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  1. Heyo!

    You bastard, I actually thought, oh finally a pic of the infamous, but nope, just a troll. You been spending too much time on the EGC discord!
  2. Grant Denyer

    Changed Status to Accepted
  3. Grant Denyer

    User has been perm banned for spycrab fraud! Thanks for the report!
  4. Toki Doki

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  5. Toki Doki

    You were banned on this obvious alt account for hacking: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198370264829 When you came onto your main it detected it as an alt account and banned it for the same duration as your hack account; Permanent. There is no point in making another appeal in six months as the duration is permanent and we generally only unban hacking related offences after 1-2 years if we truly believe the user shows remorse and won't do it again. For us to believe that you are genuine in your appeal you need to be honest and own your actions, if you can't do that and deny or make excuses for your actions we generally do not remove the ban. It has nothing to do with a cyber cafe as you are using the same pc / mac address that you used on your alt account that got you banned. I hope that clears up any miscommunication regarding your ban @TokiDoki.
  6. TF2 failing to update

    Go into Steam Settings and under the Downloads tab, there is an option to select your download region. It might take some trial and error (which can be annoying since you have to restart steam every time you do this), but after trying a few different servers you should be able to fix the problem. Keep in mind it doesn't hurt to try servers in regions that are not in your country. Vietnam usually works well. You may need to delete localconfig.vdf in your steam folder (search for it) and restart steam then try.
  7. RTD perks explained!

    No problem, when we get some time we would love to make some of our own perks based on the recommendations from users in the community and add them in! Example: No fun perk, You cant use mic / text move or trade for x minutes!
  8. This is a basic list of all the server RTD's which can be obtained by typing !rtd in chat. The green are good and the purple are bad! ID - NAME - SHORT DESCRIPTION00 - Godmode - Grants godmode.01 - Toxic - Hurts enemy players in range.02 - Lucky Sandvich - Heals up specified amount of health.03 - Increased Speed - Increases movement speed.04 - Flying - Grants noclip or flying. (blocked)05 - Low Gravity - Grants low gravity.06 - Full Übercharge - Gives full Übercharge.07 - Invisibility - Turns roller invisible.08 - Infinite Cloak - Gives Spies infinite cloak.09 - Criticals - Grants Crits or MiniCrits10 - Infinite Ammo - Grants infinite ammo.11 - Scary Bullets - Stuns every attacked enemy12 - Spawn Sentry - Spawning Sentry Gun upon a voice command.13 - Homing Projectiles - Grants homing projectiles.14 - Full Rifle Charge - Fully charges Sniper Rifle or Huntsman.15 - Explode - Forces an explode.16 - Snail - Decreases movement speed.17 - Freeze - Turns into an ice statue.18 - Timebomb - Arms with a time bomb.19 - Ignition - Sets on fire.20 - Low Health - Set's low health.21 - Drugged - Makes the screen flash colors and tilts it.22 - Blind - Makes the screen go dark.23 - Strip to Melee - Removes every weapon except melee.24 - Beacon - Notifies others of position.25 - Forced Taunt - Forces to taunt.26 - Monochromia - Makes screen monochromic. (replaces Nostalgia)27 - Earthquake - Shakes screen.28 - Funny Feeling - Stretches FOV.29 - Bad Sauce - Causes Milk, Jarate and Bleed effects.30 - Spawn Dispenser - Spawning Dispenser upon a voice command.31 - Infinite Double Jump - Gives Scouts infinite double jumping.32 - Powerful Hits - Multiplies dealt damage. (replaces Instant Kills)33 - Big Head - Inflates head.34 - Tiny Mann - Makes tiny. (replaces Tiny Player)35 - Firework - Turns into a firework.36 - Deadly Voice - Voice commands deal damage.37 - Strong Gravity - Grants strong gravity.38 - Eye for an Eye - Deals same damage being dealt to others.39 - Weakened - Incoming damage is more powerful.40 - Necro Mash - Smashes player with the Necro Hammer. (borrowed from Necro-mashed!)41 - Extra Ammo - Adds extra ammo and increases clip capacity.42 - Suffocation - Cannot breathe in air.43 - Fast Hands - Increases attack and reload speed.44 - Outline - Outlines player making them visible through walls.45 - Vital - Increases max health and heals.46 - No Gravity - Disables roller's gravity.47 - Team Criticals - Gives roller's and nearby teammates Criticals.48 - Fire Timebomb - Arms with timebomb which ignites players upon exploading.49 - Fire Breath - Shoots fireballs upon voicecommands.50 - Strong Recoil - Roller can't hold their weapon properly while shooting.51 - Cursed - Inverts movement. (borrowed from Curse)52 - Extra Throwables - Grands additional throwables such as Sandman balls or Jarate.53 - PowerPlay - Sets PowerPlay.54 - Explosive Arrws - Arrows and crossbow bolts detonate upon impact.55 - Incline Problem - Makes it difficult for the roller to go up inclines, such as stairs or hills.
  9. ssbruar

    Changed Status to Accepted
  10. ssbruar

    I agree with freakshow, his current name is kill the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ chiggers. Troll and racist no need for them to be within the Endless Gamers Community. User has been perm banned and report accepted!
  11. PyroSoup

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  12. PyroSoup

    Hazz wasn't banned, Hazz was temp banned by the bot for continuously joining and leaving the discord, it considers it spam. I think he will be auto unbanned after 24 hours as long as he stops leave spamming. As for you, your ban is sticking for now, you can appeal in 3 months! Appeal denied!
  13. SteamRep Pre-Trade Checklist

    I forgot their name because they are that unmemorable, but whoever that guy is on discord who keeps asking for trading advice then doing the opposite should probably look at this thread! Good work @PlanB.
  14. RealJerryHours

    Changed Status to Dismissed