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  1. Refrigerator

    22 days 'till Avengers 4

    Obvious attempt at being racist is obvious. Looks like he has binds for this stuff. User has been gagged for a day. Thanks for the report.
  2. @hazz69mcpie IDK if you saw but last year the half life 3 script was leak and its confirmed as a cancelled project for valve. Overwatch brigette - caused many players to quit the game. Game was great before her. Pubg - released Sanhok Jungle and Videnki Snow Maps this year which revived the game. Black Ops 4 - can be pretty fun with friends and black out is fun. Rainbow 6 Siege - released some awesome operators such as Alibi, Maestro, Maverick,Clash, Kaid, Nomad Islands of Nyne - super strong for a good for 3 weeks until the recent shut down 2 weeks ago. Smash Ultimate - played it and its super fun with friends. Some MEMEs of 2018 Do you know de wei? Alexa, Play Despacito Kids eating Tide Pods Change my Mind Infinity War Disintegration And Many others
  3. Refrigerator


    Applicant doesn't meet the minimum criteria of being a donator or enough hours. Changed Status to Dismissed
  4. Refrigerator


    Hi Draco, Please answer the following questions: How old are you? Are you a current donator on the server? How many hours on tf2 do you have? Do you play any other community games? (CSGO, minecraft, Overwatch, etc) Do you possess any coding skills? (i.e. python, html, Linux etc) Finally, you didn't cover this on the application but why do you feel qualified to be an admin? Additionally please make your steam profile public so that we can see your stats. Thanks!
  5. Refrigerator

    The Engiee Main

    Means you’re staying banned. I'm now locking this post.
  6. Refrigerator

    The Engiee Main

    Life finds a way. Your computer user name is interesting, MIXMLGGAMING. With a simple google search, Youve been banned from a known hacking site. Good try my dude. Liars never prosper. Lucas, you may re-appeal in 6 months.
  7. Refrigerator

    The Engiee Main

    Hi Engiee Main, This is your 3rd appeal in the past few days. Again you are not following our rules as I told you to re-appeal in 6 months time. You put a message on my profile informing me that there wasn't a file on the photo, i urge you, look at the photo you provided again, you shot yourself in the foot. I spoke to a few of the other admins, and none of them believe you. This post is merely a copy-paste from the other appeal with no actual proof to help your case. Because you are now breaking our forums rules I now have to put a moderation restriction on your account. You will no longer be aloud to post without moderation consent (for the 6 month period). If you re-appeal before 6 months is up, you will be banned from the EGC Forums. This is your final warning. I will leave this appeal open for 72 hours in case you have a reply however at this point I don't think you have anything to show for.
  8. Refrigerator


    Changed Status to Dismissed
  9. Refrigerator


    Changed Status to Dismissed
  10. Refrigerator


    You may re-appeal in 6 months.
  11. Refrigerator


    You may re-appeal in 6 months.
  12. Refrigerator

    The Engiee Main

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  13. Refrigerator

    The Engiee Main

    Hi Engiee Main, First of all, I'd like to start with saying that we have gotten numerous reports regarding not only the fact that you were cheating but also in regards to your spam. This already tells me that you didn't even read the rules in regards to our community. In the video provided below is a demo of you. At the 2:15 mark after you finish fighting a soldier you immediately start to fire on an invisible spy that is standing still next to the palm trees. This would make sense if you had accidentally ran into them however you were a good distance from them and there's no way you would have seen them there. Secondly The very next part is a spy that is invisible and you rush at them with your shove as soldier to kill them while they are standing still. The first one could be lucky, the second is so blatantly obvious. That being said, after multiple admins came on the server, you began to change your weapons to the rocket jumper and began to shoot with it pretending you were a noob. Your not fooling anymore. Your appeal has been denied.
  14. Refrigerator

    Jimmy The Apricot

    Changed Status to Accepted
  15. Refrigerator

    Jimmy The Apricot

    Player has been vac'd