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    Changed Status to Accepted
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    User has been perm banned for aimbot!
  3. Changed Status to Dismissed
  4. Going to let it slide, if user persists on spamming music let us know, preferably when they are doing it to issue a punishment. Thanks for taking the time to make this report, we will keep it archived for future reference.
  5. I have moved this to archived reports. Don't forget when you deal with a report, whether accepted or dismissed, it should be locked and moved to archives. This can be done by: 1. Click report actions button at the top of the post. 2. Select move. 3. Select archived reports 4. Done! You don't even have to lock the report, moving it to archives will automatically lock it.
  6. This topic and poll is now closed!
  7. I laughed, It happens to the best of us.
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  11. Like i have mentioned before to you, players who should be reported are: Constant non stop troll style spamming hacking severe abuse / trolling scamming impersonation of admins advertising other servers / communities phishing links Things which shouldn't be reported if an admin isnt on to deal with it: Bad spray minor spam minor trolling / abuse building tele into enemy spawn asking for freebies (unless its severe: Constant chat spam for a long time). impersonating another player (non admin). I hope this clears it up for you.
  12. This is already proven with the spycrab algorithm which is called to from valve servers, its completely random. Although the main reason people prefer stock or some weapons excluded is because weapons like the ambassador will impact a spycrab by switching the user back to the amby during crabbing, this obviously can interfere with crabs and timing / taunt counts. Pretty cool that you took the time to test it for yourself though, interesting!
  13. Welcome to the servers, clearly you are newb, we can tell this from your simplistic name and complete newbness of egc rules and how we operate. Make sure to read our rules and get familiar with EGC, once you become familiar we can consider bringing you into the family, but right now you are just a wild roo.
  14. Welcome to the forums and welcome to EGC. HL3 is coming