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  1. ssbruar

    Changed Status to Under Review
  2. nickname

    Maniacal Bos Taurus?
  3. Frenchy the Shpee

    Quite clear aimlock and flicks. Also, the lmaobox spam. frenchy_hacks.dem frenchy_sniper.dem
  4. nhcozg

    Blatant aimbot or really bad silent aim. nhcozg_hacks.dem
  5. [VALVE] Twilight Sparkle

    Blatant Aim. twilight.dem
  6. dasdasdasdasdasdadsad

    Blatant aim hacks. lunchbox_dadsdasdasdadsasd.dem
  7. Yo Yo Yo

    @DonnieSexbag! Grats on getting into Uni! It's alot harder than you think... Japan is a great option to go and study abroad. After all, it's what my dad did when he was in University. He went to Tokyo and lived there for a couple years. He studied there and saw things that you can expect to see there. Cherry Blossoms, Mount Fuji and hentai shit like that. Also, @Hoste is right! Come here to AU! We're a crazy bunch of people that will probably steal your wallet, eat sausages on bread napkins and meat filled pastries. Whatever you decide, make sure to enjoy yourself!
  8. Cogsly Conspiracy

    A couple days ago, I decided I wanted to get rid of my Unusual Universal Translator by crabbing it. Cogsly Conspiracy arced up, added me and agreed to crab me for his Fed-Fightin' Fedora with Kill-a-watt. However, there were no admins online at the time to middleman the crab. A couple days later, we decide we want to crab. I ask 4 admins if they would like to middleman, no responses. So, I then decide to continue to follow through with the crab. He joins the AU Server, and we start crabbing using the plugin. He crabs first, then I crab. Making the score 1-1. He then stalls; not making an animation, despite the score in the lower left saying 1-2. To the server, he had hit the crab percentage. Clientside, he stalled, not showing an animation. I mark in chat that the score was 1-2. At this point, he was confused. So we decide to restart and do it the ol' fashioned way. I agreed and we headed to red spawn. We are standing in front of eachother and I give him a quick reminder of the rules, as per usual. I end up winning the crab 0-3. I chuck him a trade, and he denies ever specifying the prize, when a couple days back, he said he'll crab me with his said unusual. At this point he adds a Strange Professional Killstreak Atomizer into the trade and readies up. I tell him this was not the deal and he was very reluctant to accept his loss. He then brings up a point on the rules that an EGC admin is required for a crab, which I then reply warning that if he does run from the crab without paying up, he can face a ban on EGC and become marked on Steam Rep. He did not seem to care as he proceeded to cancel the trade. Known witnesses are as follows: @chop227 @Jmats170 Chat log: https://pastebin.com/T1APwCRD Thanks for your time - Roosef. roovscogsly.dem
  9. EGC fluffy

    I have given him ample chances in the past to correct his behaviour and to do right by others. Seemingly enough, he has not done so. I joined AU today to hear a flood of utter nonsense coming from his mic, which I thought warranted a mute. And being a past offender, I felt like it was necessary to extend the sentence. http://bans.endlessgamers.com/index.php?p=commslist&searchText=STEAM_0%3A1%3A200353919&Submit=Search As shown in the link above, there is quite a list of offences. Most of them being spam and general annoyance. And looking at the dates on those comm blocks, it seems to be getting worse. I agree with Hazz on this, I feel like Fluffy does need a break from the Mic, or even a break from EGC all up.
  10. =ST= Gunslinger

    Blatant aim. cheater_au.dem
  11. Wayne

    I totally agree with everything Chaos said. You most definately need some time away from both the servers and the discord. The fact that you are arguing your innocence in a way that degrades a respected admin within the community, basically shows that you have no remorse for your actions and obviously no respect for those chosen to moderate and run the servers. While I am on the subject, I might add this as well. It was mere days ago where I told you to drop a subject on the discord due to a member feeling upset at the topic, only to be ignored and have the sorrowed member insulted, calling them a 'pedo'. This member came onto mic crying about what you had called them. Again, I really think you need some time away to really think about what has been said/done, come back with a clear head and maybe even a heart-felt apology to those hurt by your words. - Roosef
  12. Hello!

    G'day! Welcome to the forums!
  13. aria.k

    Aria.k had run from a 4 key crab with State-Trooper Mere minutes ago, aria.k had won a 3 key spycrab against the same person, State-Trooper, with @MsFreakshow middle-manning the crab (which I also have a demo of). I was called onto the server by @CrazyyCow to deal with a separate issue concerning an abusive player, but I decided to also observe this crab. As you can see in the Demo below, you can see Trooper winning the crab and aria.k disconecting seconds after he crabs. Apologies for the poor view of the last crab, but it is still noticable when he does it. crab_4keys.dem
  14. ULU420

    I may have been in the server at the time of the crab, however I was most-likely AFK at the time. I do not recall this event taking place.
  15. Astro™

    I can confirm that Astro™ had ran. I was messaging Astro™ to try and get him to pay up the key that he had lost. It seemed that he had used all these excuses under the sun to try and get out of it. Astro™ had mentioned that he had extremely slow internet at the time due to his "sister face-timeing her friends". Now, I live in a family of people that downloads movies and shows. I know what slow internet feels like, and I know for a fact that making a trade should've not taken as long as he says it did. Astro™ then mentioned that he had finished making the trade, sent it and then proceeded to block me and remove me as a friend. When I tabbed back into Team Fortress 2, I asked if DarkestlegendYT had recieved the items, which he had not. Edit: Adding Demo of Astro Losing crab_1key.dem