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  1. RagingRyan

    Oi Big Earz

    Very well made in my opinion
  2. RagingRyan

    Oi Big Earz

    Very well made in my opinion
  3. RagingRyan


    I am absolutely! Please do not hesitate to ask anything!
  4. RagingRyan

    Explosive spawn glass

    If you place a whole 8 stickies on the inside of either spawn's looking glass, and if you and a victim are pressed up against a wall, you can kill enemies hl2_2018-08-25_17-57-09-239.mp4
  5. RagingRyan

    Dj Slav (SFM commisions)

    Regardless if you scam or not, you cannot advertise 3rd party services, you must be able to trade physical items through the steam trading system. That is the rule. Hope this helped
  6. RagingRyan


    A very well structured application indeed and a simple yet straight to the point applicant. Well done!
  7. RagingRyan


    I have been apart of EGC for almost as long as I have been on Steam so roughly about 3 years and I am currently a Lifetime Donator as well. I am very experienced with SourceMod and its commands capable of adding plugins/mods if need be. This group although only has about 7k members it is one of the most popular out there in the TF2 trading scene; hundreds even thousands of people a day come through the EGC West and AU servers looking to trade and most of the time are successful. With all this traffic there are bound to be some users who unfortunately don't have common sense and may act "unfriendly". I am on the server almost every day constantly looking to trade myself, and I'm not gonna lie but I have come across some user issues and an available admin is nowhere to be found, even when we try to use Discord to contact. That's not the point though, the main reason why I would like the opportunity to become an admin for EGC is to help improve it in any way possible. Thank you for taking the time to read my application and possibly consider me for the position if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Have a nice day :)
  8. RagingRyan

    |тgя| Raging_Ryan™

    My apologies for the delay, my other application was dismissed so I was waiting for another 3 months, but to answer the question given to me: Refrigerator: - The question about being an admin on yet another server may seem like an issue, but that server is up and/or empty before anyone comes onto the EGC US server. Yet the server is currently down atm, so I am online or could be on the server for long periods of time. - I am 18, and currently a lifetime donator on the US server and I live in Eastern Standard Time. KeRRR: - I took Web Technologies as a class in Highschool, but it reviewed the basics of coding, but I do know all the Source commands by heart. Any other questions I would love to answer or feel free to message me since you both are in my friends' list. Once again I apologize for the delay, Thank You for your time and consideration. :) I can make a new application that is more accurate if that is easier for you since it has been 3 months.
  9. RagingRyan

    |тgя| Raging_Ryan™

    Howdy, the name is Ryan, I'm 18 years old, I have around 6.5k hours on TF2, a clean SteamRep, and no alt accounts. I have been apart of EGC for around 2 years and am currently a Lifetime Donator on the server. Why do I want to be an admin for EGC and its servers? Well for one I was inspired by the already loved MsFreakshow who brings enjoyment, fun, and laughter wherever she goes. That's what I want people to be around me; having a good time. I am currently an admin on another server/group, but fortunately, I would still have plenty of time to be on The US East EGC server and help out the other Admins who do not have time. I know almost every SourceMod command by heart if that helps whatsoever. Hopefully, I have presented myself enough to where I may or may not be given a chance at Admin. If not chosen, I completely understand and I thank you for your time and consideration. (This has been updated on 07/20/17, 3 months after the original post)
  10. RagingRyan


    Dear, Whomever It May Concern I would love to become a fellow staff member on this server because I come to the server everyday to do my trading like everyone else. I am an admin in the Wise&Well Gaming community on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/wiseandwellgaming We have our own server as well and I help moderate that server daily as well. My name is Ryan neely, I'm 17, and a Senior in high school. I believe with my experience and bond with the server will become of great use and alleviate some of the stress on the other admins. I am applying also because I am inspired by MsFreakshow who is one of the perfect examples of a great admin and staff member. If I am chosen as staff I am greatly honored and appreciate the task given to me, and if I am declined I understand that I am not needed at the moment, but I hope you consider me. -Thank You