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  1. Roo

    Roo is by far one of the few individuals I can see in the position. Unlike his cancerous companions, he actually has his grasp with staying active and his friendliness is a great addition. Got my support.
  2. Work for a server hosting company, and every time we get an emergency ticket, our Sr. Web Developers are usually notified first. If that problem is to be unresolved by them, they pass it down to a few others and myself. We will handle the support ticket (usually involves fixing a data entry error or syntax errors; which is going to rely heavily on back-end web work with SQL to find the list of data entries. Or you can trace the array system in PHP, but honestly that takes more effort.). Which is strange. I was hired for front-end developing, but since we had a couple layoffs with Sr. Developers before I came in, they offered to switch me to do software engineering. Involves a shit ton of PHP and SQL (brings a whole new meaning to balls deep in back-end coding)l; but the process is honestly a whole lot better. I do handle a lot more support tickets since the errors do evolve around my coding.
  3. Jailbreak servers tend to be very cancerous as far as playing. Definitely normal or vsh.
  4. I came onto the server roughly about 2 hours ago, and I witnessed an unusual site of what appeared to be a hentai pornography spray: I know it's minor, but I also don't want this to keep happening.
  5. There should be another answer: E- This is the reason I drink.
  6. Proficient: HTML, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, and c#. Semi-Proficient or currently learning: SQL and Sourcepawn @LiMaaa
  7. I started back a decade ago with w3schools. They're also good for the majority of languages.
  8. If you want to be hired quick off the spot after an interview and prove your programming language knowledge, you'll get a job knowing python. Although a lot of people know how to debug python (software engineers tend to debug python, write script code from either C++, PHP, or C#), you can use this language to write storylines for game mods or you can simply use this as another programming language to debug other types of code (as far as im aware, you can do it with basic js, java, c++) This website will help tremendously for beginners to understand functions like ask_for or def or even void. Here's an easy coding script you can do in a Python coding language,just to say ello mate: 1 >>>('Ello mate, welcome to EGC') 2-Ello mate, welcome to EGC 3->>> ------------------------------------------------------------- Or get really creative 1- print('Let's not forget') 2-raw_input() 3-- print('Bill Cosby was a comedic legend') 4-raw_input() == 5->>>('But maybe a little too crazy') 6-But maybe a little too crazy 7->>> print(x) Cheers, Tiger.
  9. I love the thought of ctf or 2fort for those that actually want to play the game. Gets real tiring when people are like , "owwe, my feelings are hurt that you head shot me twice on the trade server. You're a tryhard".
  10. I did choose that indeed, and I do understand how you would approach the situation. I respect that. Thank you for directing it Mr. Apple.
  11. After my first appeal roughly around 8 months ago was horribly planned and badly timed, I decided to re-try for a more concise reasoning to have my permanent ban removed with a clearer mindset then when I was on server #2 that day. I come to solely apologize for what I said and to set things right. Note, I did not take this on lightly. I'll admit to asking Kerr first if it was okay to send in an appeal, and his go ahead gave me a little hope at retaining access to play on the servers again. When I did play, I liked it. It wasn't like other communities, it was definitely brisk and mature environment (saying that in gaming context). I would love an opportunity to play on the servers once more, and to hopefully try to combat my ban. I did become racist. I dropped N words and harassed a few people; but after realizing what server I was on it quickly came to my attention it was in a community I was trying to become a regular in. I made an instant appeal in a terrible mindset. It was too early, people would instantly decline me since it was an owner I lashed out against, etc. The bad outweighed the appeal. For that reason, I waited, and made sure I didn't cause a disturbance on the forums. After some time, I've come to try to beg for another chance, because I want to continue playing on EGC. As an admin in another community myself, I know these situations aren't easy, and I should've paid very close attention to my behavior. Seeing as how immature I acted that day, I wanted to make a formal apology to Mr. Kerr for harassing him on the server and dropping an N word on him. Also to those who were in the server that day too, who simply were trying to play the game. Thank you to whoever answers to this appeal. -Tiger (PS: this is my last appeal; quick link for those who may need it:)
  12. Ban Appeal Information   Name: Littlemadtiger STEAM (ID32): STEAM_0:1:28791015 STEAM (ID64): Why were you banned?: Other Where did the ban occur?: EndlessGamers | Trade #2 [US]: Why should you be unbanned?: Alright, I have no evidence that I should be un-banned nor even considered un-banned just after what happened here so I'll go into detail. So, my friend and I joined into a trade server, and we decided we were going to troll a server in which they had extensive rules. We went to this one and started talking mad shit. Not going to lie, we eventually got to talking mad crap onto other players and even the admin, I think KeRRR was his name. I said things to KeRRR like, "♥♥♥♥ this gay ass server" "Ban us then nigga, shit", think towards other players I said shit like "♥♥♥♥ you niggas", "You niggas are trash" "You can suck on dis big black ♥♥♥♥ nigga". Some others are a little too much for this Appeal. We had someone say something back to us, like stop harassing players on this server or talking shit, and we decided to try to roast this dude. But, turns out, can't roast an admin without that big ban you about to get. Which, it's a big ban. Also, my name during the time of play was "snipingwithmyniggas", so it didn't help the case that I was going to get banned regardless, probably for the name though, who knows. Not sure what else to add, other than I would like to try to see if I can get a ban appeal because we were just having some fun, trying to harass people and start things on purpose, and I didn't realize I came across the egc servers until I got banned. I understand that do to the fact that this happened today, it may not be considered until I can prove that "my behavior can change dramatically", or even at all, so I just want to point out that i'm sorry for offending people. I'll try my best to avoid these servers to the best of my ability the next time I try messing around on different servers like this. I ain't blaming this on anyone else but myself, and I got my friend banned permanently as a result of this. So, thanks for reading this.   NOTE: An admin will assess your report as soon as possible. Please be patient.  
  13. Hello everyone. Name is Tiger, and I recently came to Endless Gamers after playing on their servers in the past, a couple of times. I box, and I actually do some Comedy bits at downtown bars and street corners, much like my delicate street lady friends, or referred to as hookers. Pretty mean and snippy overall, I generally talk a lot of shit, but hey, that's one of my best qualities. I open up a realistic introduction so that I can truly live up to my real nickname. Dork. Been a pleasure, and I hope to see you all soon!