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  1. ninjakn


    he was on the server just the other day, i !bp'ed him bc i was interested in what he was selling, then saw that he was a scammer
  2. ninjakn


    alt account of a scammer. didnt attempt anything on the egc server but who knows if he will. http://backpack.tf/u/76561198338652656 he keeps changing his display name, so it might not be the same as in the report
  3. ninjakn


    any idea how to convert a demo to mp4 or avi so i can upload to youtube and link it?
  4. ninjakn


    micspamming like crazy. wont let me upload demo cuz its too big, ♥♥♥♥
  5. ninjakn

    Yo Mama

    Very obvious aim bot. Jittery aim, insane flicks, etc. even headshots an invisible spy. hacker.dem
  6. ninjakn


    Strange, as on Jan 22, the day of this event, I only had 4 incoming offers (1st Screenshot) and 11 sent offers (2nd, 3rd, and 4th screenshots) and none of them have SMika in them. I looked him up on steamrep again, using his Steam ID and I found that he changed his alias. I looked for this new alias and I had no luck with that either :/. I'm not sure what happened.
  7. ninjakn


    The screenshots, as requested. The offer doesn't show up at all in any, not sure why. One possibility is that, after I accepted, they declined in the trade window, and the offer was never actually sent.
  8. ninjakn


    I was on the US server and was advertising that I wanted to spycrab 1 key. SMika sent me a trade request, then we agreed to crab 1 key. As shown in the video, I won the spycrab 3 to 1. He accepted the trade, but then disconnected from the server. I was suspicious that he was going to run, so I left a comment on his profile, saying I would report him if he ran. I went to eat lunch, and about 1 hour later, he had deleted said comment and had not accepted the trade. I left another comment warning him, then began to write this report. Evidence 1 Evidence 2 Screenshot shows that the trade has not occurred.