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  1. Dafid came onto EGC AU and started to spam the mic with this:
  2. Lulz random traded me and told me that he/she was selling the "Dillinger's Duffel" for 3 ref. I then canceled the trade because I knew that it wasn't worth that much (being ~1.33 ref full price). But then I thought that I might as well make a report even though it is just a minor scam. So I traded him/her back and asked him/her to put it back in and get proof of the scam. Here's how it goes: How many of you thought that I was reporting myself? ;p
  3. I am reporting "THE TRUTH |" for attempting a trusted friend scam. "THE TRUTH" randomly added me and says the he/she is interested in buying my unusual. He/she asks how much it is and says the price is a deal and then proceeds to sell their csgo keys for tf2 ones. I then notice that the user is trade banned, so I got pretty suspicious and decided to see if this was a scam attempt by playing along. I ask if they are able to trade and they said that their ban ends today which is false as trade bans last forever. They then tell me that they got banned for "buying dirty items". After that they asked me if I have mobile authenticator (which I do) and if the unusual is clean (which it is). And then they ask if I have an "online friend who can help us both?". I then unfriended the user and blocked and reported them as he/she was attempting a trusted friend scam. Evidence:
  4. "flukeky" was using pretty obvious silent aimbot as most of the users' shots were not aimed at the head but yet he/she got a headshot. Evidence:
  5. imnotsolegit.dem
  6. "[DFS] Damascus" came onto EGC US and started to spam the mic. Evidence: EGC Micspam 2.mp4
  7. "themacyo" was advertising that he/she was selling noclip for 1 unusual: So I traded themacyo and pretended like I was interested in buying noclip from him/her. I tested to see if themacyo was just kidding and it was a "joke", but he/she seemed pretty serious about it. I did not ever accept this trade (coz I'm not dumb ;p) and later just closed the tab. This is how the trade went: Noclip Scam Attempt.mp4
  8. A kid came onto the AU server and strarted to spam the mic with these noises: Micspam.dem