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  1. Dizzle

    epic ariana grande stan

    aimbot clearly the first time hes using them demo.dem
  2. Dizzle


    Aimbot + walls diver.dem
  3. Dizzle


    id: [STEAM_0:1:495390687]
  4. Dizzle


    Hitting some fishy shots (190ping) dem2.dem
  5. Dizzle

    Friendly Hoovy

    steam id: 76561198101516820
  6. Dizzle

    Friendly Hoovy

    Long dem :/ Was baiting him to something sus. was looking at me when i was invis alot. i died i was baiting him in spawn. at the killed me invis and wasnt even looking at me friendly.dem
  7. Dizzle


    Aimbot and Walls. Trying play it off when shooting invis spys moo.dem
  8. Dizzle

    Jimmy The Apricot

    Clearly Aimbotting they're were 2 cheaters but other got source banned demotest.dem
  9. Dizzle


    Clearly Aimbotting and walling. demotest.dem
  10. Dizzle


    Been on EGC coming up to 4 years now and I enjoy every moment of being on both the servers. I would be a great addition to the staff, I’m on almost everyday and I’m a reliable person reminding other players of the rules and commands. I have some self experience in coding and website development ( self taught) not to extreme. Currently saving for a decent computer to back into coding, website development and music. I look forward to being in the EGC family permanently.