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  1. Eaaam

    COMPLETED S> Black Villain's Veil

    Sure! You can PM me if you want to talk about it.
  2. Hello! I am looking to sell a Villain's Veil painted a Distinctive Lack of Hue for BP price. Pure or item overpay is accepted. Current BP price is around ~15.22
  3. Never mind, I probably won't be selling this Scattergun for now, this can be locked/moved.
  4. Eaaam

    SFM Poster - Pilots

    A poster I made the other day, and I thought it was one of my most decent ones. The lens flare was a filter in GIMP.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCaw_26Z2BU
  6. Hello! I am selling a Factory New Corsair Scattergun for 1.1-1.22 keys in pure or item overpay! Please trade me if you are interested Send me a trade offer here
  7. Eaaam


    Basically pronounced like dean and mean.
  8. Eaaam

    TF2 What is your Favorite Class and Loadout?

    My favorite class to play as is Scout. Cosmetics: Bill's Hat (An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge), Flak Jack and the Graybanns. Weapons: Corsair Scattergun (FN), Mad Milk/Black Dahlia Pistol (MW), Conscientious Objector I also like to play as Soldier. Cosmetics: Skullcap, Marshall's Mutton Chops, Hornblower Weapons: High Roller Rocket Launcher (FT), Gunboats, Vintage Escape Plan
  9. Eaaam


    Hello, my name is Eaam. I don't really get referred by any other name that often so, just call me Eaam. I like to play TF2, and sometimes other games but mostly TF2. I make SFM posters as well when I get bored, though it is tough sometimes to brainstorm an idea. I don't trade quite as often due to the lack of things I have in my backpack, unless I have to make some kind of "sacrifice". I don't take requests on posters that often, but I'd be happy to do one. I like to play on the server as well, except when at least 10 people are outside of spawn and it's impossible to get out. If you wanna meet me on the server, go ahead, I wouldn't mind. If you have any questions, comment below. Can't wait to get to know you guys on here.