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  1. Allanon

    I think this is long overdue

    Not a lot i can say to this except for the fact that you are taking responsibility for your actions, which i commend. I cant speak for other admins, but yeah you cause me a pain in the ass when you were like that. But i like that you came here and explained yourself to some extent. Personally im not one to hold grudges once someone has acknowledged wrongs, so as long as you are genuine in your words, im more than happy to welcome you back into the community with no prejudice. Take care Lem, Allanon
  2. Allanon


    Changed Status to Under Review
  3. Allanon

    Hurt (Broker)

    Changed Status to Under Review
  4. Allanon

    Dj Slav

    Changed Status to Accepted
  5. Allanon

    Dj Slav

    Hi @spy111121 Could you please provide the info requested so that I can move forward with this appeal. If theres no response from yourself within 48 hours I will deny this appeal and you will remain banned
  6. Allanon

    Nothing to Something

    Changed Status to Accepted
  7. Allanon

    Nothing to Something

    Default spycrab rules are usually first to 3 crabs loses unless specified beforehand. Always a good idea just to confirm before the crab starts though. Seems this was more a misunderstanding rather than anything intentionally malicious, and considering you have made recompense within a reasonable timeframe, we will lift the ban against you. See you on the servers Allanon
  8. Allanon


    Changed Status to Under Review
  9. Allanon


    Changed Status to Under Review
  10. Allanon

    Captain B-Pizza

    Changed Status to Under Review
  11. Allanon

    Captain B-Pizza

    Thanks for your application
  12. Allanon

    Dj Slav

    Hi @spy111121 Could you please reply with the correct steam id please, that one is not valid Allanon
  13. Allanon


    Changed Status to Dismissed
  14. Allanon


    Application unsuccessful
  15. Allanon


    Hi, Could you please list your steam id for your main account and your alt account before we move forward with this appeal please Thanks