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  1. Refrigerator

    Almost 6 months Later

    Or maybe I can get you into Overwatch... (Its a lot like Mvm but without the $0.99 tickets...) Will do!
  2. Refrigerator

    Almost 6 months Later

    Tf2 is still one of my top favorite games of all time not just because of the fact that it has a balance of classes but also the environment of the players in it. I love tf2. That was the issue. I spent way too much time playing and trading that I was neglecting real world things. At the end of the day, its just a game (unless you cash out ;). Trading became an addiction and I felt I needed to move on. Hence why I cashed out because I knew that if I left my inventory there, it would make me want to keep playing. Tf2 still is one of my favorite games as I mentioned however I felt that it was time to move on as many of my old friends who played with me where awestruck by other games (i.e. Battlefield 1, Overwatch, Breath of the Wild, etc).
  3. Refrigerator

    Almost 6 months Later

    Hey All, Its been around 6 months since I have stopped playing tf2 and I wanted to check in with all you guys to see how you guys were doing and to give you an update on where I am in life. Currently still in college studying mechanical engineering (because engineers build sentries) and working at an engineering internship. Lately been playing a good amount of Overwatch as well as battlefield 1 with some of my friends. Living life and all. A few months ago I got to go out on a date with Akira and his super hot voice. EGC brings friends together in real life! I really do miss you guys. If anything is on your mind, feel free to ask me anything (why I stopped playing tf2, overwatch, life, etc..) How's EGC and all? How are the servers and the players? How are you guys doing? I am eager to know.
  4. Refrigerator

    Elwood Blues and Lima are TWO PEOPLE?!?!

    ugh just make it a youtube video...
  5. Refrigerator

    Ms Freakshow

    I'm locking this until we can find a settlement. Logan I will be PM ing you in a bit
  6. Refrigerator

    My waifu is Rias Gremory <3

    Changed Status to Accepted
  7. Refrigerator

    My waifu is Rias Gremory <3

    This video is exactly what we need. User has been permanently banned for Spycrab Fraud, effectively immediately. Thanks for following up with me and providing the evidence.
  8. Refrigerator

    My waifu is Rias Gremory <3

    Minidove, please only respond to reports if asked to, thanks! Kelvin, Can you explain the situation? As of now I'm not even sure what happened as you just showed me a video with trade history. I need to see the chat history since all it looks like is you giving him items. The person that you reported is not showing up on your trade history within the video, who are they specifically in the video?
  9. Refrigerator

    ✪Bonk ๖ۣۜBöʏ✪

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  10. Refrigerator

    ✪Bonk ๖ۣۜBöʏ✪

    Hi Bonk Boy, As I discussed with you over steam PM, we require applicants to be donators as it shows dedication to the community. I encourage you spend some more time on our servers and get to know the community a bit better. Best Wishes,
  11. Refrigerator

    Phatcow 7

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  12. Refrigerator

    Phatcow 7

    I spoke to Phatcow and he gave him a warning since items need to be traded before the second spycrab is done. He understands that both parties need to understand the wager before the crab begins. I'm closing this report.
  13. Refrigerator

    Fat Scout

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  14. Refrigerator

    Fat Scout

    Spoke to Phatcow7 and he does not have any screenshots of the trade chat or PM with this person. Due to lack of evidence, Im closing this report.
  15. Refrigerator

    Fat Scout

    Changed Status to Under Review