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  1. @LiMaaa Having multiple user limited voice channels would be better than what the channels are now because it is obvious that their are small friend groups in egc ranging from 2 people to like maybe 7-8. Having these new channels would make it easier for people to game in private with their friends without having random users joining and leaving all the time. I find that when I'm gaming and users are joining and leaving, it is distracting, I'm sure others can agree too. Also not every channel has to be user limited, there can be like 1 or 2 unlimited user channels. i"d be happy to talk in discord more with u limaaa about more ideas, opinions and stuff, these are just some of them.
  2. I posted a suggestion thread concerning the Discord voice channels, I believe it is a very important suggestion as already people have read it and thought its a great idea. But the next day I saw that it was never posted in the forum shoutbox chat. Please fix as my thread is important and I want it to be seen.
  3. Before when EGC used teamspeak to communicate, private channels could be created/edited at ease. Now that EGC no longer uses ts but now discord, it is near impossible to get a private channel for a selection of people with it being fully private. The donor room is kinda in a way private, but can still be accessed by a large majority of people. I hope to suggest maybe adding multiple rooms with numbered player limits. E.g. Two rooms with a two player limit, three rooms with a three player limit, four rooms with a four player limit. This suggestion may seen untidy and repetitive in the discord, but it is the only possible way I see private channels happen unless there is another way I'm not seeing. Feel free to upvote if you think this is a good idea.
  4. If I can, I'm going to search up how to put this one on my Samsung. It's catchy. :)
  5. the new rtd plugin is honestly shit, id rather the old one back
  6. This same kid today was on the US server building teleporters into Red spawn. Multiple people including me clearly stated in mic and chat that he could not do this. He heard this and did not care and kept encouraging for spies to come into red spawn, he told people to screenshot him and get him VAC banned, he continued to keep saying report me until shonic joined to ask Crispy about the spycrab he ran, Crispy then immediately left when shonic talked on mic. This player was pure toxic, encouraged to make other players break rules and spammed mic. Please ban. doesnotcare.dem
  7. Haunted Ghosts
  8. Do you know how computers first get infected with this virus?
  9. I'm guessing he is a nullcore user as he has the website link to nullcore hacks renamed onto his strange sniper rifle. Constant inhumane snapping of the mouse When trying to shoot outta spawn, his hacks lock onto I'm guessing the friendly donator in front of the doorway Disclaimer: I'm not a admin, just saying what I'm seeing. Nice work Element, PogChamp.
  10. 16 seconds and one kill doesn't prove a lot
  11. love ya freaky