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  1. @Munt3dApple I am using both existing sprites, and also creating some other ones from stratch. It's too tedious, so I will just probably add in only one or two.
  2. Been so busy lately. However, got some code working Adding in 3d textures and chose the engine too. Will be adding in a lot more code here soon. 3d textures to: -platforms -weird looking character -movement and gravity (pic below is code I will be adding into the other bit soon), it is a drawout of the character formation.
  3. About 75% done with it, I have finally added in: -Falling platforms -I added a version to where it looks like a weird alien instead of doodle -Countdown + next level -Stars (Collect them all and you move on to next level) Will show this when I have time.
  4. I haven't seen a good cp_egypt_final in like 4 years. It be nice to have that thought.
  5. Nice.
  6. I'll be adding more pics as I go along with this little project I've been doing to remind myself of js. Should be expecting about 1500-2000 lines when its done, but so far this is what I have(sorry, disorganized): Obviously still needs major improvement, and I plan to make a similar version of doodle, so I'll need to add code for the following: -Draw the doodle -Function code for falling platforms -Gravity on falling objects -Level increases Maybe I'll do as well: -scoreboard -array of doodles for multiplayer sim with awsd key movements -Weapon for breaking through platform -weapon detection -weapon collide with character and platforms Taking out: -Timer. (replacing with scoreboard)
  7. Work for a server hosting company, and every time we get an emergency ticket, our Sr. Web Developers are usually notified first. If that problem is to be unresolved by them, they pass it down to a few others and myself. We will handle the support ticket (usually involves fixing a data entry error or syntax errors; which is going to rely heavily on back-end web work with SQL to find the list of data entries. Or you can trace the array system in PHP, but honestly that takes more effort.). Which is strange. I was hired for front-end developing, but since we had a couple layoffs with Sr. Developers before I came in, they offered to switch me to do software engineering. Involves a shit ton of PHP and SQL (brings a whole new meaning to balls deep in back-end coding)l; but the process is honestly a whole lot better. I do handle a lot more support tickets since the errors do evolve around my coding.
  8. Jailbreak servers tend to be very cancerous as far as playing. Definitely normal or vsh.
  9. I came onto the server roughly about 2 hours ago, and I witnessed an unusual site of what appeared to be a hentai pornography spray: I know it's minor, but I also don't want this to keep happening.
  10. There should be another answer: E- This is the reason I drink.
  11. Proficient: HTML, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, and c#. Semi-Proficient or currently learning: SQL and Sourcepawn @LiMaaa
  12. I started back a decade ago with w3schools. They're also good for the majority of languages.
  13. If you want to be hired quick off the spot after an interview and prove your programming language knowledge, you'll get a job knowing python. Although a lot of people know how to debug python (software engineers tend to debug python, write script code from either C++, PHP, or C#), you can use this language to write storylines for game mods or you can simply use this as another programming language to debug other types of code (as far as im aware, you can do it with basic js, java, c++) This website will help tremendously for beginners to understand functions like ask_for or def or even void. Here's an easy coding script you can do in a Python coding language,just to say ello mate: 1 >>>('Ello mate, welcome to EGC') 2-Ello mate, welcome to EGC 3->>> ------------------------------------------------------------- Or get really creative 1- print('Let's not forget') 2-raw_input() 3-- print('Bill Cosby was a comedic legend') 4-raw_input() == 5->>>('But maybe a little too crazy') 6-But maybe a little too crazy 7->>> print(x) Cheers, Tiger.
  14. I love the thought of ctf or 2fort for those that actually want to play the game. Gets real tiring when people are like , "owwe, my feelings are hurt that you head shot me twice on the trade server. You're a tryhard".
  15. I did choose that indeed, and I do understand how you would approach the situation. I respect that. Thank you for directing it Mr. Apple.