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  1. Beckybek


    yeah it was a self operating batch script
  2. Beckybek

    Exploiting & cheating in TF2

    yeah Vac anticheat is probably single handedly the worst anticheat ever made because to bypass it all u need is very simple injector with dll
  3. Beckybek


    no the shtudown command ran similar to shutdown /s /m %target% /t 30 /c "Get ♥♥♥♥ed" /f
  4. Beckybek


    i was suspended from school for using batch to write itself a netview list of all computers connect to network then shut them down, whilst also listing the computers to a txt file saving computer names of which ones it shutdown so it didnt back track I would 100% love to share the code but the computer was wiped cause i hid it in an encrpyted file so they couldnt get it and i sort of lost the encryption key over time
  5. Beckybek


    i decided to record lucy hosting a spycrab sorry for bad quality and no sound im getting a better recording system but this one i just had handy so here it is
  6. Beckybek

    Hay There

  7. Beckybek

    The New Custom Map?

    I keep seeing the custom map is nearly done was interested to know what it looks like or no sneek peeks
  8. Beckybek

    Hay There

    hi there i just recently played this tf2 server they people on the server convinced me to join the forums and make this post so here it is. yes i am a girl :/ my name is Rebecka (Beck) i like playing some games and i hate people who keep bugging me cause im a girl hope to meet you all