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  1. KeRRR

    Something I've held in for a long time

    Hi gamesam100, I appreciate your post and it's nice to hear that we in someway had a positive impact on your TF2 experience, sorry that it turned out sour for you. Our goal is to provide a fun, safe and friendly environment for users to be able to express themselves, trade and have a good time. Unfortunately like anything, there are two sides to a coin, we have to be able to maintain this environment and that is not always easy. Our admins are trained to the best of our ability to help them understand different social needs, how to implement rules and how to communicate with other players effectively, but we are all human. Some people take on board our training and dramatically grow, others are ingrained with their own beliefs and it can steer from our directive. It seems like you got a bit of brunt that may not have been warranted, but you need to know that it doesn't need to define you. Said admin was removed from our staff due to several reasons that showed us they were not in a place anymore to put in the dedication and gentle approach it takes to moderating players in our community. We have tried our best to support them and train them, but unfortunately it just wasn't a productive fit anymore. Some people internalize things and others project them onto others, what's important to understand is that it's not your fault in regards to what happened and you don't need to be defined by it. Understand that people make mistakes and hurt others, but it is how you handle it and grow from the experience that will decide how you look back on this situation and what you take from it. You seem like a relatively smart guy and I hope this gives you some sense of closure on the subject, that you can understand that we all have our battles and we have to stay strong, be the bigger person and move on from it, process it and grow from the experience, bettering ourselves along the way. We have made some major changes around the community and our staff, we are currently re-branding and expanding the community. I hope you will stop by and visit us again, that this doesn't solidify your experience at EGC. Kindest Regards,
  2. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Under Review
  3. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Dismissed
  4. KeRRR


    You are marked on steamrep.com, once you appeal there and the staff lifts your mark, then you will automatically be unbanned from the community. It is out of our hands, you must appeal to steamrep.com. Usually paying back the user who was scammed and showing proof to steamrep.com via the appeal process will get you unmarked. Goodluck!
  5. KeRRR

    Twadsey | trade.tf

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  6. KeRRR

    Twadsey | trade.tf

    Dismissed due to lack of evidence
  7. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Dismissed
  8. KeRRR


    I am going to close this report. Although some suss shots, please gather more evidence in the future. It is obvious yk is on an alt, but we need evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.
  9. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Dismissed
  10. KeRRR


    It's up to an admins discretion if you get spray banned or you get banned for ignoring or breaking a rule. Imagery such as that does have impact on players, that's why we have a visual content policy. You made an appeal and then included the spray in question, knowing that it violates our t.o.s. and visual content policy. You have been banned for three days. Wait it out! Next time, listen to an admins instruction when regarding sprays or any other rules, considering it's your favourite server. Please do not appeal again!
  11. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Accepted
  12. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Under Review I have reviewed the evidence, victim has provided the evidence required and a demo showing the agreement and spycrab. Big Lux will be permanently banned until he pays you back!
  13. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Under Review
  14. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Accepted
  15. KeRRR


    You are unbanned, be part of the community, instead of against it and read our guidelines. Let me know if you have any issues.