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  1. I know what you mean here freakshow. All tho I have been fortunate to have had little trouble lately with morons, I also have a zero tolerance to toxic presence. The people who know me are aware that I am all for having fun but I am also rather brutal when push comes to shove. I guess you could say I have treats in my left hand and a battle axe in my right....... It comes down to the people which one I will use. I have seen first hand the shit you get simply for being a female figure head. I don't know if people are attacking you because of jealousy or just because they feel they can. Either way, it is time to resolve the problem... The Munt3d way. Don't take shit from people. You do not deserve this in anyway, shape or form. It is not an admins job to be liked but if you make friends along the way then that's a bonus. There is zero need to argue with people. Seriously, none..... If someone is being a ♥♥♥♥ then nuts to them. Do what you feel is required and these people can sook about it all they want under their breaths. You put the time in to create a fun environment for regulars and newbies, hold events, middle man for spycrabs and so much more. It's time, time for you to think... Is it worth trying to reason with a person who really doesn't give a crap? It really isn't. Take an iron stand, do what you need to because at the end of the day, admins are here for a reason and if people can't understand that then that's there lose. Hang in there freaky, we have your back. - Love, Munt3d
  2. Changed Status to Dismissed
  3. After digging into this report, It has become clear that a disagreement on a trade offer had turned sour. No-one has been scammed. Eviljoe has admitted to to being a complete idiot about it all and yogg has confirmed he played a part in the lead-up to this all happening. Both people will be spoken to and then we will all move forward. A repeat will result in punishments.
  4. Will you be using existing sprites or creating your own?
  5. 100% agree here with Allanon. Just advertising LMAO is a bannable offence. I really don't care if you were using the cheat or not.
  6. The only place a dispenser will be going at this rate is up your butt, along with my foot, a chicken, three sheep and a bag of cats.
  7. Make a plugin that kills only @CrazyyCow when ever someone says 'need a dispenser here' and when ever a dispenser is rolled. I will finance it.
  8. To a degree, I actually agree with deejay here. It needs to be restricted to announcements only. Admins only would be ideal but i'm not against classics having it aswell.
  9. Changed Status to Under Review
  10. Personally I think you had the time to at least trade the guy and then confirm after you took out the trash. You didn't add the guy or anything, you just said i need to go plus a bunch of excuses which in turn looked extremely dodge. We get these sort of excuses all the time and it does not justify the means. I would have responded the same way MsFreakshow did. Please allow for some time and we will provide a decision.
  11. Booo Allanon, Boooo
  12. One word...... 2fort
  13. Yeah this appeal is nonsense. Firstly a spam block doesn't perm ban someone, it just kicks them. Also the ban was placed by LiMaaa and not console. We are all rather fair admins here at EGC but obvious lies and dishonesty like this will get you no where. Man up to your errors, learn from them or go nowhere. This applies to everything in life.
  14. Changed Status to Accepted
  15. I was called to the server to tend to these guys. There also was a third. All 3 have been banned for aimbot and or spinbot.