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  1. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Accepted 1ch1 paid back the original winnings to me, to transfer to wizz. Proof: Wizz received his winnings, proof:
  2. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Under Review
  3. KeRRR


    @1ch1 So I did some digging. You were banned by me for a 5 key spycrab against MrWIZZZ. I found his steam profile. You will have to pay him 5 keys and provide proof that you have completed a trade with him through his trade history. Then you will be un-banned: https://steamcommunity.com/id/mrwiz123/
  4. KeRRR

    It not me... mario!

    Welcome, enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, just dm me :)
  5. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Accepted
  6. KeRRR


    Thank you for providing sufficient evidence. Although please never input screenshots in between text like that ever again. Just attach at the bottom of paragraph. User has been Permanently Banned until he repays what is owed.
  7. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Accepted
  8. KeRRR


    He is banned on bp.tf for spycrab running. User has been permanently banned.
  9. KeRRR


    you can go to the link I provided to view all archived reports. Make sure to find the report against you, it should have the victim info there. Please link the report here when you find it and make sure to search for the name you used at the time of offence. Archived Reports: http://www.endlessgamers.com/reports/archived-reports/
  10. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Under Review
  11. KeRRR


    If you repay the debt and can prove you repaid the debt to the right person, then you may be un-banned. Please post evidence here once this is achieved. If it isn't achieved in a timely period (within 2 weeks), your appeal will be denied.
  12. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Accepted
  13. KeRRR


    Hi DolanDuck, Ludo, Brian, In regards to your original ban. It was decided to keep you banned because you were not forthcoming when questioned. People usually use alts to deceive people or troll, use exploits or hacks. There is no reason you need to go on an alt otherwise, although we don't ban users for being on an alt, we do when they are involved in a serious situation. You joined at the same time the hacking group joined, you were on their team, involved in the memes and had an alt account with 60 or so hours on record. You were found to have a group in common with said hackers and when questioned, you denied being on an alt, then made comments like "what does it matter if i'm on an alt" and "nor did I have any third party programs latched onto the game at the time", which implied you have used third party game altering software before and may be on an alt. If you were upfront and direct about these minor grievances, you may have avoided a ban all together. It is important when an admin is trying to resolve a situation that you are open and honest and work with us to a resolution rather than against us. You still seem to be in that head space of self righteousness and not understanding why you were banned. Given the amount of time that has passed, I am going to grant your appeal in the hopes that you will understand what we are trying to do here and can become a valuable member of the community. Appeal Granted.
  14. KeRRR


    KillingDead6 uploaded a youtube video of his interactions on our servers. This video displayed the user using a wallhack exploit to see through walls. After a discussion with said user, they provided me with the modified file which was altered to allow said user to see items and players through any solid surface/wall. The user is aware of what they were using and why they were using it. They felt it was justified because they were having a negative interaction with another player and I have explained that it's not justified to break EGC rules under any circumstance. I am recommending a 3 month ban from o ur servers as the user was forthcoming and honest about it. Hopefully this is a lesson learned, don't use mods, hacks or glitches that alter the games behavior or give you an advantage on EGC servers. killingdead6_wallhack_Medium.mp4
  15. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Dismissed