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  1. LiMaaa

    Sir Penguin

    Changed Status to Accepted
  2. LiMaaa

    Sir Penguin

    I have reviewed your evidence and the user has been banned for spycrab fraud!
  3. LiMaaa

    Sir Penguin

    Changed Status to Under Review
  4. LiMaaa

    Sir Penguin

    Making this report on behalf of "One". One was spycrabbing accused, accused didn't pay and left the server. There is video included that shows the crab and events that unfolded. Relevant video is from 8 minutes and 30 seconds onward. http://sendvid.com/ouhqver4
  5. LiMaaa


    Changed Status to Accepted
  6. LiMaaa


    I have reviewed this report. The user was honest and cooperated with staff, therefore the minimum 3 month ban for hacking will apply. You have been banned from our servers. You are still able to access our discord. You may appeal your ban in 3 months time and it will be reviewed.
  7. LiMaaa

    Papa Waga (No Volume)

    Changed Status to Accepted
  8. LiMaaa

    Papa Waga (No Volume)

    Hai there, I have overlooked your report. Whilst general banter and short expressions like kys shouldn't be taken to heart and are generally acceptable in banter if not flooded, it's clear this user is just using this terminology to passively aggravate people and troll. They are flooding the term and being disrespectful even after users have made it clear they don't appreciate the remarks. Inclusive, user is disrespecting trial admins and just generally toxic. Example of passive abuse: Example trial admin disrespect: Example of general toxicity of said user: http://stats.endlessgamers.com/player_histories/chat/68482 Based on previous mutes for spamming / trolling and general toxicity on the servers, user has received a 2 week mute and gag.
  9. LiMaaa

    -FPJ- Ubercharged Noodles

    Changed Status to Accepted
  10. LiMaaa

    -FPJ- Ubercharged Noodles

    Hi Uber, Thanks for taking the time to write your appeal and thank you for being patient. I appreciate you being sincere in your appeal and I do believe you are a great person and can be a great asset to this community. We all make mistakes and that is okay. It's about the effort we put into resolving them and making sure those affected by our actions feel that we have given it the thought and effort required to move past the issue. I think you have done this, you have given it time for things to sink in, you have remained energetic, excited and sincere in you wish to be part of this community and I believe you have grown from this experience. What you said is very true " I realise what I did provoked many problematic situations". A lot of people don't realise how their actions impact others or what the outcome may be for someone on the receiving end of what they do or say. Acknowledging that and realising that is a great thing to accomplish and will only help you grow as an individual. I welcome you back into our community and hope to see a lot of your bubbly and energetic personality once again. Your appeal has been accepted and you have been unbanned.
  11. Hey there, I've always been a fan of the !find command on the trade server. I was wondering if it was available for download? I'd love to see it be used on my favorite [unnamed non-EGC] server. If possible, please let me know! As always, thanks for the great community.

  12. LiMaaa

    laura-nyaa ≡

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  13. LiMaaa

    laura-nyaa ≡

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I think it's naive of you to assume our server is sad, because you had a bad interaction with one player. She actually did make me aware of your interaction as it was happening, that you condemned her, and were getting upset because she was owning her actions and saying that she'll accept what you think of her in regards to her being a bad person. I hope we see you back one day, but unfortunately this report has no merit because there is no evidence and the situation was actually very light and short lived, and wouldn't even be classed as abuse or trolling. Best of luck.
  14. LiMaaa

    Upcoming Releases that you are excited for?

    Kinda blops 4, but hoping wont be shit like the rest.
  15. LiMaaa


    Changed Status to Under Review