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  1. Legendary

    Its been a while could you guys respond? please
  2. Legendary

    Hey! thanks for viewing this and to answer your questions here are the answers! that is the previous application i did have admin on this one server but it closed down months ago so i don't have admin on any server currently I have not had any issues on the server i try to help everyone. Example:Someone is in an argument i settle it (at least i try to) Any other questions i'm always here
  3. Legendary

    Hello,last "year" (not literally) i applied and it got denied because i was to young. I am now 15 and i really want to help the EGC community. I recently stopped playing tf2 but i got right back into it and i started playing a lot more on the egc server and its been really fun. I have been trading a lot more and think i got a little more knowledge in trading. All i really want to do is help servers and make them grow larger and make a great community. If you guys are looking for a cheerful, fun, and very hard working admin please choose me.
  4. legendarygamin

    Hey! Thanks for reading this i am currently 14 years old.I hope that's not to young?Anyways i'm always here to answer more questions!
  5. legendarygamin

    Man i hope i can get this.
  6. legendarygamin

    Hello,I would like to be a admin on your server because i think it is a great community and it would be great to be a part if it. I may not be a admin on any other server but I will be on a lot i will also take care of the server when other people can not and won't abuse my abilities. I have been on this server for a while now and i saw how donators and admins acted and enjoyed and wanted to show people what i could do so the people on the server can have fun and trade! One last thing is that i did buy lifetime not like that going to do anything to my odds. Thank you for considering reading this.