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  1. He drinks a Whiskey drink, he drinks a Vodka drink
    He drinks a Lager drink, he drinks a Cider drink
    He sings the songs that remind him of the good times
    He sings the songs that remind him of the best times

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  2. There have been alot of people who have come and gone over the years, many are memorable for good reasons and some for really, really bad reasons. You lem are one of the few who I remember for all the wrong reasons. I could sit here blab about how much of a douchebag you were but that's not going to get us anywhere. I am glad that you have come forward and spoken about your past actions, I can only hope that you are sincere but I guess time will tell.

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  3. I can relate to this. I have not played TF2 for months. I don't really miss the game itself but I do miss a lot of the people i met while playing it. Make sure you drop into the discord come times mate. It is the best way for those who don't play TF2 anymore to stay in touch with the EGC crew.

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  4. Greetings to all the guys and gals of EGC.

    There has been some things in my life that have made things difficult for me to currently continue my role as Head Admin for the community.

    After some time of thinking things through, i have decided to take a step back from admin role so that i can go back to appreciating the community for the gaming side of things and not the responsibility of admin/moderator. 


    I Understand that there may be some people who may not understand the reasons for why i have decided to take this step back and i will answer this for you all in this post. After many years of playing Team Fortress 2, first casually and then for the trading aspects, I have lost my desire to continue with this game. Trade is not something that really interests me anymore and the time I spent on Team Fortress 2 began to create a negative feeling towards the game and it began effecting my role as an admin. 


    The real thing which kept me standing by and ignoring the feelings that had started to develop were the people in the EGC community that i can truly call friends. I seriously don't know what I would do without you guys. You are all the true meaning of what a gaming community is all about. Being able to game with you all on the side of being an admin is what kept me going and i thank each and everyone of you with all my heart. I just pray that my decision to step back from admin does not effect our friendships and you can understand the reasons for me wanting to take a break from the stress and frustration that a responsibility of being an admin can bring.


    I would like to take a moment to send a special shout out to a few people who have made my life and are some of the most awesome people I have ever met. I will apologize in advance if you have not been mentioned here but the list is really long because a lot of people touched my life and some even became friends in a real life scenario.  


    Hazz_mcpie, you are a superstar dude and you have a heart of gold. Don't ever care about anything anyone ever says because in all truth, you do nothing but helpful, funny and genuine things for this community.


    Owlenstein, your the class clown mate. You joke around and do stupid things at time but your a great guy. Keep on truckn mate.


    Plan B, you are my bearded brotheren. You dont have a single bad bone in your body. You have said this yourself, "Work hard, Play hard". its a good motto to have.


    Kitty, You are one of the most unique people I have ever met in my life. You have the ability to make me laugh, smile and pull my hair out at the same time. That is a very special quality.


    Noble, You are a real gentleman. You have an ability to care beyond most people and you are the true Knight of EGC. I tip my hat to you.


    Sethley, You are by far the most generous person I have ever had the honour of meeting. I wish that I could one day shake your hand in person. 

    (ps, still waiting for the big photo reveal)


    The list of names is almost Endless......... Pun intended...... Special mention to Afro, Hexyy, Lunar Scythe, minidove, Roo and Karma.


    Sadly there would be a small handful of people who would be cheering at my step down. I feel there is no need to mention names here.  All i will say is good luck in life, your gonna need it.......


    There has been some good times, there has been some stressful times but at the end of the day all i will say is this.

    Thankyou so much LiMaaa, KeRRR, Allanon, MsFreakshow and all admins both past and present. I have become a better person because of the bond and experience i have had with you all. We have laughed together, cried together but most importantly we are friends together and don't any of you ever forget that. I know im not going to.


    With all my heart, Munt3d.        

    Ps. I will see you all around the old watering hole. This is not a goodbye, it is only a step back.

    I may return to my previous role but only time will know the answer.


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  5. @WayneTF2 I used to like disturbed a lot during my teen years but they started going downhill really quick. 

    I prefer old school metal/rock these days. I think Black Sabbeth would be my favourite band.


    Favourite movie........... To many good ones to have a favourite but i do love "Me, Myself and Irene". 



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  6. I know what you mean here freakshow. All tho I have been fortunate to have had little trouble lately with morons, I also have a zero tolerance to toxic presence.

    The people who know me are aware that I am all for having fun but I am also rather brutal when push comes to shove. I guess you could say I have treats in my left hand and a battle axe in my right....... It comes down to the people which one I will use. 


    I have seen first hand the shit you get simply for being a female figure head. I don't know if people are attacking you because of jealousy or just because they feel they can.

    Either way, it is time to resolve the problem... The Munt3d way.


    Don't take shit from people. You do not deserve this in anyway, shape or form. It is not an admins job to be liked but if you make friends along the way then that's a bonus.

    There is zero need to argue with people. Seriously, none..... If someone is being a ♥♥♥♥ then nuts to them. Do what you feel is required and these people can sook about it all they want under their breaths. You put the time in to create a fun environment for regulars and newbies, hold events, middle man for spycrabs and so much more. 


    It's time, time for you to think... Is it worth trying to reason with a person who really doesn't give a crap? It really isn't.

    Take an iron stand, do what you need to because at the end of the day, admins are here for a reason and if people can't understand that then that's there lose.


    Hang in there freaky, we have your back.

    - Love, Munt3d


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  7. No admin position past or present is required. I believe this is in the guidelines when you fill out an application.


    The only requirements are:

    • 500+ hours
    • 15 years of age or above
    • Have made a donation (ie have had donator status either past or present)


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  8. @CrazyyCow As mentioned  to you earlier, I can understand where you are coming from to a degree but I 100% agree with KeRRR on this matter.

    One other aspect is an admin is required to donate time in order to succeed. If someone is not willing to donate even once (because thats all it takes, one donation, does not matter if it was recent or in the past) then generally that is a good indication that they are not willing to donate time and the reality of things is Time is way more valuable in the long run.

    Also, knowing before hand that someone has at least shown some kind of dedication to the server will help the selection process 10 fold.

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  9. On 21/03/2017 at 0:55 AM, CrazyyCow said:

    I quickbuy books at garage sales for my 1000+ book collection. 

    Also got a small red ottoman that someone was throwing away for like $2. I ♥♥♥♥ing love ottomans cuz they are so useful (storage chairs essentially).

    Lol, at first i thought you ment Ottoman as in the Ottoman Empire... shhh im tired

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  10. LOL you are going to regret that straw vote. Hmm, Personally I believe you should have a signature in your username that you should never change.

    I find it very annoying when people constantly change name.


    As an example of this, I will always Contain the word "Munt3d" in any of my usernames over all gaming platforms. Ive used this name for many years and people bump into me on other games and recognize me. (its a good feeling)

    I think you would be best to do something similar as you do game streaming and youtube videos.


    Go with your heart mate. Either way, you will always be Minidove.

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