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  1. I thought we were talking real maps like gully, snake, process and suijin.
  2. Muselk did it. Must be gud. It actually seems pretty fun tho.
  3. ill take em. Add me
  4. Normal and VSH. Deathrun is for sheep. Also one question: Would these servers require moderation of their own, would the admins be the same admins there, or would there be no moderation. If it was anything but MvM. these servers could get cancerous.
  5. Hey how's this for an idea. Scrim au egc team vs a us egc team.
  6. TFW you finally fix your mini-quadcopter and then you break your last spare propeller. :( 

  7. US
  8. OH no thats the reason i would jp is cuz we dont get killed. Any way to make it so that you can't jp while rtd'd instead?
  9. IMO i like ur current name. Unique, long, hard to read, and meaningful. We can all know who you are (i know you as mini/minidove), but others can call you different things and you will still understand. My name has a hundred different stories on how it was made but ill say the real reason i am crazyy cow on tf2. I mispelt crazy and it stuck.
  10. I quickbuy books at garage sales for my 1000+ book collection. Also got a small red ottoman that someone was throwing away for like $2. I ♥♥♥♥ing love ottomans cuz they are so useful (storage chairs essentially).
  11. ♥♥♥♥ YEA! I was hoping not AU and cancer ping .
  12. Best play I've seen, saw it live and talked to alle about it later lol.
  13. tf2 def isnt leaving, just somethings to do when it gets stale. I used to competitively play for a few months, i got very very good at it.
  14. I've completely lost interest in trading atm so i dont wanna spend spring break doing that. I've bought a few games (Witcher and Clustertruck) to play, but i was wondering if anyone had suggestions for stuff for me to do (games they like) TF2 is great but can get stale as ♥♥♥♥ a lot of the time.
  15. i like fat cows. Ill start u off with a mega strike rancho, c.heart cowl, mg combustible, cloudy moon scotsman (420 is what i'd ~)