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  1. Majiboc190

    Was buying his shit skins for .77. Tries to quickswitch me and sends me a trade offer with 2 unusuals on my side.
  2. Improve popularity of US | East

    Here's a suggestion. When it kicks due to reserved slot, Maybe put a message about checking out the EGC East server? Or offering like hops to East? That might work.
  3. Simple platformer game

    Is it done?
  4. TOTH

    TOTH IS OUT. https://tipofthehats.org/
  5. HeroOfJuans|EGC

    when admins come out 5 hrs ago and an app comes out 4 hrs later
  6. Danny/Infinix

    This guy is like a train. Just wanting to put that out there. I'd follow him like a suicidal man running at a train. Choo Choo, Moo Moo, Do Do make this guy a trial. +123917293871283
  7. This is not a goodbye, only a step back.

    This is one massive blow to egc . Made life hell for ya as an admin, but one of the very few people I respected enough to listen too. Limaa and Kerr may be the server owners, but I really only followed you or freak. One of the very few people who kept up-to-date with tons of members, knew the playing field, and knew how to deal with situations. Fair and still strict (bad for my trollish nature, but good for EGC. OFC, this means it'll be much easier to duel ya, but still...huge blow to EGC and my want to come back to the servers. Good Luck in all future things Munt3d: your a shithead at the best of times cow but your a good guy
  8. NobleSpartanV

    Take him before its too late.
  9. A Disappointing Sandwich

    STEAM_0:1:83421722 Thats a steamid
  10. Rick Hunter |EGC|

    @KeRRR @LiMaaa dead app now.
  11. Clown Of Chaos | EGC

    Bad sniper. Good man. Doesnt overstep his bounds (backseat admin) like literally every other applicant (cept dan)
  12. $_$ and Total S♥♥♥♥

    This shit is confusing
  13. *****place16

    doubt its my place to add anything, but a c.heart bomb beanie is probably worth 30 keys. the $23 u saw was the scm price for ANY bomb beanie, no matter effect. aka price of a n&b one.
  14. This is so true about our generation

    didn't see a fair argument against it. After that ill try to . Rather than saying that im wrong, provide a shred of evidence to support. Just because ya believe that you make a change doesn't mean you do. You also should read the book to understand my point.
  15. This is so true about our generation

    @LiMaaa guess we all are really hydes arent we?