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  1. Changed Status to Accepted Dont stress, does the job. Anyway, i ran into this guy of the AU server just after this report was made. Guy is continuously trying to trade junk for unusuals with everyone. He either has zero trade knowledge or is trying to scam, either way he is dangerous. User fled after being confronted on the server by myself.
  2. tec

    Hi Tec, You are being auto blocked due to your IP being attached to a confirmed scammer via steamrep. If you share a computer/network with others, sadly if one is blocked via IP, it can lead to everyone being blocked. If you would like to have a look, here is the references: -Regards, Munt3d
  3. Changed Status to Dismissed
  4. This ban was only for an hour and has expired. Please check in future.
  5. No admin position past or present is required. I believe this is in the guidelines when you fill out an application. The only requirements are: 500+ hours 15 years of age or above Have made a donation (ie have had donator status either past or present)
  6. If any other admins have anything to say in regards to this please do so within 24 hours or this appeal will be denied and closed. Thanks I will not be making any more replies. Simple.
  7. Changed Status to Under Review
  8. where to begin....... Firstly Tomeh, LiMaaa has very clearly explained the situation. At this point it does not matter about this so called rule that you claim. You should have stopped the crab as soon as the interference occurred instead of continuing. These claims are voided since this did not happen. This petty argument needs to end. I don't know whether to laugh or to cry............... For a final reference, this is what was said. Please note the bold and highlighted red text line. 1. When no proof can be provided of custom rules or agreements for a crab we default to the base accepted rules that; A crab is lost when a user crabs 3 times first. 2. Again in terms of custom rules, in this case the "interference" rule, proof should usually be shown that both users agreed to this custom rule. The way an intereference rule works; If 2 users agree that if an outside party interferes with their crab, the crab is forfeit, then the user should immediately stop crabbing when the interference occurs. If both users continue to crab after interference occurs, they are waiving the interference and agreeing to continue the crab to see the outcome. The fact that you have no proof of an agreement that 3 crabs is a win, and that you continued to finish the crab after this so called "interference" occured means that you were happy to continue crabbing at the time to see the result, and only after you realized the result didn't work out in your favour you are using these technicalities to your advantage, which isnt accepted.
  9. @CrazyyCow As mentioned to you earlier, I can understand where you are coming from to a degree but I 100% agree with KeRRR on this matter. One other aspect is an admin is required to donate time in order to succeed. If someone is not willing to donate even once (because thats all it takes, one donation, does not matter if it was recent or in the past) then generally that is a good indication that they are not willing to donate time and the reality of things is Time is way more valuable in the long run. Also, knowing before hand that someone has at least shown some kind of dedication to the server will help the selection process 10 fold.
  10. EGC admins are universal
  11. Saxton hale and normal rotation would be the shiz.
  12. Changed Status to Dismissed
  13. Hi toxic, It has been about 6 months since the ban. No effort was made at the time to try contact an EGC admin or payback the person you ran from. I understand that you feel you have matured and realize that what you did was wrong but unfortunately this will not get you un-banned. EGC is primarily a trade community and fraud of any kind is something we do not allow to slide. I wish you best of luck in the future and I hope you can use this as a huge an important learning experience. Appeal DENIED. -regards, Munt3d
  14. Lol, at first i thought you ment Ottoman as in the Ottoman Empire... shhh im tired