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  1. Roo

    Alright, just want to make sure you are committed if given the chance to admin at EGC. It takes time to train admins and manage staff.
  2. Changed Status to Dismissed
  3. I think you should hang out more on our servers and forums and get to know some of the regulars. We generally look for admin applicants with a microphone. Try re-applying in 6 or so months.
  4. Roo

    Change in a month or two? Are you going to admin somewhere else? If so, where will you be staff? Will you have time to dedicate to two communities as admin?
  5. Hi, thanks for applying: How old are you? do you have any other admin experience what is your playtime on our servers?
  6. We are looking to start two new EGC USA servers. We would like to decide now which servers to move forward with, to commence testing. Have your say, vote for 2 choices and let us know which game modes you want on EGC in the near future. Everyone who votes will be in the draw to win an Unusual Electrostatic Bombing Run. Winners will be selected when we close the poll after we deem enough votes have been cast. We have added multiple choices as options, picking the 2 game modes you most prefer will help us make a decision the community agrees with. If you would like to discuss game modes or think we have missed a good game mode, please post below.
  7. Hi hazz, a few questions: How active are you currently on TF2 and the EGC servers? How old are you? Any previous admin or server experience? What times/days would you be active? Regards,
  8. Hi Dan, How active are you currently on tf2? What coding languages do you know and have any work to show? Regards,
  9. Thanks for applying: What coding languages do you know? How familiar are you with coding in general, any work you have done?
  10. Hi itsy, nice to meet you. What hours per week/weekend can you dedicate to being active on the servers? Are you familiar with sourcemod admin system? Thanks for applying and goodluck!
  11. Hi, I am not sure what you are offering. So you run servers, for which game mode? Are you proficient in source-pwn or sourecemod plugins? How long have you operated servers, for any communities? Kind regards,
  12. Hi Politan, What server do you current admin on and how long? What server was your previous admin on, that got shutdown? How often are you available on the servers and/or forums? Thanks and we will be reviewing your app shortly. Goodluck!
  13. Changed Status to Dismissed
  14. Though I know you corndog, I believe you should spend some more time around the community and be more active around the forums, so we can get to know you better. Your age is a little young here at EGC, as steam community guidelines require you to be at least 13 years of age or older. Try apply in a year or so, thanks for your application.
  15. Changed Status to Under Review