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  1. XD, 007, I Make Money, It's Nothing

    If you have contact with afro, please ask him to add his input and add any evidence (screenshots, chat logs, date/time of incident) to this report.
  2. Karma

    Karma came on the AU server as user "NecroBlunt" and proceeded to aimbot a scout. He has admitted to hacking. I have included the demo evidence of the hack and have more info if need be (for admin consideration). Karma has claimed to use the hacks to counterhack a previous hacker called soccersam123 (although this user had already left when Karma toggled on). Hacks are not permitted on our servers, whether you believe it to be righteous or not. We have an active reports system on the forum and discord to deal with people hacking on the server. You cannot and should not take matters into your own hands apart from gathering evidence or logs on the offender. 7_3_18_1.dem
  3. Nightfire

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  4. Nightfire

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  5. Nightfire

    I have discussed this matter with several admins. This is our conclusion. It is extremely rare that it would have been another user, given the time frame and location of where said user must be in order to get the same IP address as you. The evidence shows that beyond a reasonable doubt, you came on an alt with betternet vpn, hacked with aimbot and got banned. It took 3 months after the fact for your main to be banned because you did not cycle through the same ip on your vpn. This also shows that even consistently using the vpn, it took 3 months of cycling through ip addresses for you to hit the same one you used to hack and then be banned for it, ruling out another user hitting the same ip in 3 weeks and being located in your town or near it. Please refer to the egc rule below: No cheating, glitching or hacking We do not condone cheating, glitching or hacking of any kind. In laments terms it is the alteration of a game, game play or it's mechanics in a way which would constitute a leverage for a certain individual outside the normal game parameters. Some examples of cheating: Aimbot, speed hacks, wall hacks, auto airblast scripts, texture modifications, name changers, ip maskers, ping hacks and glitches which give you an advantage over others. We generally won't ban for this alone, but it is your responsibility when using a vpn to make sure it is safe and secure. If you use a public vpn and get banned, that's on you. Considering all the evidence combined your ban will remain, you will still have access to the forums and discord, should you wish to appeal in the future. I suggest if you do appeal in the future, to take some responsibility for your actions and acknowledge your mistakes, you have a better chance of being unbanned. You can appeal again in 6 months.
  6. ☣Kodak☣

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  7. iDontContribute

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  8. Nightfire

    Let me start by saying: Use spoiler tags if you are going to embed a enormous amount of images into a post. I have done this for you... this time! In response to your response. Your images do not prove anything, only that you were having trouble accessing tf2 around that time period. I also noticed that the forum post you linked was edited by you 9 hours ago. Lets put all this aside and develop a timeline with facts. 21/10/17: You were having issues using TF2 and started using a vpn service, known as betternet to help give you access, which worked! (according to your forum post linked). 12/11/17: An alt account was banned for aimbot by SMAC, which was created the same day it was banned. It used the same IP address as you used on betternet (three weeks after you started using the service). Current: You have used several IP addresses on our servers since this time, all the addresses you have used have been cross referenced with every other ip and account used on egc from: 20/02/17 - Current. No other steam account has been associated with any of your IP addresses, except for the steam account which was used to aimbot. Above and beyond: I took the liberty of contacting the betternet developers, as to better improve our services. They have informed me, that free users cannot select an ip/range and that they are automatically given an IP closest to their real location for best performance. They also told me that even though a server base IP address is shared, the personal ip they receive is unique to that client of betternet. Summary: From the time you started using the vpn, within 3 weeks a hacker came on the IP you used and cheated. The IP is based of location, so according to betternet, user(s) who used that IP would have had to be in your town, or the next town over. Then there is an astronomical chance that they would also know of and frequent egc, get the same ip as you and come on during the same time period you did (only once) to hack one time and disappear forever, never frequenting our servers again. Not to mention that betternet states you cannot get the exact same personal ip as another user, only use the same base ip range of that server. It has nothing to do with your connection or experience on TF2 and we have provided proof as to why you were banned in this scenario. It is your duty to appeal and provide counter proof that confirms with a reasonable doubt that this could not have been you. You have not achieved that because everything you have provided has been countered with factual evidence. I will discuss this with our head admins and come to a final decision regarding the facts. If you have any actual evidence to add, feel free to do so. Chat logs and screenshots that you are having trouble getting on steam or TF2 are not facts.
  9. Anamu7amed

    Changed Status to Dismissed
  10. Anamu7amed

    You will not be pardoned due to these reasons: You were already granted an appeal due to previous offences. You were selling cd keys outside of steam trade. You were warned that this was against our rules and you may get banned, you continued. You still tried to sell an egc user the cd key after you were banned. Your appeal has been denied. DO NOT make another appeal until the date below! I urge you not to re-appeal until: 27-08-18
  11. Nightfire

    It appears you came on an alt on: 12/11/17 and used aimbot. This was detected by our anti cheat and you were banned. The account was made on the same day as the ban was placed. The account you were banned on: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198444739489 The ban associated with the alt account: http://bans.endlessgamers.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_0%3A1%3A242236880&Submit=Search You have used several different ip addresses during your time on our servers. I have cross referenced all ip's you have used on our servers to any other players who may be using them going back two years and no one has ever used the same ip addresses you have used on our servers. This clearly shows that you came on an alt, with a vpn, hacked and got banned. You are better off being honest about your past than to try shift responsibility. You are more likely to be granted an appeal. If you would like to add anything to this appeal before I make my decision, now is the time to do so. Otherwise a decision will be made in 24 hours regarding your appeal.
  12. Nightfire

    Do you use a VPN or any IP changing/masking software? I am looking into why you were banned, but this will help pinpoint the reason... Could you also link the alt account in mention?
  13. Nightfire

    Changed Status to Under Review
  14. Jaesuki

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  15. Spoopyboi

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