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  1. hazz69mcpie


    skip to 1:24 for blatant hacks prefiring around walls inhuman tracking confronted him about the hacks on mic, left server after pls ban
  2. hazz69mcpie

    I think this is long overdue

    Sup lem. For me personally, I don’t hold grudges very long cause I’m open to mostly all people and whatever. But... ...when it comes to the point where it turns into a long term problem and hassle to be mates with you, I need to put my foot down, I won’t go in to detail what you’ve done but obviously you’ve done broke all the Ten Commandments probably lol. I apologise but I myself will continue to exile you from my life until I think you are ready and fully mature for a chat with me. But otherwise, hopefully this is the first and many steps in the right direction for reconciliation and beyond with EGC and you as a person, don’t ♥♥♥♥ this up like you always do lem.
  3. hazz69mcpie

    Hey, I'm back (Question of the Day)

    Bacon. I’ve seen it done before and it just made everything look more greasy.
  4. hazz69mcpie

    Trade Server Rule Board

    I thing to help people understand the rules better would be also to properly format and design them to make them not a "eye sore" and to make them seem interested in the rules because of the formatting. Things like Headings, sub-headings, font sizing, font, colour, pictured examples and other stuff. All current guideline sections are in a: * a boring grey background and text colour * small font size * a default font * bullet pointed In conclusion, EGCs rules could definitely benefit way more with good formatting and design which will hopefully result in a small rise in rule educated players. P.S. Maybe a Media Staff member could do that???
  5. Rhyleohx started exploiting by using Mad Milk and Atomizer to infinite jump exploit. I warned him I would record and put it on the forums if he did it again. He ignored me and did the glitch right in front of me.
  6. hazz69mcpie

    Music Covers?

    Sup dude I made my own cover of a song as well. Give it a watch
  7. hazz69mcpie


    Joined the server and immediately starts shit talking several players and offering slightly better offers then what people are advertising to just spite people and be a arse about it. Says n word and ♥♥♥♥♥♥ a lot Talks over me whilst advertising Burps into mic *wasn't on video* Assumed I was a pom when I was actually a aussie (i got offended by this a lot, how dare he assume my nationality ) Also banned on Harpoon Gaming community for same reason, toxicity. https://rep.tf/76561198159809553 Please ban. He then crashed and rejoined and continued to harass. After stopping recording he continues harassing more. So I record more. Gets called fat. "Wait wa- wa waht?"
  8. hazz69mcpie

    let me lick your tears

    private profile VAC banned 0:10 flick onto medic headshot at 1:15 he spins up and starts doing spin-botting
  9. hazz69mcpie

    JamesCounter (aka. hayabusakarina)

    I witnessed the whole spycrab and James did in fact leave without paying the lost spycrab.
  10. hazz69mcpie

    Count to 100

  11. hazz69mcpie

    Tally and Comatose

    Sadly the demo didnt record lol wtf
  12. hazz69mcpie

    Tally and Comatose

    11:15 PM 9/01/2018 This night (^^^^^) Tally (also known as Jim) and Comatose (a friend of Jim most obviously both in a discord, chatting whilst in the server) joined and disrupted the server and its players. Demo recorded and supplied below. Comatose STEAM_0:1:42975307 Offences: * Constant talking on mic and not stopping from talking to let others trade on mic * Forcing player luigi to break rules (ie mic spamming and continued to after the demo) * After the demo, he continued to talk crap on mic about his shitty game joke and took up mic Tally (also known as Jim) STEAM_0:1:80061102 Offences: * Constant talking on mic and not stopping from talking to let others trade on mic * Mic spamming * Using a alternative account STEAM_0:1:170584552 <- main (dont know if this is really a offence but he did it anyway) P.S. Jim has had past bans and offences, talk to Munt3d if you want in-depth info about him P.S. I made this report drunk so... yeah....
  13. hazz69mcpie

    SteamRep Pre-Trade Checklist

    Tips and triCk5 st4rring Plan b
  14. hazz69mcpie

    EGC fluffy

    Fluffly has been a annoyance for the past couple months having mutes and one gag from various staff, just today I got a report in discord from Phatcow that Fluffy was harassing Phat in the Au server. He then received a hour mute from Roo (beat me to it :-p). I believe fluffy requires a ban from egc to help him understand his attitude is not okay on egc servers and needs to be changed.