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  1. @KeRRR @LiMaaa dead app now.
  2. Bad sniper. Good man. Doesnt overstep his bounds (backseat admin) like literally every other applicant (cept dan)
  3. This shit is confusing
  4. doubt its my place to add anything, but a c.heart bomb beanie is probably worth 30 keys. the $23 u saw was the scm price for ANY bomb beanie, no matter effect. aka price of a n&b one.
  5. didn't see a fair argument against it. After that ill try to . Rather than saying that im wrong, provide a shred of evidence to support. Just because ya believe that you make a change doesn't mean you do. You also should read the book to understand my point.
  6. @LiMaaa guess we all are really hydes arent we?
  7. STEAM_0:1:86730871 thats your steam id. the thing u put in was a steam profile
  8. Happy birthday you anti-dispenser cowist.

  9. thats sharking not scamming. More of a crazy lowball then an actual scam. also u probably need proof.
  10. Yea anti cheat sucks. LMAOBOX wasnt anything really. People then just switched to nullcore and other undetectables.
  11. Id like that. When?
  12. Ban @Munt3dApple and give me his position. I promise to keep dispensers up.
  13. So the only problem on the server is that we don't have dispensers. Now i suggest a few trusted "dispenser" people who have the power to roll dispensers for the server when either no admin, or @Munt3dApple is on. Serious suggestion tho, we need dispensers when no admin is on, the rtd never rolls dispensers, and when it does, no one puts it in the spawn.
  14. top eu pro players + a loyal cow vs an american pub. Who wins?