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  1. Roo

    Roo, is one of very few individuals I see, truly with an ability to be a staff member here. He's on the servers regularly, and has no issue using a microphone. That being said, there have been times I've heard you try to calm a situation down, where you end up insulting an individual, instead of maturely handling it. With that in mind, other times you tend to handle it appropriately and progress the server into a calming. You have a good balance, and it is not like I have met an individual (staff member), in any community who didn't have their limit with bull****. I genuinely would like to see Roo, progress into the trainee phase.
  2. Running from a crab in general will get you in a lot of trouble, but you did eventually own up to your mistake, which in this case didn't go well for you. Callum is a server regular and knows the rules, but this isn't his first time posing as an admin: (I had an incident with him when he said to me that I was going to lose my donator because I had an opinion about him/ check his and my logs, it actually happened). This report more seems to be on the player side.
  3. Update: -About 80% done, still really am trying to clean up my code, really taking longest time.
  4. @Marchacho How is that information relevant to the thread that was posted? Not even close to what was posted. Also, heyo fish and welcome.
  5. Munted is pretty much right. Besides, the majority of guys willing to harass women in-game, probably have never seen a vagina in real life, let alone dated for longer than a year. Guess it's just better to ignore these fools.
  6. I appreciate your comment @Allanon
  7. I do recognize my past; it's something that I do understand and will address first. I understand that my actions were indeed bad, but I have done my best to prove myself worthy of becoming a regular; getting to know other individuals and trying to report those who do make similar decisions that I once made myself. I seemed 16 when I acted that way. I do want to say that if a person is banned for similar things I was, I would not get involved in the comments section. I would refrain from being ironic. Side note: (By the way, being 16 was awesome; I miss it). The reason why I'm applying today is very simple. It's approaching that time when the server gets really busy and most of the admin team is in a different continent; where individuals may flock during the hours of which the admins aren't present. It presents with hours full of microphone spam, individuals yelling and screaming their lungs out on the microphone, and hackers who have managed to stay in the server for long periods of time. Granted, there is a forum to report players who do such thing. However, it would be easier to have a trusted, well experienced individual administrate the servers while those in Australia might be asleep. It would benefit the owners and head admins greatly to not have to stay up until 5:00 AM, to presently stop a mic spam incident or a hacker. Here's a rundown of my experience : -TF Raffles(2014-2015):|The Battlegrounds Community(2010-2015): -Raffle Club 2015 Moderator (2015-2016) Link: -Current Jump Academy Global Moderator ( February 2016-) : -Current Fortress of Gamers Senior Administrator (Re-hired in February of this year): -Commentator for the National Heavy Boxing League (Added in June 2017): I've got an example of my code on the forums that is accessible from "Technology", inside "Coding". For reasons being, I will not go deeper into my coding stuff. I have quite explained in detail my area of expertise to LiMaaa, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do note that my behavior was immature, yet I was given a rare chance to come back; to prove myself. I genuinely feel like I've improved relationships with all parties, and that with my very active activity in the servers, I can be of great help to you guys. Knowing some server individuals right now (excluding those I still don't know), I will do my best to get to know those people and to abide to be fair and reasonable with punishments. I have hours I can give daily (currently that will be difficult, might be 2-3), and as it won't be hard to mentor me for I already know SM to a good extent. It would be nice to learn new commands that have been installed into the server, and to use them appropriately. Also, I could entertain the server with my amazingly deep voice. Thanks for reading, Tiger.
  8. @Munt3dApple I am using both existing sprites, and also creating some other ones from stratch. It's too tedious, so I will just probably add in only one or two.
  9. Been so busy lately. However, got some code working Adding in 3d textures and chose the engine too. Will be adding in a lot more code here soon. 3d textures to: -platforms -weird looking character -movement and gravity (pic below is code I will be adding into the other bit soon), it is a drawout of the character formation.
  10. About 75% done with it, I have finally added in: -Falling platforms -I added a version to where it looks like a weird alien instead of doodle -Countdown + next level -Stars (Collect them all and you move on to next level) Will show this when I have time.
  11. I haven't seen a good cp_egypt_final in like 4 years. It be nice to have that thought.
  12. Nice.
  13. I'll be adding more pics as I go along with this little project I've been doing to remind myself of js. Should be expecting about 1500-2000 lines when its done, but so far this is what I have(sorry, disorganized): Obviously still needs major improvement, and I plan to make a similar version of doodle, so I'll need to add code for the following: -Draw the doodle -Function code for falling platforms -Gravity on falling objects -Level increases Maybe I'll do as well: -scoreboard -array of doodles for multiplayer sim with awsd key movements -Weapon for breaking through platform -weapon detection -weapon collide with character and platforms Taking out: -Timer. (replacing with scoreboard)
  14. Work for a server hosting company, and every time we get an emergency ticket, our Sr. Web Developers are usually notified first. If that problem is to be unresolved by them, they pass it down to a few others and myself. We will handle the support ticket (usually involves fixing a data entry error or syntax errors; which is going to rely heavily on back-end web work with SQL to find the list of data entries. Or you can trace the array system in PHP, but honestly that takes more effort.). Which is strange. I was hired for front-end developing, but since we had a couple layoffs with Sr. Developers before I came in, they offered to switch me to do software engineering. Involves a shit ton of PHP and SQL (brings a whole new meaning to balls deep in back-end coding)l; but the process is honestly a whole lot better. I do handle a lot more support tickets since the errors do evolve around my coding.
  15. Jailbreak servers tend to be very cancerous as far as playing. Definitely normal or vsh.