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  1. S.D.M.G.

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  2. S.D.M.G.

    Hi, Thanks for appealing here, A few things to start with- Generally speaking we consider unbanning for spycrab fraud very rarely. If recompense has been made to the winner in a timely manner and we can see genuine remorse for running from the crab, the admin team will discuss the situation. You were banned for spycrab fleeing on one of our Affiliate communities(SMT) 3 days before you were banned on EGC, so this statement is untrue. Showing genuine remorse refers to taking the intiative to track down the person you defrauded and paying what you owe before making an appeal, not offering it up as something you may do to get unbanned. Your ban is relatively fresh, and Im not convinced that you are being honest in your appeal. As such, this appeal will be dismissed. Feel free to appeal again in 3 months from this date.
  3. Here it is. TY. DM me your decision.


  4. Captain beeky

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  5. Captain beeky

    User has been perm banned for spycrab fraud
  6. Spicy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  7. Spicy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Hi, Removing your ban simply because its not convenient for you anymore isn't a sufficient reason. You haven't shown any remorse for your actions, further to that you also have bans on other communities for spycrab fraud, which shows me this was not an isolated incident and that you have a pattern of dishonest behaviour. Your appeal is denied
  8. Phatcow7

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  9. Phatcow7

    Firstly, noone here has been scammed of anything based on the evidence provided, It is possible you made a poor choice with your trade @Demolux, but that that in itself does not constitute scamming. People can and will take advantage of you if you allow it, and as long as there is no misrepresentation of item worth then there is nothing to action from a scamming point of view. It is wholly up to you to understand what the worth of the item your are selling and if someone simply offers a particular price on it, does not constitute scamming. However. @phatcow7 I have known you for as long as you've been active on the EGC servers, there is rarely a week that goes by that you aren't mentioned to me in relation to some sort of shady, deceitful dealing, or yourself not shouting scammer about someone else without proof. I do have my personal opinions about your conduct, however you do contribute to keeping the community safe through decent reports relating to spycrab fleeing etc, which the admin team are grateful for. That in itself wouldn't excuse scamming or deceitful behavior in a hypothetical world though. Please ensure you keep your nose clean in relation to EGC servers, our server guidelines will be strictly enforced without prejudice. In relation to the racist comments posted above, this was not on the EGC Discord, however our rules apply seemingly the same as that one you were on- No racism! Failure to follow that rule will result in your removal from the Discord and/or servers. I hope I have made myself clear on this issue. Any further issue regarding this will see you removed from the EGC discord. In future, any parties that feel that they have a genuine grievance with another person, please use the "Report A Player" section of this forum with supporting evidence. Please do not draw it out on the discord channel or in other EGC forums. This report is dismissed due to lack of evidence
  10. Phatcow7...

    This isnt a question
  11. SteamRep Pre-Trade Checklist

    Good stuff B, hopefully it helps someone!!
  12. mrmeme2002

    Changed Status to Accepted
  13. spectre | Hellcase.com

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  14. spectre | Hellcase.com

    This person has already been marked on Steamrep for fraud. Im sorry that you have lost your items but its your responsibility to ensure the people you trade with are legitimate and of good standing. Try using steamrep.com in the future to see if there are trust issues with users. Take it as a learning and i wish you all the best
  15. reddi

    Changed Status to Dismissed