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  1. SteamRep Pre-Trade Checklist

    Good stuff B, hopefully it helps someone!!
  2. mrmeme2002

    Changed Status to Accepted
  3. spectre | Hellcase.com

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  4. spectre | Hellcase.com

    This person has already been marked on Steamrep for fraud. Im sorry that you have lost your items but its your responsibility to ensure the people you trade with are legitimate and of good standing. Try using steamrep.com in the future to see if there are trust issues with users. Take it as a learning and i wish you all the best
  5. reddi

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  6. reddi

    Hi, You are heavily marked for scamming against the community, your poor choices have led you to this position and you must deal with the consequences of that. You will not be unbanned.
  7. Frenchy the Shpee

    Changed Status to Accepted
  8. Frenchy the Shpee

    Thanks for the report, ban added
  9. nhcozg

    Changed Status to Accepted
  10. nhcozg

    Ban added, thanks for the report
  11. toots

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  12. toots

    There isnt any evidence here that indicates he has scammed anyone. Report is dismissed
  13. Whomst Expected?

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  14. Whomst Expected?

    Firstly your ban was for 3 days, not perm Secondly you started throwing insults at an admin with no reason on multiple occasions. Saying its in jest after the fact doesnt change that at the time. You barely have any time on our servers recently, theres no way the admin could know that you were apparently joking. Wait out the ban, and in the future please treat our admins with a bit more respect, we are here to make everyone's experience more positive.

    Changed Status to Dismissed