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  1. EGC Discord and C#

    Littlemadtiger (Ghost), is back with a video on our Discord and a quick overlay on C# Comment below to let me or others know what you would like to see in future videos.
  2. Khan Academy

    Updating soon.
  3. About Me Howdy EGC Peps

    Greetings fellow coder. I see you are well grasped in what you adhere to do in your future. Hope to see you around, young man!
  4. Hiya

    Howdy youngling, welcome aboard.
  5. Nightfire

    Seen this person in the server a few times. Probably one of those individuals that I would trust in the role. Good luck, buddy. +1
  6. Best language to learn

    Littlemadtiger is finally back in the states and here with a video Christmas day! How about them apples? Enjoy and love these kick ass videos I'll bring.
  7. Intro to Java

    Back with another video! I started out a little rough. The writing parts of Java are iffy for me, but the technical and coding parts (Explaining the code and how OOP is related to it), is easier for me than anything. Thank you guys!
  8. nickname

    Bickus dickus
  9. Clearances

    (FOR US PERSONAL ONLY): This video is strictly made to provide citizens or un-naturalized citizens with an opportunity to learn more about the types of clearance levels offered by the federal government agencies/contracting companies.
  10. Mayweather vs Mcgregor

    I don't know what Irishman thought he could win against a bigger and stronger black man in a boxing match. That shit comes straight out of a rocky movie.
  11. Tip of the Hats

    https://tipofthehats.org/ Tip of the Hats The tip of the Hats is a Team Fortress 2 wide charity event, helping fund programs for kids with cancer to have fun, and embellish their lives while they still have a chance. If you haven't heard of Tip of the hats, I've included a link to their main website located at the top of this post, up next to the header. If you're interested in donating items to put forth for the charity event, there is an active donation system established on scrap.tf: https://scrap.tf/blog/posts/17 and they are taking items that are easily transferable to currency (unusuals, australiums, etc.). Their cash donations system will be available on September 15! To tun into their events, they also have included a schedule, which is also located on their website. They will be going from September 22- 24, from 11AM to 11PM all 2 days.
  12. Hello!

    Yo. Welcome mate.
  13. Simple platformer game

    Ive postponed the project until further notice, but mostly yes @CrazyyCow
  14. Khan Academy

  15. Ms. Freakshow (In-game Admin)

    I already apologized. No need to make a smart ass remark to basically "beat a dead horse". I stuck my head in because I've seen numerous decisions made by Freakshow. ALL have been justified btw.