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  1. KeRRR

    Microsoft Edge Mannco.trade

    Changed Status to Accepted
  2. KeRRR

    Microsoft Edge Mannco.trade

    You are linked to a ban of backpack.tf, alt of: https://backpack.tf/u/76561198238458586 Reason: Running with brokered items. Although the intent in this report is there, there isn't proof of him pulling the witch and convincing you the item is what it isn't. Either way the fact that he is linked to a scammer alt on backpack.tf is enough proof for us to ban him.
  3. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Dismissed
  4. KeRRR


    I have demo of you flicking to peoples heads. Your story of resolution and different sens would not flick and lock to peoples heads in that way. Either way you just tried to ban evade by coming on your other account instead of waiting out a response to your appeal. That shows me that you don't have a regard for our rules and are not trustworthy. You can appeal again in 3 months. Appeal Denied. ALT: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198138918195
  5. KeRRR

    Dolan Duck

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  6. KeRRR

    Dolan Duck

    You are obviously on an alt account. Low hours. You were spamming along with the other members. You have 3 hours play time on our servers, that was the first session. Please do not appeal for at least 3 months.
  7. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Dismissed
  8. KeRRR


    You were part of the group. 62hours on tf2 and fake email. Appeal Denied
  9. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Under Review
  10. KeRRR


    Thanks for your application, a couple of questions: are you currently an admin of any other groups/servers? are you still pursuing your own steam group, discord and/or community which may take time from your duties at EGC? can you separate your fun and sometimes meme attitude from serious topics of discussion, setting players straight in discord or the servers? I ask the last question because as an admin, you have to display a mature, appropriate mindset and attitude as players tend to mimic an admins actions. There is a fine line between a bit of late night fun and trolling vs general demeanor on our servers.
  11. KeRRR


    Can you get a microphone @elroburien79? It's a requirement for admin as it is necessary for direct communication.
  12. KeRRR


    Hey @Jaesuki are you still interested in this position?
  13. KeRRR

    chunky ❤

    Hey chunky, are you still active and interested in this position? A staff member may contact you soon.
  14. KeRRR


    How old are you james? What skills do you possess that will help with admin duties? Are you active on our discord and servers? What time/hours per week will you be available?
  15. KeRRR


    Changed Status to Under Review