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  1. Changed Status to Accepted
  2. Changed Status to Under Review Thanks for your report, with clear evidence and well described. I suggest next time using Prt Scr and paint to capture your screen to make your and our lives easier. The user has been perm banned for spycrab fleeing!
  3. Changed Status to Accepted
  4. Changed Status to Accepted
  5. He is from the Philippines, it all makes sense now. User has been perm banned for multiple spycrab runs! Thanks for the report Host-eh.
  6. Changed Status to Dismissed
  7. lmao, they were dancing like it was 99. We don't handle general spam reports, we deal with it live on the server. It seems he was just having a dance, quick and not generic spam, also wasnt too loud. I guess he is a better spammer than most. Thanks for the report regardless!
  8. Changed Status to Accepted
  9. Looked over the demo, this guy is damn racist. He has been banned for 1 week, if he continues this behavior next ban will be extended!
  10. Yesh, we can look into it! Buzz me sometime on discord.
  11. Hi Hazz, your idea is well received. We have wanted to do this for a while, discord is implementing these features in future updates so we are waiting for the necessary permission set to able to achieve what you are requesting. Right now I do not know of any viable way to create private rooms in discord, the only way I believe is possible right now is by admins creating pre made named rooms and adding user limits to the rooms, this doesn't really make them private and would see a host of unused rooms be made to support this. If you know of a better way, please let me know. May I also ask in your opinion why you want private rooms and how you will think they will be utilized? Regards,
  12. Changed Status to Dismissed
  13. Changed Status to Dismissed
  14. As annoying as it is, this is something admins will deal with if they see it live on the server. We generally do not ban for spamming unless its severe voice spamming with accurate video proof.
  15. Changed Status to Accepted