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  1. What Is Everybody Currently Listening To?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtG8fo96FHw - Jimmy Choo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXSpXO4N-tI&ebc=ANyPxKoKSdvzdCAP0EHiij34gvODilfWvoXPvcGaBTtNDSKQEmiDTkLReu2hSAucCcABzVgo3fTzK74qKQNfz7o6qFCkMImd8w - Down in the DM's
  2. Hello!

    Hello everyone, My name is Dellin, I'am a new member to Endless Gamers community/servers. I'm happy to be in this community. For a couple of days, I've been playing on EGC Trading Servers a lot lately. It's a FANTASTIC Trading server, (10/10) In my spare time I like to go outdoors and play basketball, soccer, etc. Mainly basketball. For new members that are looking at my Introduction, Endless Gamers is a friendly, stable place that I like to play on, even others. In the future I will like to see Endless Gamer become more successful as it is currently. If you'd like to find me on Endless Gamers servers I'm mostly on Team Fortress 2 trading server "[EGC] EndlessGamers.com | US | TRADE" IP: - Dellin