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  1. Changed Status to Accepted
  2. Decision: User has been permanently-banned, effective immediately.
  3. Changed Status to Under Review
  4. f

    Any proof of this offense? Or an accused user? Or...anything other than random letters?
  5. I choose to learn from from being thrown in the shark tank alive (live production experience), and stackoverflow. If there's a question you might have, or a stumbling block you've encountered, it's one likely someone else has encountered as well.
  6. Changed Status to Accepted
  7. Changed Status to Under Review
  8. Changed Status to Accepted
  9. Changed Status to Under Review Just so you know for the future, you could've uploaded the DEM file, rather than capture and encode an MP4 file. As for the contents, seems like they only came in to broadcast music over the mic. Decision: User will be muted for two hours, effective immediately. Incident will be logged for future behavior.
  10. Changed Status to Accepted
  11. After reviewing the chat logs and both user's inventory history, the event seems to have played out as this report describes, and there seems to be no evidence of a transaction between the user reporting and the accused. Decision: User will be permanently-banned, effective immediately.
  12. Changed Status to Under Review
  13. Any proof of the offensive spray?
  14. Changed Status to Accepted
  15. No prior offenses for this user, but the contents of the demo can't be ignored. User will be muted for 60 minutes, effective immediately, while logging this instance for future reference. Exponential increase of punishment will be issued with future infractions.