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  1. Donator who was doing annoying micspam with a kazoo. Not sure how long he has been doing this for but typical behavior of a child who also was spamming lennys.
  2. Powerhouse should be up there imo. Would love to see that map :)
  3. Turbine and Upward
  4. FREE

    that one dollar lenny face?
  5. Love some of these cut dialogue voice overs they should've kept :)



  6. Are you asking if you have to have been an admin now or before? If so, no, you don't need to have been/be an admin to apply for the position here. By the way, if you go to Support --> Applications, then you can see the requirements needed before you can apply on the right side of your screen.
  7. Would love to see an MVM and normal server to play on
  8. FREE

    subatomic phononaut
  9. FREE

    Good times
  10. FREE

    oooh finger eleven. I like only one song of them though.
  11. It's not unusual!


  12. Glad i finally got my unusual last Thursday! Love my scout set :)






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    2. CrazyyCow


      dbd is 3rd gen. Auto-cancer as msfreak will attest to. lol damn nice hat.

    3. Daffybebe


      My best offer is for free, and Im taking a  risk

    4. Nightingale


      ty for compliments :D