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  1. Allanon

    Proud Soccer Mom

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  2. Allanon

    Proud Soccer Mom

    Advertising external servers other than EGC is not allowed on our servers as per our Server Guidelines. Your ban will remain, after 1 day you will be able to return. Take care Allanon
  3. Allanon

    Bread Santa

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  4. Allanon

    Bread Santa

    Hey @r3d thanks for the report Firstly, when making reports, using that steam id makes it difficult for us to cross reference easily. In the future please use this format- SteamID- STEAM_0:0:44739976 Ive reviewed this users chat logs, and whilst they are a bit spammy, they aren't particularly offensive, and we usually prefer to deal with spam based offences live on server where possible. Exceptions to this would be extreme racism, external advertising of other communities, hacks etc. Thanks again Allanon
  5. Allanon

    Friendly Hoovy

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  6. Allanon

    Friendly Hoovy

    I have reviewed this user in another report, he has been perm banned for hacking Thanks Dizzle
  7. Allanon

    Friendly Hoovy

    Changed Status to Accepted
  8. Allanon

    Friendly Hoovy

    This is fairly straight forward in my opinion, user is clearly hacking. Perm ban added, thanks for the report Lil_Bear
  9. Allanon


    Changed Status to Accepted
  10. Allanon


    Thanks for the report, user has been gagged for a week and we will monitor their behaviour in the future
  11. Allanon

    The Engiee Main

  12. Allanon

    Dj Slav The Spell Man

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  13. Allanon

    Dj Slav The Spell Man

    Hi Slav, Im concerned that you arent being totally honest with us, posting incorrect information, ignoring instructions to not advertise 3rd party services, and generally being evasive when questioned. Im upgrading your ban to a permanent ban, you are no longer welcome on our servers due to this.
  14. Allanon

    EGC | SoldierPootis

    Changed Status to Under Review
  15. Allanon

    that one guy steve'o

    Changed Status to Dismissed