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  1. Love some of these cut dialogue voice overs they should've kept :)



  2. Are you asking if you have to have been an admin now or before? If so, no, you don't need to have been/be an admin to apply for the position here. By the way, if you go to Support --> Applications, then you can see the requirements needed before you can apply on the right side of your screen.
  3. Would love to see an MVM and normal server to play on
  4. FREE

    subatomic phononaut
  5. FREE

    Good times
  6. FREE

    oooh finger eleven. I like only one song of them though.
  7. It's not unusual!


  8. Glad i finally got my unusual last Thursday! Love my scout set :)






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      dbd is 3rd gen. Auto-cancer as msfreak will attest to. lol damn nice hat.

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      My best offer is for free, and Im taking a  risk

    4. Nightingale


      ty for compliments :D

  9. close enough
  10. It is viable yes. There are many people that do statistics based on the economy. Though i don't know what the actual job title is, i think it is a statistician? Anyways, yes it is an absolutely viable option if that is what you really want to go with.
  11. Well first off, YOU CONTROL YOURSELF. By that, i mean do whatever makes you feel happy and enjoyable, if your parents don't agree, then that is their own opinion. I don't really think anyone would laugh at you for asking more about financial questions. In fact, i suggest you take an economics class or study more about finance such as inflation, owning stocks, bonds, etc. Your teacher would be the best candidate to ask any question you have about the market. Your parents will eventually come to realize this and accept your decision.
  12. om nom nom




  13. Lovely heavys and their dance.