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  1. I am very active on TF2 and EGC, I continue to rack up hours everyday constantly whenever I can and keep my rank in top10 player stats. I truly enjoy the atmosphere of EGC and the regulars that I talk to, I will occasionally start up a conversation with new faces and have a laugh so that I don't get bored. My age will be privately messaged to you KeRRR as I do not want my age on the forums. My total admin experience first started as Mod on a Jailbreak community named FYRE-G. I worked my butt off doing appeals, reports, source bans and editing rules to balance Jailbreak which alltogether gave me a good understanding of what it means to be admin, the owner saw my work and gave me Head-Admin. After a year of FYRE-G I left, because other staff lacked effort and availability which made it harder for me to admin the community by myself. As of now I'm a Admin in a very small community named Bunnings Snags Straya, BSS for short. It's not very active but I try my best to run events and gain popularity in the group. The days and times for me will vary but they are roughly 3-4 hours on weekdays after school and usually all day I'm available on weekends unless I'm working. Currently though I am in my last year of school so I might not be on as often. But after my final school year I'm free 24/7. Ask whatever questions you have here or in steam message.
  2. @Minidove Got any revenue yet?
  3. An beautiful soundtrack for a memorable movie in my childhood. /\ /\ /\ /\
  4. https://sn0wbro.tumblr.com/post/157897060453/so-i-hear-this-is-the-fresh-new-meme