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  1. Munt3dApple

    Munt3d Interviews Hoste for admin

    That was gold. Oh and minidove, No.
  2. Munt3dApple


    Changed Status to Accepted
  3. Munt3dApple


    First of all hoste, I would see you skinned alive before i let one piece of jerky go to waste. People go afk from time to time............... This video has no gameplay in it and can not be used to demonstrate cheats, however It is against server rules to post links and advertise software. Two week ban placed and any further incidents will result is a PERM ban.
  4. Munt3dApple


    Changed Status to Accepted Video is evident that this user intentionally timed out after the crab to avoid payment. Toxic did not return. User is now Perm Banned
  5. Munt3dApple

    NobleSpartanV reported A Distinctive Lack Of You

    Hey Guys. This is not the first time he has done this. From this video and the chat log it is evident that Lack is a "HUGE" troll and does nothing but mic spam and abuse others. Screenshots of chat were not needed, Evidence is in his chat logs. He will be banned for a month and any future events will lead to a PERM banning. Thanks for the report, - Regards, Munt3d
  6. Munt3dApple

    Salad ban appeal

    Salad, Generally the only reasons alt accounts are used is to troll or cheat. Unless you have a roll of importance and then an alt can be used to simply get some peace while gaming, however this is not the case for you. Your main has always been watched closely. The alt account usage simply rang alarm bells. -Regards, Munt3d
  7. Munt3dApple

    Salad ban appeal

    Personally I beg to differ about you're call that we do not have concrete evidence. Multiple demos, multiple witnesses, multiple decisions of multiple admins. Are you really going to sit here and say everyone is wrong? Also, intentional trolling for reactions is both childish and sad.
  8. Munt3dApple

    I think this is the third time I have been banned lol

    Ohai, I have watched the demo twice. Here is my verdict of the matter. I cant confirm aimbot nor can i say your gameplay is clean. I personally believe you use a crouch and shoot script. This is alot more visable when you use a high dpi like you do and explains the mouse jitter. It also effects your hitbox. Your past encounters with myself have all been negitive and you have had negitive encounters with one of the founders aswell as general public of EGC. You generally seam to like creating headaches for our comminity intentionally, for what reasons i do not know. I don't support the idea of an Unbanning and my vote for this is NO. So that other admins can see the convo we had i have uploaded it into the appeal http://imgur.com/a/oHetv -Regards, Munt3d
  9. Munt3dApple

    Ruin a Wish

    You're no longer a pyro outside of steam but now you crave the taste for eating insects. The more messed up looking it is, the more tasty it is for you. I wish that smokes didn't cost sooo BLOODY much anymore.............................
  10. Munt3dApple

    Chat color on US server

  11. Munt3dApple

    Hoste09 reported Pinkcommando

    Hey Guys, This glitch is valve wide. Was caused after the most recent update. It is evident tho this this user was intentionally trolling using this glitch and just there to be a pain. He will be dealt with accordingly. Thanks for the reports lads.
  12. Munt3dApple

    Wicked Beats for Mediz

    lol that felt like an acid trip
  13. Munt3dApple

    Nightingale reported Roasty my toasty

    Hi Night, I've watched the video. It is missing your voice. I assume the recording program doesn't capture mic in. Audio also seamed to lag a fair amount. Anyway, toasty will be warned about making rude comments to anyone and if it continues, stern action will be taken. Taco will also get a speaking to about feeding into these kind of behaviors. Thanks for the report - Munt3d
  14. Munt3dApple

    Ruin a Wish

    Putin gets offended by how little vodka Americans can drink and starts WWIII I wish that Jay and Silent Bob made another movie.....
  15. Munt3dApple

    When you're knife raps better than Munted

    you smell hoste
  16. Munt3dApple

    Ruin a Wish

    Longsand................................ i think I would rather drink ashtry liquid
  17. Munt3dApple

    Ruin a Wish

    Wow, your such a salty kid fras
  18. Munt3dApple

    tekkature ban appeal

    I have grilled Tekk for doing this in the past aswell. Tekk and I have spoken on steam and I have helped him understand a few things more clearly. He knows this is unacceptable and a few other un-welcomed habits of his are unacceptable. Hopefully we see a new Tekk from this. This ban is 24 hours and will remain.
  19. Munt3dApple


  20. Munt3dApple

    Salad ban appeal

    Salad, One thing you don't seam to understand.............. We are not exactly new to Team Fortress 2............. We have all watched/created demos that consist of people from every country, every grade of computer system and every ping. This is the first time any of use have seen a demo turn out like this. It just seams like you will literally say anything to try justify what we have viewed. A final decision will be made over the weekend. (Altho you would be aware what our opinions are on this matter already) -Regards, Munt3d
  21. Munt3dApple

    Salad ban appeal

    Sue the developer of an aimbot for not being good enough........ That actually made me laugh for a moment. No aimbot/aim assist is perfect. Even spinbot has flaws. Adolf was the one who recorded the demo to begin with. He is the one who requested us to watch the video. What he witnessed was exactly what we saw in the demo.
  22. Munt3dApple

    Salad ban appeal

    I also watched the video. As an Australian who plays sniper a lot on the US server i average about 230-260 ping constantly. I know lag when I see it, including in demos ect. Personally I also believe this is not legit gameplay. Unsure what scripts/programs you may run but you most definitely have something. Its a stern No from me aswell.
  23. Munt3dApple


    I exposed you because you do not have the decency or the balls to directly stand behind you're argument. Underestimate you???? Who exactly do you believe you are? This will no longer a rant but a direct attack on the admins. I hope you know that your idol admin adolf handles this much more harshly then I have with you. I was willing to let this go and move on but you showed you're true side. Don't apologies when you are not actually sorry, that is dirt worthy material. You have defiantly burnt you're bridge.