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  1. Starstruck


    Some people (such as myself) aren't the biggest fans of teamspeak. Perhaps having a discord would be nice? I dunno, just throwing the idea out there.
  2. Starstruck

    Mizuhashi Parsee

    I'm applying for admin because I enjoy this steam group and the trade server it hosts. I think that the current admins are doing great and I would like to be able to contribute to helping out and making others enjoy their time as well. Whether it'd be enforcing the rules or whatever, I want keep this group going strong. As far as other things about me are concerned, I have been an admin for other servers in the past. Unfortunately those servers are no longer around but during my time, I did learn what it means to be an admin and the responsibility that is required of one.
  3. Starstruck

    !home plugin broken

    On both servers (US and AU) the !home command doesn't work. You can teleport to the race track and to the roof but you can't teleport back.