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  1. Hello!

    G'day! Welcome to the forums!
  2. aria.k

    Aria.k had run from a 4 key crab with State-Trooper Mere minutes ago, aria.k had won a 3 key spycrab against the same person, State-Trooper, with @MsFreakshow middle-manning the crab (which I also have a demo of). I was called onto the server by @CrazyyCow to deal with a separate issue concerning an abusive player, but I decided to also observe this crab. As you can see in the Demo below, you can see Trooper winning the crab and aria.k disconecting seconds after he crabs. Apologies for the poor view of the last crab, but it is still noticable when he does it. crab_4keys.dem
  3. ULU420

    I may have been in the server at the time of the crab, however I was most-likely AFK at the time. I do not recall this event taking place.
  4. Astro™

    I can confirm that Astro™ had ran. I was messaging Astro™ to try and get him to pay up the key that he had lost. It seemed that he had used all these excuses under the sun to try and get out of it. Astro™ had mentioned that he had extremely slow internet at the time due to his "sister face-timeing her friends". Now, I live in a family of people that downloads movies and shows. I know what slow internet feels like, and I know for a fact that making a trade should've not taken as long as he says it did. Astro™ then mentioned that he had finished making the trade, sent it and then proceeded to block me and remove me as a friend. When I tabbed back into Team Fortress 2, I asked if DarkestlegendYT had recieved the items, which he had not. Edit: Adding Demo of Astro Losing crab_1key.dem
  5. Roo

    Yes. I am a Trial Admin for the other community. Although, due to the different communities; EGC and CruBan. I know full well to separate opinions and relations from each community. However, I must mention that I do not go on CruBan regularly. There are next to nobody using the CruBan server as it is rapidly dying. I only join it to calm down and blow off some steam to deal with the previous mentioned problem. I completely agree, and again I apologise. I have been and will be continuing to work on the way I react to a situation, whilst disregarding everything that happens prior to entering the community. I am not as dedicated to Crunchy Bananas as I am to Endless Gamers, and anyone could see that. I have spent countless hours on EGC doing various things such as trading, chatting and developing friendships that have lasted months, even years. But as mentioned in my application, there are childish people within the EGC Community that abuse their right to use their microphone and chat whilst there being no admin online. This is why I made the application in the first place.
  6. Understandably, the majority of EGC's player-base is centred more in America. However, as I join either the AU server or the US-West server, I see that the US-East server is almost never used. So, knowing the discussion about implementing an EGC Surf server, perhaps I could suggest you use the US-East server for the Surf? (Also base it in Australia pls. kthanksbye)
  7. HANZOmyLOver

    This person has been told by not only myself and others in the community, but he has also been told by Freakshow as well. He, by all means, has NOTHING in his backpack worth over 10 refined. Let alone an earbud. Hanzo had agreed to spycrab a some person with a weird ass name for an earbud or 2 keys. Hanzo then lost 3-1 both times they did the crab. (first one was apparently 'for funsies') As seen in chat, the other dude recieved some weapons and crates instead of the agreed wager. I still feel like this should be brought up even if it's as evidence against future violations. Thanks for your time. hanzo_crab.dem
  8. I completely agree. I always loved the thrill of getting one of those rare RTD's and the fear that others feel as soon as they see: [RTD] Roosef has rolled Toxic. I'll be honest, even I've seen that in chat and I basically shit my pants knowing that a person with a 19 killstreak has Homing Projectiles as a Soldier. Now, when I see it, It's like the fear has died down to nothing but a pocket medic with a Vaccinator set to Explosive Resistance.
  9. The entire CSGO Community?
  10. Favourite Unusual Effect?

    Green or Purple Energy.
  11. lol21912

    Was just about to report. I joined on my alt to chill out, and I was wondering why this dude was stealing my kills... My Demo is below. lol_hacker.dem
  12. On Notice

  13. Roo

    I completely agree, and again I apologise. I have been and will be continuing to work on the way I react to a situation, whilst disregarding everything that happens prior to entering the community.
  14. Roo

    Thanks for the kind words, mate. I actually remember this day. It was a day where I had made the stupid descision to enter the community without a coffee or alcohol and I had just joined after playing a couple trash games of CS:GO. I was already at the peak of my sodium chloride levels, and I apologise to anyone I offended that day due to those reasons.
  15. ouiji

    I was sniping against this person a couple days back and at first I thought that this person was not a bad player. However I then noticed that there were times that were just too good to be true. So, I asked Minidove to hop into spectator to give it a look. As soon as Minidove went into spectator, it seemed as though ouiji toggled off. Therefore, resulting in not enough evidence to make a report.