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  1. Munt3dApple

    Fallout Themed Party

    We all know that if it was a starwars party,we all know i'd go as Jabba the Hut or chewy.
  2. Munt3dApple


    @CrazyyCowI'm sure these are things we will discuss. Having the EGC map go full live will be the greatest thing to happen in a very long time. It will enable casual play along side trading so that we can get the best of both worlds. Saxton Hale would also be amazing
  3. Munt3dApple

    You don't need a girlfriend

    Your all messed up....... and thats why i love all of you
  4. Munt3dApple

    Eh, What? ( A Very Sinful Ban Appeal )

    Changed Status to Dismissed Oh and sinful, i could have just said appreal denied instead of quote 'barking my powers at you but we dont opperate like that'. Serously dude, your attitude stinks worse then cow dung.
  5. Munt3dApple

    Eh, What? ( A Very Sinful Ban Appeal )

    Sinful, Firstly i have spoken to you on the server. Allanon was even present at the time. You don't ever listen to the admins, you are constantly talking nothing but crap on the mic and you are rude. Your sprays are also graphic and cringe worthy. There are constant complaints against you. You are litterally the centre of the problem. You once told me to do what I gotta do so this here is whst will happen. You need to calm down on mic, stop being disruptive and grow up. If you dont see what you have been doing wrong then there is no help for you and this will become a regular occurrence. APPEAL DENIED
  6. Munt3dApple

    Gabe the Dog

    I have no idea who this dog was........... but I am assuming its the "bork bork" dog?
  7. Munt3dApple


    Hi Sloth, The ban was a good 6 months ago. I do remember you. You said some rather stupid things and were rather offensive to the EGC community as a whole. We do believe in second chances and since a fair amount of time has passed I will also be happy to give you a second go. If you really have changed then this is your time to show it. Don't let us down.
  8. Munt3dApple

    Middleman Scam warning

    I have trolled many scammers over the years, it's pretty satisfying actually.
  9. Munt3dApple

    Middleman Scam warning

    Cheers for the heads up dan. Ive seen this before. There is rarely reason to trade with a middleman and 95% of the time it will be a scam attempt. If you ever require a middleman for a trade, come to the EGC servers and use one of our awsome admins ?
  10. Munt3dApple

    Updated Unusual Tier List

  11. Munt3dApple

    Updated Unusual Tier List

    Searing plasma in high mid tier makes sence but vivid plasma should be in the high tier. List seams pritty good otherwise.
  12. Munt3dApple

    What Is Everybody Currently Listening To?

    This one is for you @Stringers
  13. Munt3dApple

    Evidence collecting-tools?

    well, so it does......
  14. Munt3dApple

    Evidence collecting-tools?

    Doesnt the stats site for individual users chat feed, keep chatlogs way longer then a month? I usually just use this indtead of server chat if its for appeals.
  15. Munt3dApple

    Thrift Store Hauls

    I furnished an entire house from a combo of salvo stores and bulk rubbish back in 2007. Its amazing what sort of things people throw away.
  16. This musical instrument has totally blown my mind...


    1. DrRockso
    2. CrazyyCow


      instrument(s) :p. thats like a rube goldberg machine(sorta).

  17. Munt3dApple

    Stock trading

    Lol. Investing in AMD = flushing money down toilet.
  18. Munt3dApple

    Stock trading

    I can imagine shares in a technology company would be pritty good aswell. Oil is low and will shoot up if a new middle eastern conflict occurs. Many possabilities but allanon is right about gold. It just requires a fair amount of money to get started tho.
  19. Munt3dApple

    DAILY QUESTION: Favourite Pet

    Cats are snobs. Dogs are true friends.
  20. Munt3dApple

    EGC | Iasnerjilaes Minidove Lamar

    Changed Status to Under Review
  21. Munt3dApple

    EGC | Iasnerjilaes Minidove Lamar

    Hi Minidove, I won't speak on behalf of everyone but I will add my two cents. You have potential, we all have seen bits and pieces of this in the past but I feel you have not been able to demonstrate that you will use admin abilities correctly. Pear pressure seams to take the best of you and i don't feel you will be able to act accordingly with a certain group of people. As mentioned this is just my opinion so far but I do know a few others share these thoughts. I am however curios to see what you do for us in terms of media as I know you have that ability. -Regards, Munt3d
  22. Munt3dApple


    Changed Status to Dismissed
  23. Munt3dApple


    After reading Jack's chat logs, it seams clear the guy doesn't know self control. Constantly spamming chat aswell as begs for items. I will speak with jack and ask him to tone it down. Further action will be taken if he does not improve.
  24. Munt3dApple

    FREE Steam codes

    nahh i got in within 20 mins but I kindly decided to decline and delete my post so others have the chance.
  25. Munt3dApple

    Playing Music on EGC Servers.

    I believe I know how this all started. The new voip system makes streaming music to easy. One of the most toxic 2fort all-talk servers i know has disabled mic because of this (that is saying something) I will have a chat to the community members i believe responsible.