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  1. shonic567


    and also apparently he changed his name to xo http://steamcommunity.com/id/-xo-/ and spammed the name thing so no one could see his past name, i dont know if its true but reedpop scout said he was talking and it was crispy
  2. shonic567


    Alright so we were crabbin for 2 keys pure and then i won and he never accepted, ran, blocked, and unfriended me. he thought he could get away with it but i had a friend who had him added, now his profile is private after i went to join his game to tell him to accept or else, i dont have proof of the 2 keys but theres chat of the score, i dont know how it all works so hopefully its enough Team Fortress 2 2017-07-05_06-24-53.mp4