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  1. Get informed. GabeN Q+A  

    summary about tf2 future 

  2. "Memes are the future" - Plan B 2017

  3. Adolf

    Death kill glitching

    lol this guy actin like this is a new thing .... anyways it's a valve prob too now
  4. Adolf

    Death kill glitching

    Same shit different day... people 'learned' they can teamkill upon death with the cowmangler. same prob as always, just some squeaker tool POS made it known to everyone how to do it. and as demo, and pyro and and and. put a teamswitch delay already demo_death.dem demo_festivenight.dem
  5. This community has some real pieces of work in it. Remind me why I come to the servers? shit and abuse? nah, if i wanted that I woulda stayed married

    1. CrazyyCow


      Cuz ur favorite cow is there

    2. LiMaaa


      Who is giving you s*** and abuse adolf? If there are players breaking the rules, report them and they will be dealt with.

    3. KeRRR


      All talk, no report ;)

  6. MERRY CHRISTMAS ... well almost. Here's some new mixes to get u in the christmas spirit; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3_2AIOEnZQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytjnoZsbVGE
  7. Adolf

    Steamrep partner?

    mostly @Minidove just to clarify something... when submitting proof of trade scams you must screenshot the entire trade window which includes the offer url, which is not duplicatable and is like a unique fingerprint. you can't 'frame' someone unless you are actually using their account and trade url
  8. Adolf

    Dream Unusual

    ugh. demo hats. don't even start me up if u want to find them just search up 'trash' in the classifieds huehue *fires shots* ... <pauses> ... *expects no intelligent response*
  9. Adolf

    Dream Unusual

    Waaaaay back when I dreamed of having green or purple energy all-class. Achieved it. Then it was antlers in different varieties for combos. Then it was single-class orbiting fire miscs. Then I dreamed big. I wanted a morning glory or death at dusk antlers. Got morning glory antlers. Got death at dusk mohawk. Then I saw tesla coil... had to get a tesla rifleman. Then starstorm slumber chullo, then ... well ... dream unusuals once attained just lead to the next dream unusual. Well, for me anyways #too many damn unusuals to choose from daily
  10. Adolf

    Forum Rank Legend

    lol plan b ur animal is an ass now wait... i wonder what mine is. it was a teddy bear, will these just change or stay the same or can we change them? i fooookin h8 teddy bears >I edit: now mine's an ass too... but i'm gonna call it a horse when it's on mine and an ass when it's on someone elses. XD
  11. Adolf

    What Advertisements do YOU get?

    ebay ads every time. thought it was strictly ebay lol refreshed 20 times or so and still all ebay. oh wait, there was a scotiabank one too i think
  12. Adolf

    Trade Advisor

    There's an abundance of help available within the community, just ask. put up a forum post. jump on the server and lurk. too many people consider themselves 'experts' without having years of trading knowledge to back it up. many oppinions should be considered, but in the end no one person probably has the all-correct answer a lot of the time. bp.tf forums are another good place to look for help. people are constantly making "Is this a good trade?" postings there too.
  13. Censorship is strong up in here

  14. Adolf

    ⇒ Roast me

    Gets 0 attention from his family obviously and acts out in negative fashion to elicit responses from people. This post being one. ... chirp chirp chirp ...