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  1. Changed Status to Accepted
  2. Outside of advertising, it doesn't look like they even tried to be civil in chat, and without voice reference, these responses seem unprovoked. http://stats.endlessgamers.com/player_histories/chat/138674 Decision: User will be gagged for one hour, effective immediately. Further action will be pending with subsequent infractions.
  3. Changed Status to Under Review
  4. Roo

    Spoken like a true politician, Roo... ...but salty to a fault or not, you'd need to maintain your composure as an admin. Dismiss anything you may have encountered prior, as it could adversely affect your judgement in circumstances unrelated to your prior dealings.
  5. Changed Status to Accepted
  6. Based on their overall chat history, I question the definition of the term "good man" used for them: http://stats.endlessgamers.com/player_histories/chat/114680 User has been banned permanently, effective immediately.
  7. Changed Status to Dismissed
  8. Changed Status to Under Review
  9. Dismissing as duplicate.
  10. Changed Status to Dismissed
  11. I'll be dismissing this appeal. Please use your time away from the server to make necessary adjustments to your behavior, and please read our server and community guidelines before your return.
  12. Before coming on to the server, I received reports on Discord of you crowding the mic with garbage, and talking over others who were trying to trade. Requests were made for you to cease, and you ignored them. Then, when I joined, I got to hear your mic crowding first-hand. I was going to warn and potentially mute you, but then you started to garner interest in trolling admins, even going as far as trying to comment on their profile with a false claim, and following them into their game to bring them onto the server for you to troll them. I started recording shortly after you made that proclamation, and I've included it below. (This also includes the name impersonation by Polish.) Witnesses are included in the demo. demo_recording_2017-05-29_11-51-06.dem
  13. Changed Status to Accepted
  14. Thanks for the report, Wayne. We expect donators to act within the rules, and not think they are exempt. Chat spamming is against the rules, and admin impersonation is explicitly against the rules. Donators are not above the rules of the community. Decision: User has been banned for 1 day, effective immediately. Further action may be pending.
  15. The link for the invitation to Discord has expired for me. Guess I'm not welcome?