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  1. Changed Status to Dismissed
  2. This is something that is generally handled on the servers. The proof in the screenshot really doesn't show that he is spamming chat. If this person continues I will discuss it with them while an admin is on the server. Im going to dismiss due to lack of evidence. Nonetheless, thanks for the report. Best, Refrigerator
  3. Changed Status to Under Review
  4. Hi Poyo/Jovi, Here is your bans from our source bans on EndlessGamers. You were unbanned by KeRRR, our community founder and given "1 last chance" back in 2014, However you were banned again in 2015 for multiple spamming, abusive trolling, etc. Seeing that you were given a second chance after an appeal and did not change, my vote is no.
  5. When Fridge goes out on a date...

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    2. Roo


      Who's the lucky microwave?

    3. AkiraRyuujin


      Cheating on me, are you? >_>

    4. CrazyyCow


      The freezer gets sad. :(

  6. This thread is for videos and fails that have happened in EGC/ TF2 Servers that made you say, "Really? You had one Job!" Here's an example of one of my fails during an event from very recently... winner got some extra good stuff due to my fail. Keep the post coming!
  7. ^^ I take responsibility for that lol
  8. Changed Status to Dismissed
  9. Unfortunately we require you to be a current donator upon application. For this reason I am dismissing this application. Currently you have a little over 11 hours on our servers. I encourage you spend more time to get to know the community a bit more. Please do not re-apply within 6 months time.
  10. Changed Status to Dismissed
  11. Luna, please only post in the reports section if asked. Thanks! Hi GhoulKing, Unfortunately, that is not the definition of a scam. What the person did was try to buy it at a lower price, which you have the ability to say no. Do to lack of evidence I am going to dismiss this. If you have any questions feel free to pm a staff member. Best Wishes, Refrigerator
  12. Changed Status to Under Review
  13. Hi Zombie, What server are you currently an admin for? Are you a current donator on our servers?
  14. f

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  15. f

    Im going to dismiss this as this doesn't seem like a real report and for the lack of evidence