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  1. Thought id start some more topics on here and hopefully liven the forums up a little. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kaa7urKOyq4
  2. DrRockso

    IMPORTANT Notice!!!

    you freak.
  3. DrRockso

    Overheard at EGC

  4. DrRockso

    [TF2] New server map vote!

  5. DrRockso

    [TF2] New server map vote!

    ♥♥♥♥ this map vote. Can we vote to unban Callum?
  6. DrRockso

    [TF2] New server map vote!

  7. DrRockso


    Welcome. Your upside shaggy terrifys me
  8. I voted for things. Gimme things. <3
  9. DrRockso

    Changing my name?

  10. Today's the 6th anniversary of my 21st birthday. 

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    2. Sethwing


      Happy 21.6th Birthday, Rockso.

    3. LiMaaa


      Am I dumb or does this status not make sense? Either way happy Birthday Rockso. You are finally a man by all standards. <3

    4. DrRockso


      It makes sense Liam. And thank you. <3

  11. DrRockso

    FREE Crack The Code for a Free game

    Is it cheese?
  12. DrRockso

    Is For Honor that bad?

    Yeah they are trying to mimic steam and have two step authentication to get into your account but I can't seem to register my uplay account to the home brand google Authenticator. I found a way way around it though. The hour i played was fun vikings > everything
  13. DrRockso

    Is For Honor that bad?

    I can't get into my uplay account to play it and they won't respond to my support ticket.
  14. DrRockso

    EGC Affiliate links, etc?

    Can I link you all to my erotic EGC Fan-fiction?
  15. DrRockso

    Y'all gettin that Crash game

    Plus I already have a psone with crash 3 on it.
  16. DrRockso

    Y'all gettin that Crash game

    Best Valentine's day ever.
  17. DrRockso

    Y'all gettin that Crash game

    I'm tempted to get a ps4 for this.. But i already have a wiiu and xbone that i neglect. (The latter is pretty much a netflix box)
  18. DrRockso

    Overwatch Server Browser

    Get a Conan Exiles server first
  19. DrRockso

    Overheard at EGC

    Are you telling me limaaa and kerrr aren't actually girls?! Next thing it'll be that your not an actual refrigerator.
  20. DrRockso

    Overheard at EGC

    DrRocksoTheRockAndRollClown: My usual post-scrim routine of choking myself with a leather belt and jerking off wasn't working. i don't care if quoting myself makes me seem like a narcissist.