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  1. Refrigerator


    Hello there, Thanks for applying! a couple of questions: Are you a current donator? Are you active on discord? What time zone are you? how many hours are active are you during the week? How many hours can you dedicate? (I.e. are you going to college, working, etc) Thanks!
  2. Refrigerator

    Upcoming Releases that you are excited for?

    Mostly Fallout: 76, Elder Scrolls 6, Metroid Prime 4, Anthem, Battlefield 5, Halo: infinite (so i can laugh at it) I'm basically just naming off E3 2018 lol
  3. Refrigerator

    Can't spawn in

    A temporary fix for this is typing retry in console which refreshes your connection to the server. This is a sourcemod glitch when too many people join the server at the same time (On the bright side it means that we have an active server ). Nothing can be done about this unfortunately.
  4. Refrigerator


    Changed Status to Under Review You are a current donator, correct?
  5. Refrigerator

    Dj Slav The Spell Man

    Changed Status to Under Review
  6. Refrigerator

    chunky ❤

    Thanks for being honest and informing us. I wish you luck on whatever responsibilities are taking up your time at this moment. Feel free to re-apply when you feel you are ready! Best, EGC Staff Changed Status to Dismissed
  7. Refrigerator

    Oi Big Earz

    Changed Status to Under Review -Rep its a 25 Killstreak for the mario remix song (jk)
  8. Refrigerator

    Microsoft Edge Mannco.trade

    Hey Jaesuki, This is up in discussion among the admins. We will get back to this with a decision. As always, thanks for the report.
  9. Refrigerator

    Dj Slav The Spell Man

    Hi Swag Enthusiast, What is your current timezone?
  10. Refrigerator


    Hi Angela, Thanks for taking the time to apply. What is your current timezone you are in?
  11. Refrigerator


    Changed Status to Accepted
  12. Refrigerator

    Tf2 | Scrap.tf

    Changed Status to Accepted
  13. Refrigerator

    Tf2 | Scrap.tf

    I spoke to the user and they admitted to Spycrab fraud. This player has been banned from all EGC servers.
  14. Refrigerator

    Tf2 | Scrap.tf

    According to the chat logs, he sole asked for a spycrab and did not agree in chat.
  15. Refrigerator

    Tf2 | Scrap.tf

    Changed Status to Under Review