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  1. Changed Status to Dismissed
  2. This is now unnecessary, as the new map has health cabinets.
  3. Changed Status to Accepted
  4. User has been gagged for a day, to reflect on his can of spam!
  5. Changed Status to Accepted
  6. You have concrete evidence and this is how a report should be filed. The user who fled the crab will be permanently banned and the bans passed over to our partner communities. If the user chooses to pay what is owed, he can make an appeal with proof of the transaction.
  7. Changed Status to Dismissed
  8. User has decided not to continue with this appeal and stated this: Hello KeRRR im done with egc so leave me lone i have busy thing to do im a head admin on a new server it call cpt.Lonewolf/mr.Delta i was hire to work here Considering the users response and not wishing to continue this appeal, I can only assume the user has been using the alt account to hack with LMAObox and the punishment will remain.
  9. Changed Status to Dismissed
  10. Changed Status to Under Review
  11. I can relate @MsFreakshow. Users need to calm down and relax on the servers a bit. We will be having a meeting soon to discuss new features of EGC admin and handling alt accounts and repeat offenders. Remember people can change, so keep that in mind. In saying that, if you repeat offend, expect longer punishments. On a side note: Once the volleyball map and trade_plaza_fix is released, we will be taking in new trial admins. That should be fun!
  12. @vincekell I have reformatted and posted your appeal in the appropriate section, appeals. This is not a bug, this is our new system catching previous offenders who ban evaded and re-banning them for using an alt account. You are only being banned atm on alt if you received a permanent ban on a previous account. I would advise that you reply to this appeal with honesty and remorse if you wish to have a chance to be un-banned. In regards to your appeal. A account that you or someone in your house accessed came on the EGC servers using LMAObox. It was detected and banned. Valve banned that account for hacking, so hacks are confirmed. This was a while ago, but if you could explain how that account is associated with you, that would be a good start. You can see the linked accounts and bans here:
  13. i was banned on the server because someone have the same ip has me. i was going on the server to play and it show i was banned but i'm a lifetime so can you help me out here the account it sent to me by @MsFreakshow Other account:
  14. Changed Status to Dismissed
  15. You were caught by our new plugin evading a previous ban for hacking (aimbot). If you go to the link below, you will see that you were banned multiple times by myself and other admins for hacking. We recently utilized a new security plugin which detects alt accounts you were on and banned you for evading your previous bans. Your bans: The other guy you linked has evaded a previous ban as well and has been caught, hence why he got re-banned. Due to the amount of bans you have and you not being honest about your ban evade, I am going to have to deny this appeal. We have checked and tested our plugin thoroughly, it is working and re-banning individuals who ban evaded over the last year.