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  1. Roo

    I completely agree, and again I apologise. I have been and will be continuing to work on the way I react to a situation, whilst disregarding everything that happens prior to entering the community.
  2. Roo

    Thanks for the kind words, mate. I actually remember this day. It was a day where I had made the stupid descision to enter the community without a coffee or alcohol and I had just joined after playing a couple trash games of CS:GO. I was already at the peak of my sodium chloride levels, and I apologise to anyone I offended that day due to those reasons.
  3. I was sniping against this person a couple days back and at first I thought that this person was not a bad player. However I then noticed that there were times that were just too good to be true. So, I asked Minidove to hop into spectator to give it a look. As soon as Minidove went into spectator, it seemed as though ouiji toggled off. Therefore, resulting in not enough evidence to make a report.
  4. This has occured outside of the Endless Gamers Community, however I was told by LiMaaa to make a report here so the dude can get a SteamRep mark. Here is the link the the chatlog. Hopefully they are in order.
  5. For those that wanted to see what this would look like in First person for the CS:GO equivalent. (Probably nobody. But I found it interesting.) Please note these times on the following video: - 2:37 - 7:56
  6. Can you chuck in a link? Thanks in advance.
  7. This is definitely something that would be added for the memes
  8. Do you want a tournament, or not? Cuz I do.
  9. Thanks to @lukatha for showing me this~
  10. EGC Nations The biggest event of the century TF2 and CS:GO Australia VS America Who will win? (clearly AU...) Prize Pool is LiMaaa and KeRRR's entire inventory split between the team Book now at TickeTek! In all seriousness. If this becomes a thing, I'd be happy to create internet flyers 'n' shit while Minidove (the other media staff guy) spreads the word. This is a great idea. It will add a level of competitiveness to a community that is based around friendly trades. More-so, it will allow both the nations to merge and possibly create more friendships between the two nations.
  11. I'd be in. But we should do an Aussie one and an American one. Nobody wants to wait 5 seconds for a headshot to register. And if there's anything that I have learned from CSGO, alot can happen in 5 seconds.
  12. Wtf is a scrim?
  13. Using Silent Aim. It was hard to determine at the start. However, it got a lot more clear towards the end. egc_hacker_da1.dem
  14. I had no idea where to put this thread... So, EGC hazz a Discord Server now... If you're not connected to it yet, you can click this link and it will take you where you need to go. Minidove suggested a great idea in the chat that we, as a community, help to supply the Discord with some emoticons. Rules are pretty much the same as the EGC Spray Policy. If you know that, you should be fine. So, that means no nudity, no swastikas or no communist flags. "If your mother don't like it, don't use it." - MsFreakshow 2017 Please post square images that are less than 512*512 in size with as it is the size that Discord uses for emoticons. Imgur links are fine. We can have a maximum of 50 emoticons. However, LiMaaa and KeRRR may decide to use their own. Have fun!