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  1. olofmijster

    Changed Status to Accepted
  2. olofmijster

    Reviewing the evidence and taking into account the questionable history behind them, i am placing a permanent ban on this user for deceptive behavior with intent to scam. They are free to appeal the ban and explain their behavior if they so choose.
  3. ✪SuperLizard_

    Changed Status to Accepted
  4. ✪SuperLizard_

    I ran into this user on server and queried what happened with the crab, basically he stated he didn't care about the consequences and therefore he has been banned permanently for spycrab fraud. Thanks for the report
  5. aria.k

    Changed Status to Accepted
  6. aria.k

    Thanks for the report, evidence is clear, user has been perm banned for spyfraud fraud
  7. lsmaimbot231

    Changed Status to Accepted
  8. lsmaimbot231

    User perm banned for hacking
  9. Ms. Freakshow (In-game Admin)

    Firstly as a general note to all, please don't comment on a report not relating to you, unless you have pertinent information. @extrapepperoni It is your option to have someone muted if you wish, however you run the risk of exactly what happened here today. Talking over people consistently and then pleading ignorance because you have them muted is not a vaild excuse. Your mute and ban was justified and if you choose to keep players muted and continue to use the microphone, you absolutely run the risk of speaking over people, which apart from being against the rules, is just rude in general.
  10. Quez/PaperTF2

    Changed Status to Accepted
  11. Quez/PaperTF2

    Upon review of all the available evidence and sifting through the chat logs, i can definitely see the accused has left after losing a crab with yourself. He will be permanently banned for spycrab fleeing. Please ensure you keep a clear record of your agreements in chat of any wager you are making in the future
  12. Quez/PaperTF2

    Changed Status to Under Review
  13. EGC | Iasnerjilaes Minidove Lamar

    Changed Status to Accepted
  14. hazz_mcpie

    Changed Status to Accepted
  15. -Itsy-

    Changed Status to Accepted