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  1. They would be run like any other EGC servers, with rules, moderation and admins. @PlanB That zombie mod looks unfinished.
  2. We will be developing the servers for our USA gamers first. If they are liked and played on, we will also bring up Australian variants of the servers!
  3. I would like saxton and dodge ball, but I also think an EGC MvM would be fun for training and honing skills.
  4. Is that a handjob name? Sounds like a Alcoholic beverage.
  5. Selling Sunbeams Chilled Chulo for 500 keys or offers! Send me a trade offer! Stats: High Tier All Class Clean Only one on the market Really nice hat + effect.
  6. Changed Status to Accepted
  7. Hi Cherevoir, Your ban was only for 1 day due to your behavior. Your ban has already expired and you have access to the EGC servers. We all have bad days, but don't take it out on your fellow gamers. I hope this resolves your issues. Happy Gaming!
  8. Jim

    Changed Status to Accepted
  9. Jim

    Your banning history shows 5 previous mutes and 2 previous bans. All seem to be related to abusive behavior and trolling. As you can see above, the staff clearly feels that you will not change your future actions and continue to cause drama on the servers. That being said, I would assume if you have caused so many problems and trolling in your time on the servers that there would be more mutes / bans to solidify that. Looking into your history and behavior I do think you really need to calm down and be respectful to staff and other players. You have stated that is your intention in this appeal, whether that is the case, remains to be seen. Based on your previous history I am going to reduce your permanent ban down to 1 month, which will expire it, and issue a 1 month ban from today. You will be allowed back onto the servers on 12/04/2017. Take a look at the ban reason: Banned previously for trolling and disrespecting staff. On a last warning basis after this ban expires. That means I am giving you a chance to change your past behavior and become a good member of this community, if that doesn't happen and your ways continue you may be perm banned by me or an admin. I hope for your sake you do change your ways, but time will tell. Good luck!
  10. Changed Status to Dismissed
  11. This appeal has no basis. Please follow the correct format when making an appeal.
  12. The question is whether tera supports custom or dedicated servers?
  13. I edited your comment to make it more accurate.
  14. history viewer.
  15. Me and cow have tested this and confirmed it is a bug on the usa server. Built buildings can be red taped on au + usa server. Built buildings can be sapped on au server, but not on usa server (Does not damage).