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  1. he was on the server just the other day, i !bp'ed him bc i was interested in what he was selling, then saw that he was a scammer
  2. alt account of a scammer. didnt attempt anything on the egc server but who knows if he will. he keeps changing his display name, so it might not be the same as in the report
  3. any idea how to convert a demo to mp4 or avi so i can upload to youtube and link it?
  4. micspamming like crazy. wont let me upload demo cuz its too big, ♥♥♥♥
  5. Very obvious aim bot. Jittery aim, insane flicks, etc. even headshots an invisible spy. hacker.dem
  6. Strange, as on Jan 22, the day of this event, I only had 4 incoming offers (1st Screenshot) and 11 sent offers (2nd, 3rd, and 4th screenshots) and none of them have SMika in them. I looked him up on steamrep again, using his Steam ID and I found that he changed his alias. I looked for this new alias and I had no luck with that either :/. I'm not sure what happened.
  7. The screenshots, as requested. The offer doesn't show up at all in any, not sure why. One possibility is that, after I accepted, they declined in the trade window, and the offer was never actually sent.
  8. I was on the US server and was advertising that I wanted to spycrab 1 key. SMika sent me a trade request, then we agreed to crab 1 key. As shown in the video, I won the spycrab 3 to 1. He accepted the trade, but then disconnected from the server. I was suspicious that he was going to run, so I left a comment on his profile, saying I would report him if he ran. I went to eat lunch, and about 1 hour later, he had deleted said comment and had not accepted the trade. I left another comment warning him, then began to write this report. Evidence 1 Evidence 2 Screenshot shows that the trade has not occurred.