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Report Comments posted by Munt3dApple

  1. Hey guys,

    This situation has been investigated and resolved.

    $_$ was ordered to pay what was owed as well as 2 refined extra as compensation for not having the promised pure.

    The payment was confirmed and completed.

    $_$ is on thin ice and he knows it. Any kind of repeat to this will result in a ban.


    @ElementOfChaos Great detail on the report mate. Keep it up :100:

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  2. I will highly recommend that in future, you use server chat for the agreements when it comes to spycrabbing or at bare minimum you need to screenshot the agreement in the trade window.

    Because your recording software did not record anything from the trade overlay, we have no idea what was agreed apon regarding the spycrab (amount, conditions ect). Stock rules for a spycrab is first to 3 looses and without a confirmation proving that this spycrab is first to 3 wins, it is arguable regarding the results. Chat logs are basically empty aswell.


    Due to lack of documentation, this report will be closed.

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  3. @FancyPants Just want to get some insight to this video.

    Firstly, I assume you followed this guy to the EGC servers after this spycrab?

    What server did this happen on as it was not an EGC server.

    I will recommend making a report directly to the community this spycrab occurred in. 

    The video is very clear and should pass as sufficient evidence.


    In regards to what actions we should take, I will speak to the other admins and we will get back to you.

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  4. After digging into this report, It has become clear that a disagreement on a trade offer had turned sour.

    No-one has been scammed. Eviljoe has admitted to to being a complete idiot about it all and yogg has confirmed he played a part in the lead-up to this all happening. Both people will be spoken to and then we will all move forward.

    A repeat will result in punishments.

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  5. Changed Status to Accepted

    Dont stress, www.steamidfinder.com does the job.

    Anyway, i ran into this guy of the AU server just after this report was made. Guy is continuously trying to trade junk for unusuals with everyone. He either has zero trade knowledge or is trying to scam, either way he is dangerous.

    User fled after being confronted on the server by myself.

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  6. After investigating this guy and talking to both Freak and Fridge I have discovered a few things on top of these claims. Initial ban was going to be 3 weeks with a chance for Jim to return and try again but after a short talk to jim, it has now been upgraded to Perm. Jim has a massive history of abuse in other communities aswell as in EGC (alltho this is irreverent and we dont punish for things that happen elsewhere) it most definitely creates a pattern and backs up these claims.


    Also refer to this convo, jim clearly does not give two craps.




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  7. After reading Jack's chat logs, it seams clear the guy doesn't know self control.

    Constantly spamming chat aswell as begs for items.

    I will speak with jack and ask him to tone it down.

    Further action will be taken if he does not improve.

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