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  1. MrChickkenz

    Changed Status to Accepted
  2. MrChickkenz

    Confirmed through chat and trade history. Decision: User will be permanently-banned, effective immediately.
  3. MrChickkenz

    Changed Status to Under Review
  4. Doomsdaystar

    Changed Status to Under Review
  5. Doomsdaystar

    Simple action on your part: trade the item you didn't pay to the user, and post proof of the confirmed trade here for consideration of your appeal. This will be no guarantee of being unbanned, as we have a zero-tolerance policy to spycrab running, however your chances would be better.
  6. ElkTF2

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  7. ElkTF2

    I believe I can answer for both counts. You were muted because as Freakshow was giving rules and directing setup for the event she announced, you insisted on talking over her about how great Minecraft is. You were banned because after being muted, you decided to continue trolling Freakshow in text chat, responding to her voice chats, then elected to tell people to join your server. http://stats.endlessgamers.com/player_histories/chat/79922 For not wanting to interrupt anyone, you were quite disruptive, and completely ignoring any warnings given by fellow users or admins in voice and text chat. Rather than gagging you in addition to the mute you already received, you were banned for the duration of the event. Your intentional disruption of the event forfeited your privilege of being included. As your ban has expired, no further action will be exercised on this appeal. Please be more courteous in your use of comm channels on your next visit, and mind directions from admins.
  8. Just some guy ;)

    Changed Status to Accepted
  9. Just some guy ;)

    Solid, conclusive evidence. Thanks for the report. Decision: User has been permanently-banned, effective immediately.
  10. Just some guy ;)

    Changed Status to Under Review
  11. =ST= Gunslinger

    Changed Status to Accepted
  12. =ST= Gunslinger

    Changed Status to Under Review Decision: User has been permanently banned, effective immediately.
  13. Mr.Spy

    From our community rules (http://www.endlessgamers.com/server-guidelines, Section 9):
  14. Brann | trade.tf

    Changed Status to Accepted
  15. Brann | trade.tf

    Outside of advertising, it doesn't look like they even tried to be civil in chat, and without voice reference, these responses seem unprovoked. http://stats.endlessgamers.com/player_histories/chat/138674 Decision: User will be gagged for one hour, effective immediately. Further action will be pending with subsequent infractions.