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    Changed Status to Dismissed
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    You were definitely using walls and possibly aimbot. We have video evidence of your offence, you are following an invisible spy, aiming on him and shooting him. Your last ban on steam was 58 days ago. Your appeal is denied!
  3. KeRRR


    Ben negotiated a deal with Aeonic to trade his unusuals + Paypal cash for Aeonic's Sunbeams Law. The scam occurred when the two traded unusuals and ben failed to send $542 PayPal cash as per agreement. The proof can be found in the screenshots below. Ben's Offer: death at dusk pirates bandanna, blizzardy Storm killers kabuto, purple energy chieftan's challenge, amaranthine valley forge and $542usd cash. Aeonic's Offer: sunbeams law We have a zero tolerance on scamming. With the evidence attached, it is clear ben has not sent the cash and does not intend to. Ben has already been banned on backpack.tf, a steamrep report will be forwarded to steamrep regarding the scam with the evidence provided. Sources: Backpack.tf trust rating: https://backpack.tf/trust/76561198101657879 Aeonic Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198132987635 Ben Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198101657879
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    Changed Status to Accepted
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    User has been gagged for a week. Should they continue, their punishment will be elevated. Thanks for the report red!
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    Changed Status to Accepted
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    Danny has admitted to hacking via discord DM and is permanently banned. He can appeal in 6 months.
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    Welcome, glad to see a new face and thank you for providing a service to keep your country safe. Hope to see you around soon 🙂
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    RTD rolls broken by Jungle Inferno

    Changed Status to Fixed
  10. KeRRR

    egc beta map race track bug

    Changed Status to Dismissed
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    B3- Enemy tele into spawn

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  12. KeRRR

    Spectators activate roaming pumpkins

    Changed Status to Fixed
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    More B3 Problems (Minor) (Updated)

    Changed Status to Dismissed
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    Killing when resized/ dangerous donator glitch !

    We are currently working on resolving this. Thanks for the bug report.
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    Changed Status to Dismissed
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    Changing class or slaying yourself in game should resolve this. It's just how spells function and not a major issue as we only use spells during Halloween period.
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    Angry Claus Health on Death

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  18. Changed Status to Dismissed
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    die/injured in friendly mode

    Changed Status to Dismissed
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    Spell Bug

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  21. Changed Status to Dismissed
  22. I wan't to create something beneficial to humanity that also offers stability, income and influence so I can actually make a productive change on this rock we call earth. Money is power, power is change, change is good!
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    Changed Status to Dismissed
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    Changed Status to Dismissed