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  1. its something that freak was talking about a year or so i edited the map to add a death trigger and made the skybox bigger to allow this 🙂
  2. Nighto

    hello there

    ayy i was going to report him so he could not use any alts but you did instead
  3. Nighto


    heres his https://backpack.tf/u/76561198122827285 and https://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198122827285 and https://rep.tf/76561198122827285
  4. Nighto


    If a guy named Darkahy Mastah friends you decline because he's a scammer he uses a fake website trick to trick others around today he used a fake steam site to bait my friend into typing his account details and stole his account right now he's getting help. And he has some bad rep about trading with scammers and other things just be careful about what type of site you click on always check... EDIT: My friend is getting is account back in 14 days
  5. Nighto

    Free 1 month donator

    i wonder if this is still going
  6. He did say that an admin had to tell him that its against the rules for him to stop but people have told him thats its exploiting before and that he might not be telling the truth Edit:there was a other engi doing it earlier engi_tele_exit_2.dem
  7. Nighto


    mostly gets dismissed but still trying spam.dem spam2.dem
  8. Nighto


    goddamn no life cheaters cheater.dem
  9. started playing music after ms freakshow left the server people nowadays and was spamming chat and not caring about the rules when told to stop demo.dem demo2.dem
  10. Nighto


    Bugs was building a exit tele up to the dontator spots and was building a sentry and keep rebuilding the tele cheater.dem 2.dem me.dem an.dem
  11. Nighto

    Killing as a mini heavy

    can attack as a resized heavy? EDIT the bug happens if you do a tele command like !race and after it teleing you die by a bind EDIT 2 the bug happens if you die in a resized state ` broken.dem howtodoit.dem
  12. why my head hurts like 5 people are spamming the mic and i have more demos why.dem
  13. if you switch weps in the loadout screen in spawn your killstreak speed well be keeped bug.dem
  14. Two People mic spamming earrape music mostly diamond spam2.dem spam3.dem