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  1. Aim Assist and Walls. Tracking Cloaked spies and hits outrageous shots. egc_hacker_potatoking.dem
  2. Roo

    Brother, you have the potential to be whatever you wanna be. Whether that's being Admin or an Astronaut. Love you too, mate~
  3. Aim and potentially Wall Hacks. egc_hacker_slurry.dem
  4. Roo

    Thanks Pal, You're not too bad yourself... ;P
  5. So, this was tried on EGC AU, so perhaps you could try it on a server without Halloween Enabled. Because of the extra taunt (thriller) being added, the possibility to crab gets smaller... Other than that, this is great. Perhaps you could be the 3kliksphilip of TF2... 3klikslambda still gonna make people use stock...
  6. Hey guys. Its your friendly neighborhood kangaroo. Now, I know this is v e r y long overdue. ~5 years overdue... Anyways, for those that don't know me, I am Roo. I am quite a regular person on the servers and the forums. I am 19, in University doing a bachelors degree in Media Design. I failed most of High-school and the first year of Uni because of my dedication to this community... Good times... Anyways, just making my delayed entrance to the community. Perhaps I am fashionably late... ~ Roo
  7. Hey mate. Welcome to the #1 Australian TF2 Trading Community! Enjoy your stay, and remember to clean your room before you leave. atleast you had an introduction...
  8. This is beautiful.
  9. There is not much evidence to what has occurred. In future, I would recommend taking more screenshots. For instance, where he has asked you to "Level up your Unusual". (Not sure what this means, so a bit of clarification could be useful as well...) Also, personally, an offence such as chat slander doesn't seem ban-worthy... So, due to lack of evidence, my vote is to dismiss...
  10. Just blatant hacks. egc_hacker_fuzzy.dem
  11. Just getting more involved. Some of my cosmetic sets need a refreshing.
  12. I am selling (almost) everything in my backpack. These items include Cosmetics, Stranges and 2 Unusuals. - The first unusual is a Steaming Ol' Snaggletooth [Sniper]. I'm looking for 12 keys pure, or Item overpay. - The second unusual is a Blizzardy Storm Human Cannonball [All-Class]. I am looking for 28 keys or Item/Unusual overpay. Add me and we can discuss prices on other items there. Backpack Link: Trade Link:
  13. I mainly used W3Schools for HTML and CSS.
  14. You got banned @Hoste09, You should know if it gets cut off... Perhaps you could provide some screenshots? Just kidding mate. <3 It definitely cuts off at the end. The whole banned chat message takes up just over 2 lines, whereas the cap is just under 2 lines of chat.