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  1. Bonnie

    IMPORTANT Notice!!!

    I agree completely ^
  2. Bonnie

    IMPORTANT Notice!!!

    Awh damn, woman, who does that to you? I honestly, and I'm being completely genuine here, as a fellow western victorian lady, hold you in the highest of respects for anyone around EGC. I'd bite back at that child if I were on at the time, i'm sorry it happened to you. It's just not needed and I gather it's not really going to ever 'stop.' You have people around here who love and support you, and you always make the right decisions, you always have since I've known you. Keep your head up, I'll always be here.
  3. Bonnie

    [TF2] New server map vote!

    good luck to all ^____^
  4. Bonnie

    Egc Videos Recorded By Lucy Fur

  5. Bonnie

    Long overdue...

  6. Bonnie

    ^-^ Heyyyaaa~

    why thank you... you're so welcoming =]
  7. Bonnie

    Egc Videos Recorded By Lucy Fur

    oh jesus, i feel sorry for the people who have to listen to me on a daily basis. hahahahaha this was too good !
  8. Bonnie

    ^-^ Heyyyaaa~

    Oooh -- I dunno why it took me so long to make a forum account in EGC! Hello, I'm Bonnie! I play on the server every day because I have no life whatsoever (...?) It's nice to meet you all, and I hope we can play together at some point (So I can dominate you.) byebye!