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Appeal Comments posted by Munt3dApple

  1. Normally I would consider giving someone a second chance but you........... you really burnt your bridge.

    I greatly doubt you have changed or matured enough in such a short time to be allowed to return.


    Appeal Denied



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  2. Funny you should mention its been two months since you last played tf2 because the ban that was placed (and matches the IP of your account) was 2 months ago. Please look at the following  http://bans.endlessgamers.com/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=


    This would indicate an alt was used from your IP to use aimbot.

    This is a feature of our servers to auto ban accounts connecting from an IP with a ban applied.


    Appeal Denied


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  3. Personally I think you had the time to at least trade the guy and then confirm after you took out the trash.

    You didn't add the guy or anything, you just said i need to go plus a bunch of excuses which in turn looked extremely dodge. We get these sort of excuses all the time and it does not justify the means.

    I would have responded the same way MsFreakshow did.


    Please allow for some time and we will provide a decision.

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  4. Yeah this appeal is nonsense. Firstly a spam block doesn't perm ban someone, it just kicks them. Also the ban was placed by LiMaaa and not console. We are all rather fair admins here at EGC but obvious lies and dishonesty like this will get you no where. Man up to your errors, learn from them or go nowhere. This applies to everything in life.

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  5. If any other admins have anything to say in regards to this please do so within 24 hours or this appeal will be denied and closed. Thanks


    I will not be making any more replies. Simple.

  6. where to begin....... Firstly Tomeh, LiMaaa has very clearly explained the situation. At this point it does not matter about this so called rule that you claim. You should have stopped the crab as soon as the interference occurred instead of continuing. These claims are voided since this did not happen. This petty argument needs to end. I don't know whether to laugh or to cry...............


    For a final reference, this is what was said. Please note the bold and highlighted red text line.


    1. When no proof can be provided of custom rules or agreements for a crab we default to the base accepted rules that; A crab is lost when a user crabs 3 times first.
    2. Again in terms of custom rules, in this case the "interference" rule, proof should usually be shown that both users agreed to this custom rule. The way an intereference rule works; If 2 users agree that if an outside party interferes with their crab, the crab is forfeit, then the user should immediately stop crabbing when the interference occurs. If both users continue to crab after interference occurs, they are waiving the interference and agreeing to continue the crab to see the outcome.

    The fact that you have no proof of an agreement that 3 crabs is a win, and that you continued to finish the crab after this so called "interference" occured means that you were happy to continue crabbing at the time to see the result, and only after you realized the result didn't work out in your favour you are using these technicalities to your advantage, which isnt accepted.

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  7. Hi toxic,

    It has been about 6 months since the ban. No effort was made at the time to try contact an EGC admin or payback the person you ran from. I understand that you feel you have matured and realize that what you did was wrong but unfortunately this will not get you un-banned. EGC is primarily a trade community and fraud of any kind is something we do not allow to slide. I wish you best of luck in the future and I hope you can use this as a huge an important learning experience. Appeal DENIED.


    -regards, Munt3d

  8. Hi Vastor,


    We have a very strict policy of ZERO TOLERENCE regarding spycrab fraud. I uderstand that you now realise what you did was wrong but your ban will remain and I really hope this paves a path for you to walk a better direction in life.


    -Regards, Munt3d.


    Appeal DENIED

  9. Hi Tiger,

    I must firstly say, A perm ban is generally not placed on someone who has not deserved it. Also, a perm ban is not given to a low level troll so it is safe to assume you must have really gone all out or really offended some people who did not deserve it. Personally, I would not give someone who acts this way a second chance. There was no lead up or provocative actions made towards you, you just simply chose our servers to "be a total ♥♥♥♥ to people for your own entertainment".


    With this being said, It is really up to KeRRR to decide on this matter as he was the one who witnessed this behavior and issued the ban. I will pass this on for you.

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