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  1. mooggysnacks


    I'm very good at talking to people go's with the job I know all yalls rules in an out. I love given advice , if I was given the chance to be a admin id take it very seriously like I do with my profession. I can be active on the servers from 9am to around 4:30 pm pretty much every day my work would not interfere with that since I go to work at 6pm . I'm good with computer and I'm very good at learning new things ps. thank you for the avatar assistances lol
  2. mooggysnacks


    hours 1452 / I'm 20/ none to do with computers ,very good communicator/I'm a jailer , I'm on most between 9am to 4pm and I'm a expert steaming effect trader lol
  3. mooggysnacks


    ive been coming to this server for awhile i also have a lifetime donatorship for the servers i enjoy the egc cummunity and all of the staff and i would love to be apart of it
  4. mooggysnacks

    Breaking Stereotypes

    I cant stand it when there small