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    I know exactly who this is now. Firstly the way that you blew this out of proportion is rather entertaining and stupid. I legitimately only notice you throwing jarate because it was directly at the door of spawn. We don't mind if you do it willy nilly but when it seriously disadvantages the opposing team in the manner you made it then it is a problem. Secondly, I directly asked you to stop, you acknowledged I even told you this but chose to ignore and thus leading to me slaying you to end the jarate spam. You knew exactly why I slayed you. You did not point out others using the bug and I did not see others using the bug. I will say this to you here and now. I generally have more respect for a donor but in NO WAY WHAT SO EVER do I give special treatment to donators and our donators know by donating they don't receive special treatment. In a closing statement, all that you have achieved in this post is you have made yourself look like a total fool with the lack to take an extremely light punishment on the chin. I will not pursue you for your rant but I will expose you. You would be : STEAM_0:1:49706897 Kael I hope you grow up sometime soon mate. -Regards, Munt3d
  2. Munt3dApple


    Recon, If you are seriously unhappy with EGC servers then just simply leave............. I will say this as nicely as i possibly can. Please take you're extreme sodium levels elsewhere. You have provided no info on a glitch, made no formal report and simply just spewed literal nonsense onto this page. Either provide info so we can actually do something or simply just leave. We don't have time for this BS......... -Regards, Munt3d
  3. I remember this. Aimbotter with auto name change kept rejoining server to troll. If you look again, there is a MsFreakshow aswell.
  4. Munt3dApple


    Best response EVER.
  5. Munt3dApple

    DakinChevillian ban appeal

    Hi again Dakin, After some discussion it is apparent you decided to continue to argue a point with MsFreakshow long after you were told to drop the topic. A mute was placed and then you continued over chat. The situation generated a lot of disturbance in the server and this is not the first time Freakshow has had issues with you. I understand you feel she dealt with you harshly but things continued after a mute and it does not leave an admin much option. I would have done exactly the same thing. In this situation I am going to leave it up to you to contact freakshow and make a mends (entirely up to you) but for now this appeal will be Denied. -Regards, Munt3d
  6. Munt3dApple

    DakinChevillian ban appeal

    Hi Dakin, First of all the ban placed was not perm, it is for one week. I will need to talk to freakshow about the incident mentioned here. I have also check your history on the EGC servers and you have received 3 mutes for micspam in the past. Please be patient and we will get back to you within 24 hours. -Regards, Munt3d
  7. Munt3dApple

    What Music Are You Listening To At The Moment?

    Still to this day one of my all time favourites
  8. Munt3dApple

    SFM Poster - Pilots

    That's actually really well made. "Thumbs up"
  9. Munt3dApple


    100% agree with this Fridge. Increasing admin numbers would be the way.
  10. Munt3dApple


    I'll check cash converters
  11. Munt3dApple


    Personally I know the situation from both sides. If someone is trusted enough to deal with mutes/gags then they may aswell be trusted for an admin roll. Admin applications need to be reopened and the proper training provided to those we feel able for the responsibilities that come in hand. My reasons why i say this is often a mute/gag is not enough to fully deal with situations and the possibility of unfair/unjustified mutes/gags is a reality. Vote mute as stated by limaaa is always abused. You see people muted for absolutely the most stupid reasons and people who go unmuted simply because they have friends who vote no. I am against a vote mute system. They simply do not work. There are many possible ways we could tackle the situation but i feel best solution is create more admins.
  12. Munt3dApple


    what the actual f***?
  13. Munt3dApple

    Server bug report, filed by Jelli

    Hey Jelli, This is a game bug itself that was generated after the last update and is present in all TF2 servers.
  14. Munt3dApple

    The New TF2 Update

    Hated - Dapper going all class (its trash) Loved - Medigun now gets speed match of who you are healing Inquiries - Why the hell is dapper all class..... its trash Expecting - Dapper to become all class trash
  15. Munt3dApple

    jumbo2332 ban appeal

    I don't think we could have been any more clear the first time...........................
  16. Munt3dApple

    Camden ban appeal

    Hello Camden, The fact of this matter is you knew what you were doing was wrong yet you still decided to go along with it. We here at EGC have a ZERO tolerance to scamming of any kind and claiming it was a dare makes you appear extremely foolish. You will need to think about your actions in future before doing them. Your appeal has been DENIED. Please allow some time before re-appealing and hopefully this is a learning curve for you. -Regards, Munt3d
  17. Munt3dApple

    WopTon ban appeal

    WopTon, The 13 years and younger policy is their as a guidance. Children generally do not have self control when it comes to responsible mic usuage. Some youngsters have shown they can act responsibly on the mic and we do not apply this rule. You intentionally test the limits of both freakshow and adolf and expect to be seen as some kind of hero, then when they finally react to your nonsense you have turned around and acted like you have done nothing wrong and that the EGC admins are savages.................. In response to this episode, Your appeal is DECLINED and your ban will now be PERMANENT -Regards, Munt3d
  18. Munt3dApple

    banned without good reason

    Hi Hexman, This ban has basically expired now and this appeal will be closed. In conclusion I would like to say the following. You don't have to like our admins but you do need to listen to them. A request was made, which was reasonable and should have been followed. This situation escalated when really it did not need to. Please return to EGC with a fresh outlook and a new mind set. -Regards, Munt3d.
  19. Munt3dApple

    awsome1573 ban appeal

    Hi Awsome, It has not been two years. August 2015 was the date of the offence. Fleeing from a spycrab because you "got mad and did not want to pay" is a rather serious and childish offense. Less then a year is not realistically enough time for you to "have grown up" and developed a new mind state. Making a mends with the person you fleed from is a large part of the repentance process but you will need to provide evidence as stated by Adolf. Your Appeal has been DENIED.
  20. Munt3dApple

    I dont know why

    Immadude, You need to use the provided format for making any kind of appeal. At this point, i have no idea what you steam ID is, who you are, what you have done and who was the attending admin. I have looked into this with freakshow and adolf. This is only a 24 hour ban so I simply suggest just waiting it out. When you return we will start fresh but I highly recommend listening to the admins when they talk to you. -Regards, Munt3d
  21. Munt3dApple

    Ayizeholmes ban appeal

    Hi Phox, After speaking to some of the other admins, it has been decided that we will allow you another chance. You have remained respectful and understanding throughout the appeal process and I have been satisfied with the reasons you have provided me for the things you do. Your ban appeal have been APPROVED. -Regards, Munt3d
  22. Munt3dApple

    jumbo2332 ban appeal

    Hi Jumbo, Date of the offence was October 2015. This is not 2 years ago. I agree with Adolf on giving second chances but I also agree not enough time has passed. If you remain clean and true then the possibility of a re-appeal may be an option in the future. This appeal as been DENIED. -Regards, Munted
  23. Munt3dApple

    Ayizeholmes ban appeal

    Plox, The statement is untrue. Stopping gameplay while being spectated really just screams you have something to hid. I don't know how having a spectator can come a cross as a problem as it does not change anything. In defense of your statement, i will use this analogy. A person is standing next to a vandalized wall covered in spray paint. The police officer asks to see the persons hands as they would be covered in paint residue. The person refuses to show his hands so the police officer then immediately assumes that this person is guilty. I was very much so in this situation with you. This fact, the reports made and my own personal viewing together painted a very big picture as a collective. Please note that this appeal will be left open so that the remaining admins can all view the situation and give feedback. Please be patient and a final decision will be made within a day or two. -Regards, Munt3d
  24. Munt3dApple

    Ayizeholmes ban appeal

    Hi Phox, Just want to put a few things to paper here so the others have a greater understanding of whats going on. There is a few things that assist the alarm bells. When ever a know admin spectates you, you stop everything you are doing and sit in spawn untill they stop. This is not just a coincidence. This happens 90% of the time. Its as if you have something to hide. I personally have 4000 hours on tf2, have played since the beginning of 2008 and have witness all kinds of feats of luck. I don't think this is the case here. I have kept our convo from earlier so that the other admins may read it to assist with the situation. http://imgur.com/a/7XPoP convo continued a little later http://imgur.com/a/r6Sgr -Regards, Munt3d
  25. Munt3dApple

    SomoSama ban appeal

    Samo, After talking to 4 of 7 admins, It is apparent that our opinions on the matter are all very similar. Three admins actually know you and have you under view for suspicious behavior. On the grounds of freeing a spycrab, This appeal will be DENIED Good luck in your journey and perhaps you can return later in life with a different perspective. -Regards, Munt3d