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  1. Dark | cs.money | trade.tf

    Changed Status to Accepted
  2. Dark | cs.money | trade.tf

    I have read your appeal and I think you need to seriously think about your future actions Dark. You have received 8 mutes within a 1 month period which is far more than a normal user. You need to stop speaking over people, stop spamming, and stop repeat offending. If you continue spamming or breaking our mic rules your mutes from here on out will only get longer from 1 week, to 1 month etc. I'm sure you don't want that, neither do we. So please ask for guidance if you need it, otherwise respect the mic rules which are simply, don't spam music, don't speak over others and don't hog the mic. Your appeal has been somewhat accepted and your permanent mute has been reduced to 1 week from today.
  3. CIDR CIDR Blocker (https://cidr-blocker.github.io)

    I noticed pubg has implemented banning of HID (Hardware ID) of cheaters GPU to limit the ease of repeat offending. Is it possible to add such functionality to your plugin or would that require users willingly divulging hardware specs?
  4. About Me Howdy EGC Peps

    Welcome Fishy, I hope the pond is big enough for you
  5. Silkee

    Changed Status to Accepted
  6. Silkee

    The user has been perm banned for aimbot and spamming music!
  7. poo fighter123

    Changed Status to Accepted
  8. poo fighter123

    I have banned him via steamid and IP, he is using a steam glitch to stop his steamid being registered on the server to avoid a ban. Ip ban should solve that!
  9. runutufuj & [Frick64] David

    Changed Status to Accepted
  10. runutufuj & [Frick64] David

    They were both hacking. Next time recording the demo spectating them in first person is much better vs 3rd person! Both users have been permanently banned!
  11. Free 1 month donator

  12. Miller

    Miller proceeded to ask for donations via a misleading server text message. Claiming to be a non profit organization: "MillFund - we appreciate all donations to help support Miller's ego - this is a non profit organization." After speaking to miller he acknowledged he did this as a joke, but then started receiving trades of items as donations and thought he would continue because it was working. A user from EGC traded miller, offering to help. The user is 9 years old and miller took advantage of them. The below evidence will show miller's server message history as well as a trade offer sent from Miller to the 9 year old requesting all items of significant value in their backpack. At this point the users father realized what was going on and reported the incident to myself.

    Yes I am. Star wars is the only real movie franchise that I wait on. Release date?
  14. Heyo!

    You bastard, I actually thought, oh finally a pic of the infamous, but nope, just a troll. You been spending too much time on the EGC discord!