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Status Replies posted by Munt3dApple

  1. @AkiraRyuujin @Munt3dApple 

    These men keep denying the demo-cow his dispensers. I demand more dispensers. 10 is a good amount. @KeRRR @LiMaaa please fix.

    1. Munt3dApple


      Two is more then enough. You greedy, greedy cow....... :TrumpFace:

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  2. Celebrating being born 20 years ago today.



    1. Munt3dApple


      oh nutz, im a little late but Merry Birthmas Mr Sethley.

      We miss you bro, show ya face on tf2 or the discord sometime.

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  3. Hoste

    Hoste    Myew

    The second Pokemon generation was amazing, wasn't it? :D

    1. Munt3dApple


      There is only 151 pokemon.........

  4. What's the difference between "Classic" and "Member" ? Admin/Founder are pretty obvious. :)

    1. Munt3dApple


      Classic is awarded to retired admins.... Except Afro, i don't know why afro has a classic tag.......

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  5. Sometimes its worth recording when noone is around


  6. Breath of the Wild is amazing. Crazy hooked on it.

  7. Breath of the Wild is amazing. Crazy hooked on it.

    1. Munt3dApple


      I got it on Wii-u on its release. I have played nothing but Zelda since getting it.

      I will most likely have completed it by the end of the weekend.

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  8. "With Great Beard Brings Great Responsibility" - Munt3dApple

    1. Munt3dApple


      This musical instrument has totally blown my mind.............