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    I freakn love that movie. I,m the backwards man, backwards man, i can run backwards as fast as you can!!!
  2. Hello Fellow EGC'ers And Welcome to Munt3dApple's Quest, *A Little Touch of Class*. I have been pondering a way to combine a Hobby of collection with online play for a long time. Collecting up hats and miscs was fun but I felt it was missing something. Perhaps you could say it needed "A little touch of class" (sorry, couldn't resist). With the help of EGC players and members i have started to collect Genuine items of all types I Currently have 3 goals i wish to achieve. 1.Collect every last genuine for Team Fortress 2 and continue to collect as new items are released. 2. Create my own sets using nothing but genuine items and weapons (sometimes vintage). 3. Have some fun and meet new people along the way This discussion page will be dedicated to suggestions of items to use in my Genuine sets and listings of all my current Genuine items Any and all feedback is greatly welcomed along with the assistance of obtaining any items I do not have yet. Unfortunately as a collector, I will not be able to trade off any of my genuines but i will always offer fair trade to those who wish to help out. A post of my entire current Genuine inventory will be added within a day or two from this original post Please do not hesitate to add me on steam if you'd like to help, suggest or trade Thank Your for reading and remember to always be "Genuine" in life - MuntedApple Edit: Hey EGC'ers. sorry about the wait for the list. Currently, this is the available genuines. *Feel free to browse this list and i will continue to update as I obtain them. The items that are blue in the list below show what i have already and the green is what i still need. Anger Aperture Labs Hard Hat Area 451 Battle BobBeastly Bonnet BolganBrütal BouffantBrain Bucket Bushman's BoonieCenturion Chief ConstableCockfighter Combat Medic's Crusher Cap Company manConjurer's Cowl Crafty HairCross-Comm Crash Helmet Cross-Comm Express Crosslinker's Coil Dashin' Hashshashin Dead Cone Doe-BoyDragonborn HelmetDread Knot El JefeGeisha BoyHardy LaurelHeavy Artillery Officer's CapHero's HachimakiHero's TailHetman's HeadpieceHuman CannonballJanissary Ketche K-9 Mane Lacking Moral Fiber MaskLast Straw Lone Star Mask of the ShamanNanobalaclavaPerson in the Iron Mask Pilotka Planeswalker HelmPoint and Shoot Pounding Father Samur-Eye Stahlhelm Stovepipe Sniper Shako Sydney Straw Boat Tartan Shade That '70s Chapeau Vox Diabolus War Head Warsworn HelmetWilson WeaveAtomic AccoladeAwesomenauts Badge Ball-Kicking BootsBlind JusticeBolgan Family Crest Buck Turner All-Stars Champ Stamp Cheet SheetCold War Luchador Companion Cube Pin Croft's CrestDeadliest Duckling Deus SpecsDistinguished Rogue Doublecross-CommFaerie Solitaire Pin Foppish Physician Fortune HunterGrizzled GrowthHeroic Companion BadgeHitt Mann BadgeKing of Scotland Cape Mark of the Saint Marxman Menpo Merc MedalMerc's Pride ScarfNoh Mercy Pip-Boy Planeswalker GogglesPrize Plushy Professor's Pineapple Purity Fist Quadwrangler Russian Rocketeer Scrap Pack Siberian Sophisticate Sign of the Wolf's School Steel SixpackSteel Songbird TartantaloonsTomb Wrapper Triad TrinketVigilant PinWhale Bone Charm WingstickNoise Maker - Koto Noise Maker - VuvuzelaShred AlertApoco-Fists ConcherorConniver's Kunai Diamondback Fan O'War Flying GuillotineFreedom StaffHalf-ZatoichiHam Shank Huo-Long HeaterMachina MaulNeon Annihilator OriginalQuäckenbirdt Red-Tape Recorder Sharp DresserSharpened Volcano Fragment Short CircuitSun-on-a-Stick Three-Rune BladeWidowmakerBrigade HelmGlengarry Bonnet Killer Exclusive Officer's Ushanka Respectless Rubber GloveRobot Chicken Hat Scotsman's Stove Pipe Stainless Pot Tough Guy's Toque Tyrant's Helm Grand MasterArchimedesBalloonicornFriends Forever Companion Square BadgeTriple A BadgeAp-Sap Righteous Bison Robo-Sandvich​ Thank you for your time and remember, stay "classy" and always be genuine in life - Munt3dApple
  3. Munt3dApple

    Hey hey it's Jessay ~

    G'day Jezzta, Nice to see more happy faces joining EGC. We will see ya around some time
  4. Munt3dApple

    Meet my Dog Spud

    This is my dog Spud. He is ten and is very well trained. This is why all dogs should go to puppy school and then you personally continue to train them plus practice these tricks every day. Enjoy
  5. Munt3dApple

    fun Answer a question above, post one below!

    I would have to say living on a planet alone but be able to communicate with others would be the option i'd take. I think being able to see/hear others but never be able to interact would be extremely bad for mental health and everything would just feel like a really bad soap opera. You would for ever feel alone and segregated. At least with phone communication you would feel part of something and your voice is still heard by the universe. If you could cure a major disease that would change the world for greater good but in return have to sacrifice all technology past 1940 in the homeplace (modern tech will still exist but you personally can not access it), Would you and what disease would you select to cure?
  6. Munt3dApple

    What Music Are You Listening To At The Moment?

    Thought i'd share some of my happy music with everyone. I have a love for Heavy Metal with the violin, keyboard or accordion.
  7. Munt3dApple

    What Music Are You Listening To At The Moment?

    Interesting song ForNeverAlone.
  8. Munt3dApple

    What Music Are You Listening To At The Moment?

    I was expecting to get blasted by Sanic......... As someone who loves all things sonic, this is actually a well constructed clip/song *thumbs up*
  9. Munt3dApple

    The Endless Gamers Orchestra

    Introducing The Endless Gamers Orchestra........ It was magical.
  10. Munt3dApple

    Racing for Rupees [SFM]

    Poor link just really wanted his hyrule shield.
  11. Munt3dApple

    What Music Are You Listening To At The Moment?

    Nothing like a little Presidents. 90's FTW
  12. Munt3dApple

    EXPIRED NBA Jam (free for iphone and ipad)

    I used to smash out NBA Jam 95 on the Sega Megadrive. Great game. Its a shame I dont have any Apple devices.....
  13. I know where I'm going on Friday
  14. Munt3dApple

    Do You Have A Current Item/goal?

    To Rockso: I have two goals. 1: Collect all genuines in tf2 that are possible (some I will never own, sadly) 2: Have a searing plasma and vivid plasma unusual for each class and finally 3: Actually unbox an unusual. I have no luck To n!k: Sorry ole chum but I have none of those. What do you still need for your pyro collection? Maybe the EGC community can help you there.
  15. Munt3dApple

    Do You Play On Any Other Platforms?

    I play a little on the 3ds and Wii-u, Mainly mario cart 8 and Smashbros 3ds and U. If you would like to add me, i'm Munt3d on both Wii-u and 3DS
  16. Munt3dApple

    What Was The First Game You Played?

    First game i played was Boulder Dash on the commodor 64, next was Lemmings on the Snes many years later. The momories Also, Allanon, i remember scorched earth, that game was a lot of fun, turn based artillery themed game, used to love using the concrete drop and burying people . So much rage
  17. Munt3dApple

    Whats Up Guys!

    Welcome DocHuds, Make sure you meow for LucyFur when you see him next.....
  18. "With Great Beard Brings Great Responsibility" - Munt3dApple

    1. Munt3dApple


      This musical instrument has totally blown my mind.............


  19. With Great Beard Brings Great Responsibility

  20. Munt3dApple

    New Maps For The Server!

    EGC's exclusive custom map is due to be released in the up comming weeks. Great map ideas tho. Murderball would be fun to play.
  21. Remmember to stay "Genuine" in life :)

  22. Munt3dApple

    *a Little Touch Of Class* The "genuine" Quest

    Thanks kerr. List is amost complete