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  1. JeffTheSlayer

    Changed Status to Dismissed Report has been dismissed due to insufficient evidence. In future, please provide the agreement of wages and proof of declined trade.
  2. JeffTheSlayer

    Just need some evidence on the declined trade. Thanks.
  3. Captain beeky

    Changed Status to Under Review
  4. Phatcow7

    Changed Status to Under Review
  5. Phatcow7

    @Demolux I talked to you moments ago. I told you that I have dismissed this report due to lack of evidence. I can't see what items were exchanged I can't see where he's "Manipulated" you All I can see is a bunch of chat logs that have nothing to do with the incident, not to mention that it was not on the EGC Discord, so we have no records of these events occurring, but we also cannot do much about that situation. This report will be dismissed after some other admins chime in and give their thoughts.
  6. Spicy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Changed Status to Under Review
  7. Phatcow7...

    Aye. This is a statement. To post a report use the + Create button up top.
  8. Minidove

    Changed Status to Dismissed @Noo Please do not abuse the forums for a gag or a way to get at someone. It's not mature, and simply stupid. This report will be saved and used for future purposes.
  9. SpookyDirtyDan

    Changed Status to Under Review
  10. ssbruar

    Changed Status to Under Review
  11. nickname

    Maniacal Bos Taurus?
  12. Frenchy the Shpee

    Quite clear aimlock and flicks. Also, the lmaobox spam. frenchy_hacks.dem frenchy_sniper.dem
  13. nhcozg

    Blatant aimbot or really bad silent aim. nhcozg_hacks.dem
  14. [VALVE] Twilight Sparkle

    Blatant Aim. twilight.dem
  15. dasdasdasdasdasdadsad

    Blatant aim hacks. lunchbox_dadsdasdasdadsasd.dem