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  1. b00sh

    Hey hey it's Jessay ~

    Hello and welcome =]
  2. b00sh

    Xdeejays Graphics Thread

    Hey man nice work you are so talented.
  3. b00sh

    For(N)Ever Alone + Кᴙistiҽ™

    Welcome Welcome!
  4. b00sh

    I Have Arrived

    Welcome dude! seen you on the servers a bit good to see you on the forums
  5. b00sh


    A !votemute/gag would be great if no admin is online, otherwise if we are online please continue to let us know if there are problems on the servers. @Allanon definatly a good idea too, people like you would be very appropriate to have some functionality. But we I guess we will see what KeRRR/LiMaaa think.
  6. b00sh

    guide [Guide] What Constitues Reputation?

    Good read there! People need to really understand that steam profile rep can be manipulated very easy. And do your research! Here is some examples of good use of steam profile rep Listens to Skrillex +Rep Starred in the Matrix + Rep Ate the whole wheel of cheese? I'm not even mad i'm impressed +Rep Washed my car +rep
  7. b00sh

    [Introduction] My Introduction

    Welcome dude
  8. b00sh


    Hey you sexy man you!
  9. b00sh


    Hey mate welcome to the forums and I have seen you on quite a bit. I will do my best to stay out of your scope then I am a bit older than others too mate, but you should give trading a go! Can be fun and make some money on the side, but yeah with everything there is bullshit from time to time that traders deal with. Otherwise my favourite at the moment is selling shit on the Steam Community Market. But anyways enjoy the server
  10. b00sh

    ^-^ Heyyyaaa~

    Hi Bonnie! Welcome I'm sure your pyro has been well acquainted with my demo
  11. b00sh

    Kerrr's Graphics Thread

    Nice work KeRRR you're quite the artist. #Madskills
  12. b00sh

    *a Little Touch Of Class* The "genuine" Quest

    Nice one Munted you seem to be a Genuine bloke. But are you intentions Genuine? The Grandmaster does go for a lot but I do hope you manage to get one I am Genuine about this. Sorry had to throw some Genuine's in there gl buddy.
  13. b00sh

    Egc Heavy Boxing #1

    Mmmmhmmmm that's baby making music, I will play that in between Careless Whisper and Take My Breath Away + Rep good vid
  14. b00sh

    Hey Guys :)

    Hello my favourite pyro shark
  15. b00sh

    Hay There

    Good to see you on the forums Beckybek I knew it was you Rebecka Black I love your hit song.