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  1. I voted for things. Gimme things. <3
  2. Mrpoopybutthole
  3. Today's the 6th anniversary of my 21st birthday. 

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    2. Sethwing


      Happy 21.6th Birthday, Rockso.

    3. LiMaaa


      Am I dumb or does this status not make sense? Either way happy Birthday Rockso. You are finally a man by all standards. <3

    4. DrRockso


      It makes sense Liam. And thank you. <3

  4. 1 hand shandy.
  5. Is it cheese?
  6. Yeah they are trying to mimic steam and have two step authentication to get into your account but I can't seem to register my uplay account to the home brand google Authenticator. I found a way way around it though. The hour i played was fun vikings > everything
  7. I can't get into my uplay account to play it and they won't respond to my support ticket.
  8. Can I link you all to my erotic EGC Fan-fiction?
  9. Plus I already have a psone with crash 3 on it.
  10. Best Valentine's day ever.
  11. I'm tempted to get a ps4 for this.. But i already have a wiiu and xbone that i neglect. (The latter is pretty much a netflix box)
  12. Get a Conan Exiles server first
  13. Are you telling me limaaa and kerrr aren't actually girls?! Next thing it'll be that your not an actual refrigerator.
  14. DrRocksoTheRockAndRollClown: My usual post-scrim routine of choking myself with a leather belt and jerking off wasn't working. i don't care if quoting myself makes me seem like a narcissist.