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  1. Oralio


    Sorry im late but welcome man hope you enjoy your time on EGC :3
  2. Oralio

    DAILY QUESTION: Favourite Pet

    And good old Mr Ora owns a Green cheeked conure named CC
  3. Oralio


    This is way better then gorillas to start a year!
  4. Oralio


    1. I am a very mature 16 year old and working in a Cert III in early childhood (i know how to talk/ work with adolescents very well) 2. I have been in the egc community for almost three months now so fairly new however i have been in the egc community in the past only for a few months where I was under the name PCePiCnEsS after a community shut down back in 2014. 3. I have had a decent amount of sourcemod experience might be a bit rusty has I havnt used it fully since 2014 but other then that sm_ commands are pretty basic in how they work and im sure once i see it, it will click.
  5. Oralio

    Selling any normal weapon

    has been interfearing spy crabs using the high five taunt for two days now even after LiMaaa had a word with the server on the 28th (yesterday on making this report) it is annoying and he obviously hasnt listened to the owner at all. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/96098259725597533/FAF196E2C9B905109EE0F95EBC0F54A1AE6963BF/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/96098259725601605/07CF2AC853677B4039D1105CE1AD85D435E96691/
  6. Oralio

    Unwoven Sleeve | SFM

    The fight between a few players on the server in regards to a staff member has gone to far I am friends with all these people may I just say that even being friends this has gotten way worse then when it origionally started and it makes me sick as this is what new comers to the egc community are seeing which is conflict and hate in this festive joyful time of year the only thing that is talked about lately is this subject and it is just not right and it needs to stop so if unwovern sees this I am sorry but someone needed to do someting about this. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/96097554020949106/3DDF0ADCAF67DC3BC9096CEEB5B1CD3355566C16/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/96097554016621329/510F0699498C4EACA7440846741E5E955D6474FA/ @MsFreakshow, @KeRRR, @LiMaaa
  7. Oralio


    Hello I am Ora a frequent member for EGC as well as a donator Lifetime+ I have actually looked in to the egc community now for a little over a month now and really enjoy the staff and player base in regards to this application I am going to discuss my previous staffing experiences and why I believe I am a suitable candidate for a possible position in this community first of all to make it easier to the reader heres a list of staffing I have done on servers in the past up to present day. 2016: StrayaGaming- Support staff (No longer working) 2016: Genesis Gaming- Admin (Server Shutdown) 2016: Synthetic Gaming- Admin/Event Manager (No longer working) 2013- 2014:Ghost Town Assasin-Lead dev then Super Admin (shutdown) 2012- 2013: Ep!c0c!ty- Owner (Server shutdown) 2013: Blink'sTTT- Super Admin (Server Shutdown) I would like to take note that I have indeed staffed on a community which was well known in its years but wont go in to discussion as it may be considered advertising I do not know however for the person reading if you wish to confirm any of these staffing roles contact me via my steam profile here http://steamcommunity.com/id/PCePiCnEsS/ With that said Endless Gaming has basically been my introduction in to tf2 since I left after staffing GhostTA back in 2014 and to come back to a new community with a friendly welcoming its gotten me to donate and show my appreciation for which I wish to bring to a higher level after noticing in the early dawning of the sun each morning in Australia playing on the US server when staff are asleep the server gains a few disrespectful people which with someone like me in a position such as staff I believe EGC can gain an improvement to its already mastered system as the more supporters a community has to back it up the bigger it will grow ive noticed. In regards to my skills being "other" I have some minor ones like graphics design and texture developing which I have done for a big Australian community for Arma 3 for examples of my work I will show in pictures below. http://imgur.com/a/SZVrq So to basically recap I am Ora and I like to believe im a somewhat ok guy but aswell as that I like a bit of a laugh and to play and trade but when it comes to a person misbehaving on a server especially EGC even if I am not staff I like to just let the person know that they may be breaking on of the rules so thank you for taking your time to read this I hope that I can be an improved addition to your forever growing community. Kind Regards - Ora
  8. After my last post and a bit of playing around in the trade servers I noticed some cool cosmetics thought these looked nice so a built a character and scene for it after taking in to consideration lighting and such ive put more time and effort in to what I make and I hope ive somewhat improved as im coming in to sfm with absolutely no knowledge however getting alot of crashes
  9. Oralio

    One Mean Hubba Mother

    De Haha nah its a bunnings snag my friend to much of them
  10. Oralio

    Sir Ora's Intro

    Hey thats a pretty good intro.
  11. Oralio

    One Mean Hubba Mother

    So uh hey im new but I gave sfm a shot and made this within half an hour its not that good but this is cool to me.