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  1. EGC Tera guild

    also if i had like 4 other people i could get it started and join a faction if you guys wanted
  2. EGC Tera guild

    egc could do it if we tried -3-
  3. EGC Tera guild

    no but the guild system in the servers it does have is a lot like the hierarchy in the tf2 servers accept a little more cooperative
  4. EGC Tera guild

    Hi this is just a spitball for an idea for EGC expansion but here it goes. I've been playing TERA a lot more lately and noticed tho not very apparent there is an air of trading involved there is also a lot of cooperative things that i think would be fun for the community i large like for instance battle royals or dungeon's. it is free and easy to get it started + the game its self is free to play. i could work with some of the EGC admins to get one set up if ya'll are interested ^3^
  5. Dingus SPg>1&2 B> Chromatics

    the spray has been a ok'd by msfreakshow already +its just titys
  6. rape= stronk bones

  7. rape= stronk bones

    there we go i finally figured it out
  8. rape= stronk bones

    repeatedly ignore requests for him to stop spamming/begging for free stuff all of which is on chat logs if my screen shots are still screwy he also has a name that is offensive in my
  9. im not really sure how to get proof for this short of buying recording soft wear so yea his response to people saying to stop is "mute me"/"kick me"
  10. ♫EGC♫ Cryo Dash™

    i was wondering if y'all could scrape this request im about to start a second job and need to focus on that stuff some but i would like to apply again at some point in time
  11. DegenerateWiz

    i dont know why my computer turns screen shot to that size x. ill try and work some magic with it but as for the blurred name...well at least this guy has been brought to some attention
  12. DegenerateWiz

    during the time that the admins were gone DegenerateWiz sprayed a rather inappropriate spray screen shot is here
  13. ♫EGC♫ Cryo Dash™

    -thanks i hope this one is awesome ^3^- To be honest no i'm not i don't actually know what uni is x3 sorry. And to answer how i would manage my time. Well i guess i should start off with that i'm not in school, and probably wont be for a couple of years. Do to there not being a lot of money to throw around on collage sadly :/ . Work is fairly easy to keep up with and i only work every other day at best -.- . Other then that i play a lot of the time im almost always on the server trading tho the past few days ive been hooked on ark. as for the last question ... well i think the most important roll that an admin plays is to keep the server fun but at the same time not letting the server fall into chaos. another is to have a good sense of how to talk to people some when confronted will instinctively retract and say sorry while others will just start arguing both can be damaging to their thoughts of the said server or even the admin when dealing with someone that retracts you need to be a little more suddle with them try and be as calm as possible with them even try just using chat to talk to them but with the one that basically are the get in your face types a one two warning would be sufficient but don't react to everything they start saying unless it cant be helped. sorry for the long read i tried to cut it down some but it didn't help xc
  14. ♫EGC♫ Cryo Dash™

    sorry i noticed something i'm not 20 at the moment i will be twenty on the 8th of February
  15. ♫EGC♫ Cryo Dash™

    I'm applying for admin ship because to be honest i have fallen in love with the server and the endless community and i would like to not only see but to be a part of this amazing community's growth I am 20 years old on the 8th of this coming February, i have experience at being patient with people do to my current job in retail as a sale's associate, i am fair and dont judge unless i am 100% joking -3- faults-its a minor one but can cause a problem at times. i have a very rough sense of humor and this has gotten me in trouble a couple of times in life ;-; explanation on skill- I've been drawing for a few years now the only problem is i cant draw actual people so (no portraits are out sorry x3) but i used to make some pretty good sprays and pics for group's server i admin'd - Old Times trade servers (OTS) this was the first server i was ever a part of and it was where i wet my ankles in trading very few of the people i knew on this server are still on steam and the one that still comes online never plays tf2 enymore All in all i would love to become a part of this thriving server ^3^