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  1. I completely understand your worries freakshow. It doesn't just happen to you, well the sexist part maybe, but we all get insults from narrow minded people. I from time to time get the "better not piss him off, he owns the servers" "If he wasnt a founder i could speak my mind" etc. People just say dumb things when they are feeling inadequate. I know how annoying it is when you do events and people don't appreciate it. If i were you and i saw that I would have just silenced the player for 1 hour with reason: Disrespecting an admin with sexist remarks. I then wouldn't have wasted my time talking to him, but simply state, i find you disrespectful, change your ways if you want to be here. That's it. Not worth investing too much time with losers who cant grasp you are human being. I have no trouble at all with you muting noobs who are trolling, just make sure your reasons reflect professionalism which i already spoke to you about. People going to be people, kids going to be kids, and men going to be men. Don't take it personally, when they insult you like that its usually them really trying to say "♥♥♥♥, i dont get attention from this girl, she doesn't noticed me" then they pull out the insults. Thanks for voicing your concerns!
  2. Changed Status to Accepted
  3. I do not believe that you were using an alt account to get a cosmetic drop. That would take a long time (months). My opinion is you were using an alt to hack on or to influence members to believe you were hacking or illegitimate. I believe you were using your alt for devious purposes and I do not feel you are being 100% honest and straight forward with me. Your main was banned because It is connected to your alt. This happens with a majority of our bans. I am going to unban you, based on the premise that I didn't record any evidence whilst i spectated you. Let's clarify something, I didn't just listen to other people who cant kill you. I watched you for 5 minutes, and based on that and the 3 hours in tf2, I would have made the determination you were hacking. If you feel that judgement is unfair you should take a look at how your actions have contributed to you being banned. Kind Regards,
  4. Changed Status to Under Review
  5. I am glad you made an appeal. I am more than happy to look into this further, we are not perfect and sometimes we make mistakes. That being said, when i banned you i was seeing suspicious gameplay, you were flicking to head shots and even hit a few invisible spies. I also noticed the account i banned you on did no have 3,000 hours but instead 3 hours as seen below: Why are you linking 3,000 hour screenshots when that is not the account in question. Another question should be asked, why were you on a brand new alt account? I am going to look over this in the coming days, but i would like answers to the above questions. Regards,
  6. Happy birthday you anti-dispenser cowist.

  7. Changed Status to Under Review
  8. Changed Status to Accepted
  9. Changed Status to Dismissed
  10. I guess that up boat means i can close this now!
  11. Changed Status to Under Review
  12. You clearly stated in trade chat that "First person to crab 3 times wins". The user agreed in trade chat and then when you added the user on steam they also stated "First to 3 wins" which indicates the same agreement. The user may have been confused, but they should read the agreement before they agree. I am going to email the user giving them 24 hours from this reply to pay the key they owe. If the user pays the key, they will not be banned, if not, a ban will follow. Thank you for supplying very clear evidence and making my job easy!
  13. Changed Status to Dismissed
  14. It appears the user tried to over price his own skins by using the whole, well its listed on the market for that price approach. Whilst that is devious, he technically didn't scam, instead just over valued his own items to try upgrade. Thanks for the report. Next time providing evidence of chat may help to better determine if its a scam or just sharking.
  15. This i would like to test with you when you are available. It could be something like giving someone rep in your thread treats it as having new content or something else, lets figure out why.