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  1. thats sharking not scamming. More of a crazy lowball then an actual scam. also u probably need proof.
  2. Yea anti cheat sucks. LMAOBOX wasnt anything really. People then just switched to nullcore and other undetectables.
  3. Id like that. When?
  4. Ban @Munt3dApple and give me his position. I promise to keep dispensers up.
  5. So the only problem on the server is that we don't have dispensers. Now i suggest a few trusted "dispenser" people who have the power to roll dispensers for the server when either no admin, or @Munt3dApple is on. Serious suggestion tho, we need dispensers when no admin is on, the rtd never rolls dispensers, and when it does, no one puts it in the spawn.
  6. top eu pro players + a loyal cow vs an american pub. Who wins?

  7. no random crits
  8. LUL dont bullshit me. Timestamped chat logs and a 10 minute demo says otherwise. PM me if ya want me to post. You continually glitched right after i told u and u acknowledged it. I also reported to @AkiraRyuujin the moment u did it and after u did it again.
  9. @AkiraRyuujin @Munt3dApple 

    These men keep denying the demo-cow his dispensers. I demand more dispensers. 10 is a good amount. @KeRRR @LiMaaa please fix.

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    2. LiMaaa


      This update confuses me! :unhappy:

    3. CrazyyCow


      @LiMaaa I want a ton of dispensers since demo-cow gets injured by pussy snipers. But akira and munted have a 2 and 4 dispenser policy. Can we raise to a more regular number? Like 10 or 20.



    4. LiMaaa


      No we cant! Cows dont need dispensers they are the dispensers, they dispense milk. Now get back to work!

  10. huge -. Has no idea what most of the rules are. Doesn't know the difference between a glitch and a donator perk. Doesn't listen at all to anyone unless there are consequences.
  11. doesnt have asian servers. only eu and na
  12. I'd be down for that too, but either way, it does require some planning. Do you know who would be in charge of that shit? If it was on egc servers, it would require admin intervention
  13. So the last thread was for a scrim, which is completely different from a tournament. If we want a tf2 tournament, I was thinking of using one of the new us or au servers + small prizes + teams that could sign up. If we were to do this, how would we plan this @LiMaaa @KeRRR. Also, if anyone is interested or has an idea, say it.
  14. You'd need to be able to pwn first. haha, idk, maybe a eu server. Then we'd have to learn eu math and do eu gimmicks tho...
  15. I want an unusual taunt plugin though. JK we all got those right please dont hate unusual taunts.