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  1. RustlessAxe

    Show us your rig!

    Does the tower in the middle have a floppy disk drive? xDD Those look pretty outdated.
  2. RustlessAxe

    Some hand-written TF2 art.

    Here's some art I've drawn from just feeling like wanting something to do, keep in mind I'm quite new to art. :3 EDIT: I will update this with basically anything I draw TF2 related, regardless of how good it is.
  3. RustlessAxe

    Another "tryhard" sniper

    Hi community, I'm Rusty. [(G.E.W.P.) Rusty in-game. :3] I've came to this server from another trade server, same map, similar skill level, but complete trash staff teams, so I went off for another server with hopes of better, more mature staff. Oh ye about me: I am mostly a sniper main (If you already couldn't tell if you've met me in-game.), but I also focus on Solly(Soldier.), Spy (Still trying to figure out if trickstabs work here, kinda have some ping issues. ;-;), and a bit of demoman, but mostly demoknight. From what I've seen, the server has a decent community, with the exception(Ovbiously you would get this on any trade server.) of darwin/hardscope snipers. x) Personal stuff? Nope.avi I am an American, I will state that. I'm also very experienced with TF2. Other games I play include, but are not limited to: Terraria, CS:GO, CS:S, and Minecraft(I last got on maybe 1 year ago? xD). Anyway, hope that's good 'nuff. Also never forget: snippin's a good job, mate. Rusty