd talk me into staying, so I decided to not tell anyone and just go through with it. I'm sure Rockso can replace me in the mean time though Don't worry, I'll still jump on the teamspeak channel every now and then Yea, the comment still stands, But I know I definitely won't be back before the end of may after I get back from my holiday. I'm holding you to those 2-3 weeks though
  8. iamniknak


    Some of you have been asking what the numbers meant in my name, birthday? that's in September (30th to be exact, remember that date ;)) But no, it's the remaining hours till I get to 2000 on tf2, some would say it's a celebration, but I'm doing quite the opposite. I'll actually be uninstalling tf2 once I hit 2000. Ive thought about this for a while, and I need a break. I don't know how long I'll have it uninstalled, but I plan for a few months. I won't make this as dramatic as I already have, but I'd thought I'd let you all* know at the same time ciao, xoxo Gossip Goat *Legit no one knew, none of the admins or anyone.
  9. iamniknak

    EGC - Admins and Friends - Perth Meetup

    I have a video of this still, with sound. But I felt a gif was needed Snapchat-4700065428950915503.mp4
  10. iamniknak

    Call admin plug in

    Many times I see people type !admins/!calladmin/!report into the chat log and obviously nothing happens. I know it has our steam profile link on the motd, but maybe make adding the !admin plugin would make it easier? It can either pop up the motd, showing our profiles. or pop up a menu with our names and link them all.
  11. iamniknak

    EGC Teamspeak servers being a butt

    Open teamspeak > Help > Check for updates. You'll either get a message saying this or it'll prompt you do update. Copy it down to a notepad for the time being, as LiMaaa and KeRRR are both away. If you don't know where to find the client logs, Go to tools and click "Client Logs", or alternatively it's "Ctrl + L"
  12. iamniknak

    EGC Teamspeak servers being a butt

    Are you running the latest version? Have you asked anyone else if they crashed too? I'm frequently on there and haven't heard anything about crashes Also, next time it happens; Copy the log from the client logs as that might help in resolving the issue
  13. iamniknak

    New EGC Rank?

    I'd be happy to keep a tab on the known regulars and long time vets. I'm not on the server much anymore but I know who's who
  14. iamniknak

    New EGC Rank?

    I think this is a good idea, I know a lot of regulars (donators or not) that would greatly fit this rank. I don't think they'd need any powers, they'd simply just have the rank name I used to be an admin on a Gmod community for about 2 years and we had this rank system you've described. It would also help newcomers joining the server who have questions, and if they're no admins on, they'd listen to the ranked players more I'd suggest not having Veteran though, maybe like Trusted or something along those lines
  15. iamniknak

    Show us your rig!

    Case : Some Corsair one Motherboard : MSI B150M Bazooka CPU : Intel Core i5-6500 GPU : GeForce GTX 960 RAM : Kingston 4gb x2 (Planning to upgrade that at some point Hard Drive : Western Digital 1TB & Samsung SSD Evo 250gb Power Supply : Corsair CX600 Extra; Display: 23"? Asus Monitor + some shitty LG Monitor for 2nd display Mouse; Logitech G602 Headset: Plantronics Gamecomm 780/788 + Logitech Speakers Keyboard: Logitech G710+ Mechnical keyboard