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  1. Changed Status to Accepted
  2. Thanks for the report, User is clearly hacking and has been perm banned
  3. Changed Status to Accepted
  4. User has been spoken to on server about this spray specifically and generally about what is and isnt acceptable. Accepting report but no action will be taken at this point
  5. Changed Status to Accepted
  6. Classic trusted friend scammer. Thanks for the report, user has been perm banned
  7. So it looks like he posted after you, i see no spamming here, and checking the chat logs, he wasn't spamming at all. Seems you are disgruntled that his is providing some competition for your particular market. Seems to be a common theme with you calling out people for things they haven't done. I assure you it wont be tolerated anymore. You are a donator on our servers and that is appreciated, however it doesn't give you a license to accuse people without proof. I suggest you change your attitude asap.
  8. Yo all, Im Selling a bunch of stuff for pure metal or unusual/item overpay. Pure is king and ill be more flexible for keys, but generally prices are firm. Feel free to offer, the worst i will do is decline. Dead Presidents L'homme Burglerre- 15 keys SOLD Searing Plasma Backbiter's Billycock- 20 keys Infernal Smoke Taunt: Buy A Life- 25 keys Terror-Watt Powdered Practitioner- 27 keys (Multi-class) Sunbeams Frenchman's Beret- 48 keys Green Energy Frenchman's Beret- 40 keys SOLD Vivid Plasma Le Party Phantom- 44 keys Also selling a range of Fac New Sniper Rifle skins, and some other bits and pieces on page 1 and 2 of my backpack. Send me an offer- <3
  9. Changed Status to Accepted
  10. Changed Status to Accepted
  11. Hi, welcome to the forums
  12. Well it is freakshow, she needs all the help she can get when sniping
  13. Changed Status to Under Review
  14. Changed Status to Accepted
  15. Thanks for the report, user has been banned