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  1. FREE

    (lenny) Send me offer for 2 ref. Very gud job. Just wondering did u figure it out or put into java.
  2. FREE

  3. FREE

    What the absolute ♥♥♥♥ is this? Not even close. Didn't mean to sound mean, it was just funny
  4. FREE

    2 ref to the winner. Ends tommorow midnight cst. public void method1() { for (int i=0; i<7; i++) { if (i!=3 && i%2 == 0) { System.out.println("COw"); i= i+2; } else { System.out.println("Coow"); i = i-2; } }
  5. Yea i just used discord for my first comp match (which we won, yay). It is super easy and i really enjoy it.
  6. Did you know that cows are > humans? Fun fact. Welcome.
  7. Spycrabs are just a way to make cow lose an event I hate spycrabbing. However, can you test this with unusuals
  8. Rode 10 miles on my bike today instead of playing tf2. Cows are, after All, outdoorsy.


    1. Minidove


      10/10 waste time shoulda been trading a scrap to unusual and eating made to order grass

    2. CrazyyCow


      Nah i do wep to unusual. Me is too poor for screp.

  9. Make the map mvm. There, 2 sheep with one brick.
  10. @KeRRR @LiMaaa
  11. easy fixes for y'all. When you go to the tools dropdown on the motd to report a bug/appeal/report player it leads to an article back from july 2015 which is no longer the way to do those things. For example, when i click report a bug, i go to .
  12. 2 pieces of kangaroo jerky, 1 pouch, 7 joeys and ur strange dead ringer please.

  14. BUYING

    i want to make ur lives harder