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  1. LiMaaa

    Reaction Roles Discord!

    Nice fishy, good work as usual, keep it up. 😂
  2. LiMaaa

    Aspect | Server Devloper

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  3. LiMaaa

    Aspect | Server Devloper

    No reply by designated time, so this appeal is being dismissed!
  4. LiMaaa

    Aspect | Server Devloper

    Hi there, thank you for being patient with your appeal. If you look at the below report you will see why you were initially banned. You were banned for multi-hack because a demo was supplied which showed you using drowning/teleport exploit most commonly found within cheat clients. You also had a constant 60 ping, yet went from smooth gameplay to a constant stutter / lag which seems purposeful and deliberate. All of these actions can be witnessed in the demo file located in the below report. These actions look to be very suspicious and of a cheating nature, unless you can prove to me those were not cheats and I can replicate those actions on my own client without using modifications your appeal will be denied. If you can show me how to replicate those functions in my own client and prove they are not 3rd party cheating software please comment below with further information. I will give you until the 25/04/2018 to comment with more information, otherwise your appeal will be denied. Cheers!
  5. LiMaaa

    Bezhinga funny moments

    Abusing donator perks intentionally to troll other users is not on. That donator knew what they were doing and chose to misuse their perks. I will leave this report to Itsy to deal a punishment.
  6. LiMaaa

    LagGod [steve]

    Changed Status to Under Review
  7. LiMaaa

    Chewrina Kokriana

    Changed Status to Accepted
  8. LiMaaa

    Chewrina Kokriana

    The offence was 3 years ago, our process back then didn't tie evidence to the ban, therefore there is no way for us to know which user you ran from so you can pay them back. Your appeal will be accepted based on the fact that you endured your punishment for a long time and there is no counter evidence. I suggest in the future you make sure you pay back a user even if you disconnect because our new systems will result in a permanent ban for spycrab fleeing. User has been unbanned and appeal has been accepted.
  9. LiMaaa

    Chewrina Kokriana

    I have corrected your steamid to properly direct to your account which was banned!
  10. LiMaaa

    Aspect | Server Devloper

    Changed Status to Under Review
  11. LiMaaa

    Aspect | Server Devloper

    You appeal is under review. Just note you were banned for hacking by an admin who witnessed it, so claims from others should not matter. Please wait for said admin to review this appeal.
  12. LiMaaa

    XD, 007, I Make Money, It's Nothing

    Changed Status to Accepted
  13. LiMaaa

    XD, 007, I Make Money, It's Nothing

    Thanks for taking the time to report these 3 individuals. All 3 users have been permanently banned from EGC for scamming. All users have also been marked and banned from backpack.tf and steamrep.com.
  14. LiMaaa

    🌫umm 0p?🌫

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  15. LiMaaa

    🌫umm 0p?🌫

    We only apply bans where the user is caught or admits to hacking on EGC servers. Considering we do not run csgo servers, nor can we verify the integrity of such admission (user could be gloating or trolling and not being serious), we will not accept this report. Thanks for taking the time to try and make the servers safe!