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  1. Changed Status to Under Review
  2. Changed Status to Accepted
  3. I already identified this guy and he has been banned, thanks for the report anyway
  4. Changed Status to Accepted
  5. I dont have huge issues with the mute bring reduced, a week is pretty standard timeframe for excessive spam. I give a fair amount of consideration to people who take the time to appeal with sincerity though. Your appeal has been accepted and your mute will end shortly. @LiMaaa i have to disagree on your last point. It sets a precedent that is hard to come back from. The line of whats ok to do and not is thin. Keep it to the discord if you want an outlet for your creativity, not a tf2 server.
  6. Changed Status to Under Review
  7. Its not your responsibility to entertain people while on the server, just as people dont have an obligation to mute you. The rules are there to ensure all players can enjoy our servers and advertise without interruption. You were aware of this and chose to ignore it. I havent been completely ignorant of your plight the last few days, i wanted to see if you would accept the consequences or complain about it. Youve been borderline in my opinion, but you seem like a decent guy. Given your punishment was just a mute id rather you just wait it out, but if another admin feels its overboard we can discuss further, thats fine.
  8. I would like to hear more about your 'poo' status

  9. Changed Status to Accepted
  10. Typically Id like to be able to warn a user about their behaviour before punishing them, but this is clearly not meeting expectations of our Server Guidelines that are agreed to when joining the servers. The behaviour is more than minor spam and would be considered a major disruption to all involved. User has been muted for a week. Thanks for the report
  11. Changed Status to Accepted
  12. Changed Status to Dismissed
  13. Nothing further has been submitted, there is not enough evidence here to place a ban. Feel free to create a new report if you get additional evidence.
  14. Changed Status to Dismissed
  15. Wait out the ban