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  1. i did not oh heck.. I do think that if they roll team criticals it should probably be map wide, but that's just me
  2. 1.) Homing Projectiles are not criticals. 2.) Toxic's radius seems to have been nerfed as well as its damage reduced from a thousand per second to forty per second. Personally I think the radius is fine for now, but I can't really seem to get any hits on people if they're in their spawn. 3.) The 'Team Critical' RTD seems to be bugged. For the person rolling the RTD it works fine, but for their teammates it seems that the effect only works sometimes (?). While the roll is running criticals for the team only work for brief, instant moments and you have to be quick on the draw to actually use them. If I find any more bugs I'll let you know; hope this helps! Thank you!
  3. Imagine it. Your team is being spammed out and spawn camped by two enemy Engineers, you're pushing with a medic, but it's not enough. Half of your team is sniper and all they're concerned with is the downrange sniper gully that is trade_plaza. You roll an RTD and are awarded a 'Homing Projectiles'. This is it! This is the moment you push out! You align your rocket launcher out the doorway and shoot away, but horror sets in: they aren't criticals. They bounce off enemies with little ease as the TF2's damage system for rockets is based on distance from your target. You fall, defeated by a random critical by a spawn camping soldier. That spam of hit and killsounds from Toxic are no more. Now instead of wiping half the team in a single swipe in their spawn they're damaged modestly, giving them enough time to fall back out of range. You're depressed; this isn't right. I like the new wave of RTD content, but they're supposed to be fun and not 'balanced'. I move for the immediate revert of the Toxic and Homing Projectile RTD's to their former glory of instant kills and criticals. http://www.strawpoll.me/13365870 Vote and say your piece! We can fix this with your help!


  6. Gabe the Dog

    Adding this because someone spent all day making it as soon as they heard the news.
  7. Gabe the Dog

    Sleep tight you little angel. I'll miss you.
  8. [Donator] Autobalance Immunity

    No no, I just don't enjoy autobalance in general. What I was saying in the reply is that if you believe the autobalance system can be abused by donators then it might be a better alternative to simply installing a priority system where donators are the last eligible people to be picked over every other player. Thus a reasonable autobalance can be instated without any abuse.
  9. [Donator] Autobalance Immunity

    Well obviously it can be abused, but a lot of donator commands/powers can also be abused yet we don't. There is always a majority of regular players over us, the minority. Perhaps a system can be put in place is an autobalance ranking system where the very last people on the team who could potentially be switched would be the donators. Honestly I would love any system at all because I absolutely despise being swapped over to the other team when I'm on a roll. Still, thanks for the response!
  10. [Donator] Autobalance Immunity

    Reviving this thread because it never actually got a living, serious answer and I'm curious to hear what everyone's thoughts are about it. That and I just got autobalanced the server, but that's beside the point.

    walk into the club like
  12. Favourite Unusual Effect?

    Sunbeams. Boring, but it matches my fur color.
  13. Can't wait for bodypillows to have this technology.