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  1. Elwood Blues and Lima are TWO PEOPLE?!?!

    ugh just make it a youtube video...
  2. Ms Freakshow

    I'm locking this until we can find a settlement. Logan I will be PM ing you in a bit
  3. My waifu is Rias Gremory <3

    Changed Status to Accepted
  4. My waifu is Rias Gremory <3

    This video is exactly what we need. User has been permanently banned for Spycrab Fraud, effectively immediately. Thanks for following up with me and providing the evidence.
  5. My waifu is Rias Gremory <3

    Minidove, please only respond to reports if asked to, thanks! Kelvin, Can you explain the situation? As of now I'm not even sure what happened as you just showed me a video with trade history. I need to see the chat history since all it looks like is you giving him items. The person that you reported is not showing up on your trade history within the video, who are they specifically in the video?
  6. ✪Bonk ๖ۣۜBöʏ✪

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  7. ✪Bonk ๖ۣۜBöʏ✪

    Hi Bonk Boy, As I discussed with you over steam PM, we require applicants to be donators as it shows dedication to the community. I encourage you spend some more time on our servers and get to know the community a bit better. Best Wishes,
  8. Phatcow 7

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  9. Phatcow 7

    I spoke to Phatcow and he gave him a warning since items need to be traded before the second spycrab is done. He understands that both parties need to understand the wager before the crab begins. I'm closing this report.
  10. Fat Scout

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  11. Fat Scout

    Spoke to Phatcow7 and he does not have any screenshots of the trade chat or PM with this person. Due to lack of evidence, Im closing this report.
  12. Fat Scout

    Changed Status to Under Review
  13. Fat Scout

    Hi Phatcow, Unfortunately this does not fall under the term for scamming but instead low balling. If he did claim the awper hand was unusual and you can show for that they that would be considered an attempted scam. Do you have screenshots of that? Do you also have screenshots of him saying that he would attempt to hack your account? I will give you 72 hours to respond to this. Best,
  14. My waifu is Rias Gremory <3

    Changed Status to Under Review
  15. My waifu is Rias Gremory <3

    Hi Kelvin, The video you provided does not show any form of evidence expect that trades have happened. Can you explain what exactly happened? Do you have any screenshots of chat logs or private messages from this user? Also the steam id that you provided is also invalid. Do you have the correct one? I will leave this open for 72 hours since a lot of the information is wrong. Best,